Fixing The Sketch Has No Contour Geometry Solidworks Issue

The Sketch Has No Contour Geometry Solidworks
The Sketch Has No Contour Geometry Solidworks

The sketch has no contour geometry. This is a rare sort of error because it indicates that Solidworks did not discover any sketches with which to perform a certain operation.

The operation might be extrusion, sweep, rotate, or anything else. In this article, I will explain the major cause of this issue. I’ll also explain what a contour is.

The sketch no contour geometry message

Possible cause of the error

For instance, someone may be performing simple or sophisticated modeling. Before really drawing, the user could first draw some construction lines. The user may then overlook the need to transition to solid lines for actual sketching. The sketch is then completed using the construction lines.

Next, the user selects the drawing in order to do an extrusion. The error “The sketch has no contour geometry” appears abruptly after selecting the green check mark.

The sketch no contour geometry message appear after green check mark

Fixing “The Sketch Has No Contour Geometry Solidworks” Issue

Fixing this problem is rather simple as the user just needs to alter the line parameters. To make the error notification go away at this point, simply press “OK”. After then, click anywhere on the sketch’s geometry. Inside the Feature tree manager, a line property tab will show up.

Sketch geometry inside feature tree manager

After that, choose options and uncheck “For construction.” This should be done for every line that is supposed to be a component of the sketch you wish to use for any operation.

As a result, the construction line will become solid lines. You’ll succeed the next time you attempt to complete any task. I’ll use a base flange as an example.

Sketch after uncheck for construction

NB: Open contours or intersecting geometries are not the cause of this problem.

What is a contour?

Simply put, a contour is an enclosed form. They frequently appear as squares, rectangles, and circles. Our drawing grows more intricate as we add more closed curves to it. Our drawings’ areas are created by these many Contours.

The Contours can then be utilized for features and either picked jointly or individually. By utilizing the Contour Select tool and holding down the Ctrl key while choosing several profiles, contours may be chosen separately by left-clicking on them.

We may start by talking about preselection as we go more into the selection of various Contours. The ability to preselect a contour profile or the areas around it is provided by the contour select tool. The Contour Select Tool may be found by right-clicking in the graphics area, navigating through the right-click menu, and selecting it.

Contour select tool

Benefits of Contours

The main benefit of this feature is that it may be used as a gauge to determine whether or not your contours are closed. These tiny, unnoticeable gaps can occasionally be unintentionally left in our designs.

This function makes it simple to examine your work twice. You’ll see that nothing is shaded in the rectangle that encloses everything in the example below. This serves as a notice that the contour is open.

Open contour

We’ll make use of the Repair Sketch Tool to remedy this. Any minor gaps in the sketch will be located and fixed with this tool. The magnifying glass appears when we click the tool in the area where a little gap is preventing the contour from being closed. To quickly close it up, we may just drag the line in.

Repair sketch tool

We can reposition the drawings now that we have the contours. By capturing the darkened region, we may do this. We are no longer required to grab a certain object. We can only drag it by specified endpoints or the sketch geometry when sketch contours are not enabled.

We are constrained and must use the Relocate Entities command if we want to move it but don’t want to modify the size. Sketch contours also have the advantage of allowing us to pick them in advance from inside the sketch.

By pressing and holding the ALT key, we may pre-select particular ones to utilize for an extrusion. By highlighting the boundaries, we may choose between contour regions and contours themselves.