Top 10 Switzerland Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Switzerland

Switzerland Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Switzerland

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Switzerland Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Switzerland

There are numerous Switzerland Web Hosting Providers that offer a variety of related hosting services to companies. First and foremost, consider the storage volume or amount. Some hosting firms offer “infinite” storage. Review the fine print or “Terms and Services” carefully to determine the limits.


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Bandwidth and storage complement each other. Bandwidth refers to data quantity the host allows for uploading and downloading collectively in one month. The web host charges extra fees once you go over the monthly bandwidth.

Find out the number of domains and subdomains that you can maintain for a single account. See to it that you are permitted to host several domains. The admin panel contains a section for adding domains as well as selecting sub-folders each domain will specify. This rule also applies for sub-domains.

Database support is essential because even small sites have databases on their back end. Many hosts offer MySQL. Perform some research before choosing one. The web host must include reliable and prompt support systems like 24/7 live chat, email systems, phone, and ticket system.

Inspect the different features and number of email accounts the web host will allow you to set up. Validate selections to receive emails. Other vital items include robust email accounts as well as secure webmail interface.

A control panel with complete features ensures that you can easily manage and secure your business website without any technical expertise needed. Look for frameworks such as Content Management System (CMS) or WordPress that you can install easily.

Backup is equally important considering that possible data loss can turn out to be a big issue unless the host has a backup system in place on-site and off-site for data recovery. Some hosting firms offer in essence the same services and prices. However, these can be confusing at times.

These are noteworthy differences predominantly among hosting packages, hosting infrastructure dependability, overloading of servers or accommodating a lot of visitors, and utilizing old servers that have the tendency to slow down websites and eventually disappointing your visitors. Prudent website owners must undertake measures to deal with these concerns.

Top 10 Switzerland Web Hosting Companies

1. Infomaniak


Many published articles refer to InfoManiak as the number one Switzerland web hosting firm. The company handles more than 1 million email accounts, around 250, 000 domains, and over 150, 000 websites. InfoManiak also manages 350 television and radio networks all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Its client base consists of 70% web businesses as well as small and medium enterprises. InfoManiak started as a user-group in 1990 that offered the Bulletin Board configuration to members. It used to offer complimentary web access to clients before eventually developing a low-priced Internet access and website hosting along with PC retail.

2. HostPoint


HostPoint based in Zurich hosts over 400, 000 websites and continues to attract more customers. The company provides premium quality hardware, high-speed network, and packages with powerful features. HostPoint charges relatively higher fees but customers can look forward to perks such as free Security Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates from Symantec.

However, users need to sign a minimum contract of not less than six months but enjoy a 30-day free trial before making commitments. HostPoint provides unlimited bandwidth and free backup of data every week plus data snapshots by the hour. The SSL certificate also comes with protection against Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

3. Cyon


Cyon is based in Basel, Switzerland which operates an innovative data hub powered by green electricity. User’s data is kept safe not in any other country. The web host provides packages with multiple features, free support (by phone and email correspondence) with a free trial period of 30 days. Cyon provides a platform like the Agency Servers that supposedly gives its clients the capability to satisfy their own customers.

Some of the features include free technical support; remote server with definite resources; creation of new accounts in real time; creation of exclusive hosting packages, total free-pricing; and, optional my.cyon login for customers. The budget pricing looks very fair and affordable since packages include support, monitoring, hardware, and backups. Besides, the host assures users of lightning fast and inexpensive servers.

4. Vtx


VTX.CH is an independent web hosting provider. It is also a reputable telecommunications firm in Lausanne, Switzerland. It targets mostly small and medium enterprises.

VTX.CH offers several services that most startups and medium-sized companies look for. These include the basic share hosting; dedicated server; virtual dedicated server, housing; hosted exchange; VTX FTP (Free Transfer Protocol); domain endings; and, web promotions.

The company has been operating since January of 2007 so it must be reliable. It has four website packages – Linux Shared, Linux Windows (VPS), Linux Windows (Dedicated), and Linux Windows (Cloud). Prices are relatively affordable.

5. Nine


Swiss gives clients an assortment of web hosting alternatives together with other services. The Zurich-based has been operating since 1999. It offers fully-managed Virtual Private Servers and dedicated web hosting to prestigious companies and organizations like UNICEF and World Vision.

However charges customers for protection against Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS or account setup. This web host holds certifications for International Organization for Standardization or ISO for quality management and information security.

6. Webland


Web offers a so-called “hosting business cluster” for website owners who require a lot of data accessibility and throughput. The system comes up with a solution at a minimal cost. The product ensures scalability, acceptable speed, fail-safe measure, and fault tolerance.

The Cluster is made up of several servers. A string of systems handles user load and facilitates quick loading of web pages even with the simultaneous and huge number of access. A dedicated MySQL or MSSQL operates the hosting business cluster of Web Web Land offers web as well as email hosting for enterprises and individuals.

7. Novatrend


As a web host, NovaTrend tries to evaluate the requirements of clients. It provides three packages – Standard, Premium, and Speed. It provides a complete and multi-functional control panel. For example, the Premium plan gives you the OpenXChange groupware solution that allows users to work online utilizing the NovaTrend cloud together with access to data from any location.

Data is stored on servers based only in Switzerland. NovaTrend also enables customers to choose between a virtual or dedicated server. It configures servers and takes responsibility for maintenance. There are additional functions for free including spam filter, cPanel, and Installation.

8. CloudSigma


CloudSigma introduced the platform called Infrastructure as a Service allowing users to build well-organized cloud servers that along with improved computing capabilities. You can create the cloud server within 30 seconds or less. However, you also need to consider the configuration. It is possible to customize the cloud server settings to conform to your required parameters.

There is a selection of server OS as well as loading routine or commercial server-side applications. CloudSigma enforces sophisticated data encryption regulations to safeguard all data that moves through the cloud. This web host complies with ISO 27001 preconditions for secured and confidential data. It also provides functions that help prevent insufficient visibility in the cloud infrastructure.

9. Oxito

oxito-homepage caters to clients from 100 different countries worldwide. The web host claims to provide standard solutions that ensure cost-effective software and hardware applications. It introduced tools for website management covering admin panel and script installation by means of a few clicks. The cloud file manager of Oxito connects users to cloud drives in a single interface.

It is a seamless process of organizing files for collaboration in various workspaces. You can simply drag and drop files for easy transfer. At the same time, you can view the combined files and find documents across the cloud right away. Oxito has a simple method of sharing files and creates a secure link protected by a password.

10. Kreativmedia


KreativMedia offers shared hosting subscriptions with two packages as well as the user-friendly Web Builder Kit. This website builder enables the building of responsive sites for a variety of mobile devices without programming knowledge. There are more than 100 contemporary design templates as well as integrated image processing that users can choose from.

Customers need not install any program or perform any maintenance and updates. The hosting packages are Default and Business priced affordably for budget-conscious users. KreativMedia assures its clients of SSD storage device and power server, free Security Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates from Let’s Encrypt, protection against attacks from Distributed Denial of Service, day to day scans against malware, and managed backups as well as recovery.

Choosing the Best Switzerland Web Hosting Service

Startup companies can start initially with shared hosting while website traffic remains minimal. You can always upgrade to the next level as visitors increase. Hosting is affordable and scalable. Users will not find it difficult to create a remarkable online presence.

Many web hosting providers usually offer free domains on the first year only. You can choose between monthly or yearly payments depending on your available budget. VPS or dedicated hosting will be appropriate as traffic builds up. These will provide more resources in running your website more efficiently.

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