Talkwalker vs Serpwoo Monitoring – Who Is Better of the Two?

Talkwalker vs Serpwoo Monitoring
Talkwalker vs Serpwoo Monitoring

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With the rise of social media culture and its impact on popular culture, brands are always on the lookout for new ways to develop a strong brand image and an intricate relationship with their customers.

Take, for example, the sassy presence of Wendy’s on Twitter; anyone who even remotely uses Twitter can recall their on-point remarks and jests at other brands. As such, brands and organizations need tools and management suites that can allow them to monitor their online brand presence and rankings in search results.

Tools that provide SEO optimization and ranking details are paramount to any business looking to create an online presence. This is where Talkwalker and Serwoo come into play. Read below to learn what they are used for and their key differences.

What Is Talkwalker And Serwpoo Monitoring?

At their core, Talkwalker and Serwpoo are both online monitoring and analysis tools. They are designed for businesses to get an idea of their online presence. Marketing creatives can then use these trends, either good or bad, to plan their future strategies or to learn about what sticks.

All this falls under the umbrella of social media monitoring and listening, which is one of the core services that both tools provide. Social media listening is the act of looking at the aggregate mentions of a brand’s name and analyzing the trends regarding consumers’ perceptions of them.

Moreover, social media monitoring is a more involved version of social media listening. Other than analyzing the results, companies can take quick actions regarding their real-time online presence.

Any sort of negative trend can be controlled with an adequate damage control strategy, and positive trends can be taken advantage of with clever marketing.

Talkwalker vs Serpwoo Monitoring

Differences Between Talkwalker And Serwpoo

Talkwalker and Serpwoo are two popular tools that can be used for online monitoring and analysis. While they have some overlapping features, they are primarily designed for different purposes and offer a range of unique benefits to users. Below we go into detail as to how these tools differ.


Before we move on to their feature sets, the most significant and apparent difference between these two tools is their offering price. SERPWoo is by far much cheaper than Takwalker, coming in at 50 dollars a month for their lowest tier.

In contrast, Talkwalker will set you back a whopping 800 dollars per month just to get started with the least expensive tier. The biggest reason for this disparity is that Talkwalker is an established brand/product, with its clientele consisting of top brands such as Addidas and Dentsu.

On the other hand, SERPWoo is a relatively newer entry in this space and is backed by a smaller team. The reason behind their competitive price is to attract new adopters who use their tool.

Use Case

As discussed previously, SERPWoo, a newer entry backed by a budding small team, aims to appeal to smaller companies or startups. With their dev blogs updating customers who are involved in the project and adding new features for free, they appear to be developing a rather close relationship with their end users.

If you just want to dip your toes into social media monitoring and try out the waters, then SWERPoo is a no-brainer. With a low barrier to entry due to the low price and all features included upfront, you can get up and running in no time.

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On the other hand, Talkwalker is the premier solution for large-scale organizations with dedicated PR teams managing their social media. It is more suited for larger businesses and organizations who want a no-frills solution regardless of the cost.


However, the large-scale operation of Talkwalker puts it at an advantage when you consider using it in a large organization. Not only do you get a tried and tested industry standard tool, but you also get robust customer and technical support.

For smaller businesses and brands with a small online presence trying out social media monitoring or SEO tools for the first time, SERPWoo might be a better option. Apart from that, enthusiasts who want to analyze and process social media data might also lean more toward SERPWoo.

Feature Set

Talkwalker is a social media monitoring and analytics platform that allows businesses and organizations to track and analyze mentions of their brand or keywords across the web.

It provides real-time alerts, sentiment analysis, and customizable reports, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to stay on top of their online reputation and engagement.

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On the other hand, Serpwoo is a search engine ranking tracking tool that allows users to track the performance of their websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). It provides data on organic and paid search rankings, as well as data on competitors’ rankings.

This can be valuable for businesses looking to optimize their website for search engines and improve their search visibility.

The social media listening and monitoring functionality is an addition to SERPWoo’s SEO tools, so while it has more features than Talkwalker, it isn’t as specialized of a tool if you want to only use it to manage your social media presence.


With both these tools having overlapping solution sets, it has to be highlighted that their target audience and feature set are very different. The one you end up using will depend on a variety of different factors that we have outlined in this article. Summarized below are all the key points discussed in this article.

PriceRelatively more expensive, starting at $800 per monthRelatively cheaper, starts from $45 per month
Use caseMaintain and advance online brand image perceptionApart from curating a brand image can also be used for research purposes
ScaleLarge organizations and established brandsBudding entrepreneurs and small ventures
Feature setPrimarily social media listening and monitoringSEO tools with the addition of social media listening


Conclusively, if you are a project manager in charge of a dedicated marketing team and have funds to spare, then Talkwalker should be your tool of choice.

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For budding entrepreneurs and solo developers who are building their brand image from the ground up with limited budget and experience, then SERPWoo and its host of SEO and marketing tools should be the preferred solution.