SiteGround Spain Reviews 2022: Real Uptime Records + Spain Website Speed Test

SiteGround Spain Hosting Review & Using SiteGround in Spain
SiteGround Spain Hosting Review & Using SiteGround in Spain

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SiteGround is a popular web hosting company. It was founded in 2004. Nowadays, they have grown in popularity.

At first, they used to provide only hosting service, now they also offer domain registration. Although they are a Bulgaria based company, they are well-known in the entire world.

Chances are you might be thinking to get a hosting account with them. But, you are still hesitant about it. So, if you are from Spain, this article will help you to make your final decision.

In this post, you will get to know all the ins and outs about Siteground. We will share some authenticate data regarding SiteGround with you. And after reading it, you will be able to make your decision regarding using SiteGround for your website.

So, without wasting more of our time, let’s get to the good part.

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SiteGround Spain Hosting Review & Using SiteGround in the Spain

First thing first, we will discuss the data centers as they are the most important part of a web hosting company.

SiteGround Data Centers:

Can Data Centers affect your website’s performance?

Data centers can impact a website in so many ways. In below, we will talk about a couple of factors which can affect the performance of your website.

The way the location of a Data Center can impact the websites hosted on it:

Location of a data center can be a big factor. In simple words, you should use a web host service which has data centers closer to most of your visitors. For example, if you get visitors from Spain on your website. Then you need to get a hosting provider which has data centers somewhere in or around Spain.

This will improve the performance of your website in many ways. If the data center is closer to your visitor, then the data to travel from the data center to the visitors will require less time. That way, he/she will get an awesome experience browsing your website.

The impact of the hardware of a Data Center on websites hosted on it:

Performance of a website can also rely on the infrastructure and the quality of a server. It is a good practice to upgrade the hardware of the data centers in a regular interval. As the older hardware won’t perform like the newer ones. But, sadly, not all of the web host companies do that. They try to cut their cost by doing so. Which ultimately impact badly on your website.

Power sources and power backups are also very important factors for the data centers of a web host company. If you want your website to be up for the majority of the time, you will have to think about this before getting an account with any hosting provider.

Where are the data centers of SiteGround located?

You will be happy to know that SiteGround has 2 data centers closer to Spain. The data centers are located in London and Amsterdam. Along with that SiteGround has other 2 data centers which are situated in Singapore (SG), and  Chicago, USA respectively. So, in total SiteGround has 4 data centers which are located in 3 continents.

Location of the data centers of SiteGround
Location of the data centers of SiteGround

If you receive most of your visitors from any of the locations above, you can use one of those data centers for your website.

What about the Quality of SiteGround’s data centers?

Now, let’s address the condition of the data centers of SiteGround. First thing, you should know that SiteGround upgrades the hardware on their data center regularly. For instance, they now use SSD to store the data instead of HDD.

Here are some facts for you. If you use SSD hosting for your website instead of HDD hosting, then your website’s load speed will be improved by 20 times. Now, almost all of the hosting providers offer SSD hosting but they charge extra money for this. In contrast, SiteGround offers SSD hosting with all of their hosting plans without any extra charge.

Quality of the Data Centers of SiteGround
Quality of the Data Centers of SiteGround

Siteground also uses multiple power sources for each of their data centers. So, if one fails, another will be working. Even though, anything bad can happen. For those type situations, SiteGround is ready with enterprise-class UPS technology and their own generators. In a nutshell, your website will be up almost 99%+ times, if you use SiteGround.

It is very clear that SiteGround has some of the best data centers and also they are well equipped with all the latest hardware. So, you can rely on their trustworthy data centers to host your website with them.

Now, let’s put SiteGround to some tests.

No.1 Test: Page loading speed test:

The initial experiment is to find the page loading speed of SiteGround. For this tests, we will be needing a website hosted on SiteGround. Luckily, we have got one. Yes, we ( use SiteGround as our hosting provider. But, we need to mention that we use the Chicago, USA server of SiteGround to host our site.

So, without further ado, let’s know some more about this test.

The speed test in more detail:

This will be performed with the help of ‘Pingdom’ website. They have 4 servers from where we can test the loading speed of a website. For this test, we will only test from the Stockholm server.

As this is written for our readers from Spain, the Stockholm server is the nearest of them all to you. We wish Pingdom would have a test server in Spain. Unfortunately, they don’t. So, we have to use the Stockholm, Sweden ones.

How to evaluate the test results?

