Top 10 Sweden Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Sweden

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Sweden Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Sweden

Sweden Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Sweden

Web hosting is a viral factor deciding the success of your website business. With excellent uptime and performance, you get the ability to fight the slit throat competition in the market. Recently, the debate between hiring a local web hosting service in Sweden or an international web hosting expert has gained high voltage.

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Experts are of different opinions but the majority is with local web hosting services. The reason behind inclination is the many benefits that a local web hosting service provider in Sweden if your audience if from the region. To understand this in detail, let us have a look why hiring a local web hosting expert in Sweden is recommended by the experts.


In any business whether online or offline, performance is the key to success. However, when online, the importance of performance rise to another level. It is believed that a locally hosted website has better performance than an internationally hosted website.

This is primarily because of the quick data transfers between the various points of the World Wide Web. In layman language, it takes lesser time for data to travel from the user to the server and then back to the user when a website is hosted locally. This ultimately increases the conversion rate of a business.


Some local web hosting providers offer affordable services than international players. This is because of the local internet support as well as the lower cost of technology required. A locally hosted server can easily accommodate the requirements of a client than an internationally located server. Moreover, the client and the service provider, both enjoy similar benefits of the economy.

24/7 support

Both local and international web hosting expert would offer the same grade of technical support to the customers, however when it comes to impromptu service requirements, hiring a local web hosting expert in Sweden is recommended for your Sweden-based website. Operating in the same geographical area, a local web hosting expert can offer technical assistance more easily than an international player.

Legal & taxation

When you operate in the same economy, you also enjoy the benefits of the local taxation and legal relaxations. Usually, there are a number of relaxations offered to local players than to the internationally operating clients.

Top 10 Sweden Web Hosting Companies

These many benefits indicate the advantages of hiring a local web hosting expert in Sweden for your Sweden audience. If you are searching for a company, here are ten renowned Sweden based web hosting companies that you may consider.

1. Loopia


Loopia is an active player in the Web hosting industry in Sweden since 1999. They are considered as a leading player in the industry. The company has also won the of “Sweden’s Best Web Host” by Internetworld Magazine. The company offers a wide range of services in Sweden, Norway & Serbia. With an ideally automated infrastructure, the company has gained great efficiency over the years.

From managing individual websites to offering web hosting services to startups and enterprises, Loopia has the ability to perform all services with precision. An active member of, Loopia is revered as the most reliable web hosting company by its customers. Their primary services include web hosting, shared web hosting, website design and development, domain name, e-commerce website & more.

2. Binero


Binero is a 100% Swedish company based in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. They started their operations in 2002 but with a name Aleborg Solutions AB. The company holds rich experience and knowledge of the industry and are experts in web hosting and domain name services.

The company has won “Sweden’s best web host” award by Internetworld Magazine in 2009 and 2010. The company has honed its skills and hired a team of expert professionals to cater their clients to best quality services. They have a rich pool of customers with names like SVT, Nordic Hotels, Trafikverket and Thåström.

3. Oderland


Oderland is one of the leading web hosting companies in Sweden. Well-equipped with the latest technical tools and technology, the company offers a variety of services. They are revered for their quality of services and affordable prices. Being a native Swedish company, they offer consistent support to all customers in Swedish only.

They are available for their customer 24/7 and ensure to cater to all their queries. Rated as the best company in Sweden, Oderland offers services like shared web hosting, VPS servers, Dedicated web hosting, SSL certificates, custom hosting, SLA, Simple Single Click Installation & more.

4. Glesys


GleSYS started in the year 1999 and since then, the company has grown in size as well as expertise. They deal in web hosting and domain names services and are credited as a reliable and trusted partner by their associates. The company installed its own server in 2000 in Falkenberg and today it has taken a form of s fully-featured data center.

They further expanded in 2013 and opened another data center Västberga outside Stockholm. Experts in web hosting services, they offer dedicated web hosting, VPS, Colocation, system management, domains and DNS, Load balancers, DDoS washing, Archive storage & other services.

5. Crystone


Crystone is a leading player in the web hosting industry in Sweden. They started as a small company but soon acquired knowledge and skills to cater a variety of customers with efficient services. With a dedicated team of professionals and hands-on knowledge about the latest technical advances, Crystone has become an expert in the field.

They offer a huge portfolio of services including shared web hosting, VPS servers, Dedicated web hosting, SSL certificates, cloud hosting, Crystone STD and more. They are also known to offer highly scalable services at the best affordable prices.

6. Fsdata


FS Data was founded in 1997 and is one of the oldest and most reliable web hosting services providers in Sweden. They were the first web hosting company to offer .se domains in Sweden. With the aim to offer their clients secure & affordable services, the company has opted for environmentally friendly technologies.

A family-owned business, FS Data pays high importance to customer satisfaction and quality. This is the reason that the company has maintained their quality of services consistently. The services they offer include shared web hosting, business hosting, dedicated server, virtual server & more.

7. Space2u


Space2u is a leading web hosting company in Sweden with over 15000 customers. Catering individuals to startups and enterprises, Space2u has evolved with time. Today, they not only extend web hosting services to companies operating in Sweden but also in many parts of the world.

They started their operation since 1998 and since then has been catering to companies with best quality services. In 2013, Space2u was acquired by Oniva Online Group Europe AB making it more efficient than ever. Their list of services includes web hosting, shared web hosting, website design and development, domain name, e-commerce website & more.

8. city network


City Network is one of the most efficient web hosting companies in Sweden. The company offers a variety of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions to its customers. They are also certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 27010, 27013, 27015, 27017 and 27018.

Following the international standards of quality and services, the company offers highly scalable services to their clients. They offer a number of services including Public cloud hosting, private cloud hosting and managed services.

9. Levonline


Levonline offers reliable and scalable services to its customers. They guarantee the best uptime and tailor-made solutions at best affordable price. Founded with the aim to offer the most reliable services to the companies in Sweden, Levonline has evolved with time.

Today, the company has a rich pool of satisfied customers with some reputed names of the market. They have a team of expert professionals that is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction to their clients. They offer a rich portfolio of services including web hosting, cloud hosting, IT Outsourcing and more.

10. Ipeer


Ipeer started in 2006 in Karlstad with the aim to offer their customers innovative web hosting services. Dedicated to offering to host and operating services exclusively, Ipeer has a pool of customers from all walks of life. They extend their services to individuals, small-scale businesses as well as Enterprises.

With over 15 years of experience in the market, the company has gained enough excellence to offer bespoke web hosting solutions to its customers. The company offers best quality services partnered with Coromatic, F5 Networks, IBM, Microsoft, TeliaSonera, etc. Their core services include Virtual Private Network, Hosted Azure Pack, Hosted Exchange, Dedicated Server, Customized Server Hosting, Web Hosting, and more.

Choosing the Best Sweden Web Hosting Service

These companies are some of the most ancient web hosting companies in Sweden. With enough exposure to the market, these companies have achieved the desired excellence in the field of web hosting and domain name registration.

Hiring one of them would offer your business great competitive advantage as you will enjoy a number of benefits of hiring a local web hosting expert in Sweden for your Sweden audience. This includes cost efficiency and high performance, which are the key factors indicating towards the success of a business.