Top 10 Taiwan Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Taiwan

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Taiwan Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Taiwan

Taiwan Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Taiwan

Around 87% of the population of Taiwan which comprises of around 20.64 million people uses internet on a frequent basis. The market for website design and development is growing steadily as the need and demand for an efficient website and quality website hosting is significantly increasing.

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Focusing on website design is important but don’t underestimate the importance of website hosting, as a good website host can play an important role in the success of your website.

When it comes to selecting a right website host in Taiwan, you may come across various options which can confuse you to a great extent. Outlined below are few options which are known for providing quality website hosting services in Taiwan.

Top 10 Taiwan Web Hosting Companies

1. Hinet


Chungwa Telecom has been providing quality services related to website hosting in Taiwan and other countries since its establishment on 15th June 1996. Chungwa Telecom is the leading and biggest telecommunication company in Taiwan.

Hinet is a sub-brand of Chungwa Telecom and is known for providing cloud hosting services. Chungwa Telecom owns hi-tech servers and they are placed in a safe and secured data room. The data room is also equipped with features like uninterrupted power supply, redundant power backup, biometrics, 24/7 surveillance, secured data storage and lots more.

2. Yuan-Jhen

Yuan-Jhen started its business operations in the year 2003 and since then they are providing various types of website hosting services like virtual hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, colocation, shared hosting and lots more.

Yuan-Jhen Information Co.Ltd has a highly efficient data center which is located in Farzhen since March 2014. The data center features uninterrupted power system, earthquake resistant building, redundant air conditioning system, gas fir extinguishing facility and lots more. They have providing website hosting services in USA, Asia, Europe and Australia.

3. Zhibang


Zhibang is Taiwanese website hosting service provider offering types of hosting solutions to individuals and corporate companies since its inception. Zhibang hosting services include virtual hosting, Windows and Linux advanced hosting, VPS cloud hosting, distribution cloud host, WordPress Hosting and lots more.

Zhibang has been providing services in countries like Japan, United States, and Taiwan. The customer care free service hotline is available 24/7 in case the users have any queries. The windows hosting will support ASP, etc whereas Linux hosting will support PHP, MySQL etc.

4. Pumo


Dreamcatcher (Pumo) has been providing a variety of website hosting services in Taiwan since its inception in the year 2003. The services provided by Dreamcatcher comprises of varieties of hosting services based on Windows and Linux platform, cloud host, cloud services, domain hosting, security service, WordPress Web hosting, corporate mailbox and lots more.

Dreamcatcher customer support or service team is available 24/7 365 days a year to help the customers solve their issues immediately. Dreamcatcher also has a state of art data center with all the modern amenities for uninterrupted services.

5. Weipu

Weipu Site Service Co., Ltd was incorporated in the year 2008 in Taiwan and has been providing services such as domain name registration, shared hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, virtual private server, web design, physical hosting and lots more.

Weipu Site Service Co., Ltd has been providing such services in Asia, Europe, and the United States. In order to ensure efficient speed and quality, Weipu Site Service Co., Ltd have professional and experienced technical support staff available 24/7 to address the queries of the users.

6. Seednet

Esmart Seednet started its business operations in Taiwan over a period of years and since then they have been providing services like the virtual host, enterprise mail, enterprise service network, enterprise ADSL, information outsourcing and lots more.

Seednet servers allow one-click installation of web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and others. Seednet office and data center which is as per international standards is located in Neihu Science Park. The building structure is earthquake resistant and has a seismic strength of six. The data center is equipped with state of art features like redundant electricity, air conditioner, flood control and fire protection and lots more.

7. UT Home

UT Home is a Taiwan based company known for providing services such as website hosting, website design, programming, domain name registration etc. Virtual hosting, shared hosting, physical hosting etc are some of the website hosting services provided by UT Home.

UT Home has an advanced data center located in Taiwan which features fast internet line, 24 hours monitoring, redundant power supply, backup system via generator, air conditioner and lots more. UT Home owns high-performance servers sourced from branded companies.



APTG has been providing various services like domain name registration, host service, business mail hosting, website construction and marketing, SSL certificate, office applications and others in Taiwan and other countries since many years.

APTG allows the users to rent a server at an affordable rate. APTG has a dedicated customer support team available via phone and online chat 24/7 so that the users don’t have to wait for a long time to solve the issues.

9. Dingjia

Dingjia Digital Company has been providing web registration and website hosting services in Taiwan since its inception. The variety of website hosting services offered by them include virtual hosting, cloud hosting, co-location, distribution hosting and lots more.

The mainframe of Dingjia Digital is located in a highly efficient computer room in Taiwan. The computer room has an uninterrupted power supply and power backup through diesel generators. The servers support open source code software like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, phpBB and lots more.

10. Taki

Taki Digital Technology is a website hosting company with its main office in China. Taki Digital Technology has been providing website hosting services which include cloud computing, virtual host, housing Co-location services, website design, online marketing and so on.

Taki Digital Technology has been providing such services in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The cloud servers owned by them comprises of super fast SSD hard drive which ensures speed, reliability and better performance. The users can also avail their 24/7 365 days a year customer service in case of any problems with the service.

Choosing the Best Taiwan Web Hosting Service

Taiwan is a developing nation and it brings enormous opportunities in the IT market especially website design and website hosting. While hiring a website hosting company see to it that you select a company based on the types of services provided and not over price. You can read the reviews of the website hosting service provider on the internet and then shortlist your option based on your needs and requirements.