We will acquire a few statistics about our website. Or you could also say about SiteGround. The number one concern for us will be the ‘Load Time’. This will indicate the time it took to completely load our website to a visitor from Stockholm.

It is better if the required time to load our website is lower. That will make our website load faster for our visitors. So, here we go.

Experiment 1 is taking place:

Test subject: and Test location: Stockholm, Sweden.

Test from Stockholm
Test from Stockholm

Here is the result:

Test Result from Stockholm
Test Result from Stockholm

Performance Grade:

The highest grade is ‘A’. And we have got the best result in this case.

Load Time:

It’s time to know the most important result. So, the load time of our website from the Pingdom’s Stockholm server is just 685 ms. In a word, incredible!

You should also know that if your website loads around or below 2 seconds, you should be happy with it. Now, in our case, this website took only 685 ms. You can also see that our website is faster than 94% of sites tested on Pingdom. If this is not good then what is.

Experiment 2: Server Speed Checker:

This time, we will get to know how fast our (SiteGround’s) server is. So, let’s move on.

How does this ‘Server Speed Check’ test work?

To conduct this test, we will be using this website ( again as the test subject. And, we will be using the website called Bitcatcha to conduct this test.

Spain Server Speed Check
Spain Server Speed Check

They have 8 test servers. We would be able to get the result from 8 different locations of the world. That way, we will be able to judge the performance of SiteGround more broadly.

How to evaluate the result?

The result will contain 8 ‘Response Time’. You need to remember that if the ‘Response Time’ is lower, then your website visitors will experience a smooth browsing on your site. In this case, the response time of the ‘London’ server is important to us. As all those other servers are far away from Spain, they are irrelevant to us.

What’s a good Server response time?

If you don’t know it yet, Google suggests that a website should have response time around or below 200 ms.

The Result of the 2nd test:

Here is the result for you:

Result of Server Speed Check
The result of Server Speed Check

Performance Grade:

In the case of this test, the highest grade is ‘A+’. Again, our site has accomplished that easily.

London, UK server Response Time:

Here, the performance of our website is top notch. Take a look at the result and you will see that the response time of the London server is just 10 ms.

If you remember Google’s recommendation was around 200 ms. On the contrary, our website has response time way less than that. We are overly satisfied with this. All credits go to Siteground.

Experiment 3: Ping Test:

How does the ping test work?

For this test, we will be using the ping tool of Keycdn. They have 16 test servers all around the globe. We will be able to use those servers to test our website’s ping time.

How to evaluate the result?

The result will bear 16 response time. But, for our readers from Spain, only 4 results are important. Those are Frankfurt, London, Paris and Amsterdam ones. So, let’s get to it.

The Test: is being tested is being tested

The Result of the test:

Here is the result:

Result of the ping test
The result of the ping test

The result for all of those 4 servers is 3.625 ms, 2.172 ms, 9.881 ms, and 6.677 ms respectively. To be frank, these are some of the best ping time I have ever seen for a web hosting provider. So, you can put your trust on SiteGround.

The takeaways from the experiments:

The results of the experiments are an important indication for us. We have conducted those tests to let you judge the quality of SiteGround yourself. And, from those result, it is transparent that SiteGround has got it. All the tests were done from the point of view of a visitor from Spain or its neighbor countries. And, all of these tests results have gone in favor of Siteground.

What more you can do to increase the speed of your site?

As you already know that you should host your website closer to the majority of your visitors. It is a good idea. But, there’s a big caveat here.

The problem arises when you have an international website. In that case, you are receiving visitors from all around the world at once. We know that is great for your website. But, at the same time, your website visitors will not be able to get the best out of your website.

As your website is hosted only on one server, it will be blazingly fast for the visitors of that particular area. And, all the other visitors will have to visit a slow website.

So, what can you do in this situation?

There’s an easy fix to this. You need to host your site on multiple servers at once. But, how?

For this, you can use a CDN service. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Let’s simplify this term for you.

A CDN provider has multiple servers on most of the significant locations of the world. Now, when you will be using their service, your website will be cached and stored on those servers simultaneously.

In other words, your website will be hosted closer to all of your website visitors at the same time. So, it won’t matter whichever location they are from. They will be served from the nearest server to them. Thus, your website will load faster on their browser. Most of the international websites use CDN. So, you can do that too.

For instance, we utilize Sucuri CDN on (this website). As you know, we receive visitors from all around the world. It is a logical thing to do. That way, we can serve our readers better.

