3 Ways To Fix The Service “Spamd” Appears To Be Down

The Service “Spamd” Appears to Be Down
The Service “Spamd” Appears to Be Down

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Hosting and managing websites is already a hectic and tiresome job, where you’ll be riddled with emails from your clients asking you to solve their queries. However, the most annoying part can be when someone decides to constantly send spam emails to you for whatever reason. That is where the Spamd service comes into play.

Spamd service authenticates all emails coming out from your domain which protects your email from any sort of SPAM. The service sometimes can unexpectedly stop working; however, there’s no need to despair. Dive into our guide as we discuss why that can happen and what are the possible solutions to it.

Reasons the Service “Spamd” Appears to Be Down

Here are some reasons that might give you insight as to why the Spamd service isn’t functioning that will help you better understand the problem at hand:

  1. Memory Limitation

There’s a chance that your hosting plan’s memory has run out, which can often cause many errors along with preventing the Spamd service from working correctly. Storage is essential when hosting a website since it allows you to store all the files, images, databases, and other data.

So if you’re low on storage, Spamd might not be able to probably store its own data which might be causing the error. The easiest solution is just to buy more storage, or if it feels like an expensive option, you can try clearing up any unused cache and data from your side.

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How To Check Hosting Storage

Here’s how you can check how much storage you have available through cPanel:

  1. Go to your Hosting Services cPanel account and sign in to it
  2. Navigate to the files inside the cPanel
  3. There, you’ll be able to see a Disk Space Usage icon. Click on it to see how much storage you’re using.
  1. Email Server Not Working

Another reason why the Spamd service might not be working is that your email server might need to be fixed. Since Spamd is directly related to it, there’s a chance that once the server is up and running again, the service will work properly.

How To Check SMTP Server Status

To see the status of your email server, here’s what you can do:

  1. Open CMD on your computer and run it as an administrator.
  2. Type ping [name or IP address of server]. For example, “mail.example.com”.
  3. If the SMTP server is not available, the request will timeout. If it is it will ping you back and you’ll see ping results being displayed.
  1. High Load On Server

If that doesn’t solve your problem, the load on the server might be high. This happens when too many people are trying to access the server, which can cause errors, including the “Spamd Appears To Be Down” prompt. There’s not much you can do about it but the problem is only temporary and will be fixed once the server’s traffic returns to normal.

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The Spamd service is quite a handy tool to have under your belt that prevents you from getting any sort of spam messages in your mail. While it is useful, it can encounter errors that aren’t too technical or complex to solve. If you’re facing the same issues, try identifying the reason why by going through our article and see if it fixes the problem for you.