Sucuri CDN:

As we use Sucuri CDN, we think we should talk about this a bit. Even though they are famous for their CDN service, you should know that they have some other very useful services. But, first of all, let’s know about the CDN service.

Sucuri has 11 data centers which are situated on some of the most important places on earth. And, it is very good for their users. Sucuri claims that your website load speed can improve up to 70% if you use their CDN service.

Sucuri CDN
Sucuri CDN

And, we are getting the taste of it. As you know, despite that our website is hosted in the USA, we are getting so much faster response from servers located on the UK or Stockholm etc. So, if you have international websites, you should combine using a good hosting service with a good CDN service.

Sucuri Backup:

Taking regular backups of your website is one of the most important things for you. Otherwise, if your website crashes, you will lose it all. We know that it takes time to take backup each and every day. It is a tedious work to do.

Keeping that in mind, SiteGround has brought this service to their customers. Once you use this service, you will never have to worry about backing up your website again. You can use both manual and automatic backup with this service from Sucuri.

Sucuri Firewall:

You should seriously take the security of your website in your consideration. Cyber-attacks are increasing day by day. Every day, over thousands of sites, are getting hacked. So, you don’t want to be the victim here. And, you know that prevention is better than cure.

So, you should take precautionary measures to secure your site. And, to help you with that Sucuri has brought their Firewall service. It is another ‘activate it, forget it’ service. After setting it up, the Sucuri firewall team will take care of your website’s security.

Other than these services they also have some other services like website recovery, website protection, website monitoring etc. You can check those on their website.

Website Uptime:

It does not matter which hosting company you use, you would want your site to be up all the time. Yes, it is not possible for a hosting company to provide 100% uptime for their customers. Even the giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon etc. goes down from time to time.

Regardless of that, you need to go with a hosting company which has good enough reputation for their uptime record. Most of us will agree that the standard uptime record should be above 99%. If your web hosting company performs worse than that, you need to think about getting rid of it.

Now, most of the web hosting companies like to brag on their own website about their uptime record. In this instance, Siteground is the exact opposite. You will not find anything mentioned about their uptime record on their website.

So, how will you know about their uptime record?

Don’t worry at all. We have got your back. We regularly keep an eye on the uptime and downtime of And, you already know that we hosted our site on SiteGround. So, from our website’s uptime record, you will be able to know about the uptime record of SiteGround more accurately.

For you, here are the uptime stats of

Uptime stats of our website
Uptime stats of our website

On the first look, it is transparent that on most of the months SiteGround has kept a 100% uptime. That is incredible. And, on some of the other months, SiteGround couldn’t keep the 100% uptime.

However, it is not that low too. They have maintained 99%+ uptime on all of the months. And, as you know the standard uptime is 99%, SiteGround is well ahead of that. Needless to say that we are 100% satisfied with the uptime of our website.

SiteGround Support:

Siteground has a world class customer support team. All of their customer representatives are experienced professional. And most importantly, they are helpful to their customers.

SiteGround Support
SiteGround Support

We are using Siteground on a number of websites of us for a long time. So, whenever we face difficulties regarding web hosting, we usually contact them.

We can guarantee that the customer representatives will try their best to solve your problem as soon as possible. We are saying this from our own experience dealing with SiteGround customer support.

You can go through any one of the 3 methods to contact them. The methods are stated below.

  • Live Chat: For instant messaging
  • By Tickets: Get a reply within 10 minutes
  • By direct Phone: Instant call

They are available always 24/7 and 365 days a year. So, you can contact them anytime. Every time, you will get an instant reply from them. Even though we are their existing customers, they treat all of their customers equally.

It does not matter whether you are a new or old customer. So, if you want to discuss anything regarding any web hosting issue, you can contact them anytime.

Conclusion: Should you use SiteGround if you are from Spain?


We highly recommend Siteground to all of our readers from Spain. First of all, we use SiteGround to host some of our most important sites. And, most of them receive international visitors. It is needless to say, if SiteGround was not up to the mark, we would have left them a long time ago.

But, it’s quite the opposite. Not only us but also the popular CMSes like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla etc. officially recommend using SiteGround.

Another positive about SiteGround is that they allow you to choose the best server for you. They would suggest you which is the best server for you and then you just need to select the one you like and that’s all. Even if you want to migrate your site from one server to another, they have that option too.

So, without a question, you can choose Siteground as the next web hosting service for you if you are from Spain. We can guarantee you that you won’t regret this decision.

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