Top 10 Turkey Web Hosting Reviews 2019 – Best Hosting in Turkey

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Turkey Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Turkey

Turkey Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Turkey

How do you find an efficient web hosting company in Turkey? There are many providers in this country. It all depends on the kind of service these companies offer. The main question now is how competent the technical team will be or features such as uptime, bandwidth, and terms of service. If your objective is to build a complicated website, the service provider should have programs like MySQL, PHP, and Ruby.

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Technical support refers to the capability of the host in responding to serious issues. Forget about the 24/7 hype. It is not a guarantee the hosting service is very efficient. Review provisions on warranties, cancellation of contracts, and refunds. Be careful before you sign any contracts. Here are 10 hosting companies that you should consider in Turkey:

Top 10 Turkey Web Hosting Companies

1. Natro


Natro claims to have specialized domain services in this country. It manages domain operations and registration using the accessible domain administration panel in Turkey at very affordable prices.

This service provider makes use of the free transfer security lock to protect domain names and prevent any transfers without the knowledge of the domain name owner.

With Natro, users can transfer domain names only between Natro accounts at no extra cost. Its hosting services include the website, email, reseller, and WordPress.

2. Turhost

turhost-homepage launched its hosting services in 2004. It focuses on hosting services but also includes domain registration; virtual server, email, and streaming services (live broadcasts); and, web-based trade projects. utilizes genuine servers along with enterprise software to ensure unbroken and high uptime services. It implements a ticket system for troubleshooting so the technical team can communicate with clients for common problems. Customers, who are not pleased with its system within five days, are given a refund of their hosting fees.

3. Alastyr


Alastyr Web Solutions provides individual as well as corporate Internet services. The company opened in 2002 initially as Alastyr Telekom offering DNS, website hosting, and server rentals. It offers the service-level warranty (seven-day unconditional money-back scheme) not including server and domain name services.

Among the tools that Alastyr uses are the Whois Domain Inquiry Service; Domain Renewal and Deletion Processes; Domain Prices; and, the IDN Converter. Its Individual Piko Hosting is an ideal platform for entry-level hosting requirements. The one-click setup of Alastyr allows users to run 270 apps such as Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, and Drupal.

4. Doruknet

DorukNet offers services under three major categories. These are Hosting and Data Center; Sound Telecommunications and Internet Access. DorukNet’s network infrastructure highlights affordable and premium quality voice services customized based on the requirements of clients.

Doruk Cloud is said to be the original cloud service in Turkey. It represents an adaptable and efficient innovative data facility. This cloud service runs on the Hyper-V platform of Microsoft with impressive features like durable hardware, processor, sufficient storage space, and memory.

5. SH


SH launched its operations in 2005 focusing mainly on the construction industry and emerged as one of the market leaders for hosting management in Turkey. Infrastructure development included value-added services like VMware cloud; server rentals; and, CDN services.

It provides support for domain names with Turkish characters and immediate solutions for the .tr domain requirements. is the certified provider of domain names providing total support for customers’ DNS needs. SH’s Application Programming Interface handles the clients’ automatic registration and updates.

6. netinternet


NetInternet supplies Internet access within the country through TURK Telecom. It is connected to Turk Telecom’s Multiprotocol Label Switching data conveyance platform that comes from two power plants. NetInternet makes use of two ring connections and four-point backup.

The provider’s data center hub employs Firewall as well as IPS hardware. Its technical team develops security systems for networks. The company’s data facility performs the Tier-Two level of communications, server rooms, and infrastructure. This system is known as the TIA 942 telecommunications parameters for data centers.

7. ihs


IHS Telecom has been in the business of providing cloud computing and data center services since 1999. It was accredited by ICANN by way of the IANA 1091 as one of the international providers of domain names. This hosting firm services banks and holding companies as well as private individuals.

The unique features of its domain services include the MS Reminder System which applies to domain registration enabling users to retrieve their SMS messages from mobile devices. Other characteristics consist of Email forwarding; Park Page for record creation; name server routing; instant activation; and DNS zone management.

8. Vargonen


Vargonen designs corporate infrastructure solutions. The company (with 17 years of hosting experience) maintains offices in Turkey as well as the Netherlands and provides services in seven other countries.

The Vargonen Cloud offers fast and economical cloud solution to back up data in various locations. It offers server infrastructure needed for basic projects together with testing environments plus high-performance Solid State Drives. This notifies users of vital account alerts and notifications.

9. netdirekt


NetDirekt uses Cloudflare that runs faster on NetDirect servers as well as the IBM Storewize V7000 storage system for additional security. Users can maximize the NetDirekt huge document service and non-interrupted Internet services.

NetDirekt’s Enterprise VPN or SSL VPN makes it possible for users to create virtual networks between various points. At the same time, it introduced the N + 1 redundant system in its infrastructure for continuous access to the web and energy networks.

10. Markumnet


MarkumNet has hosting packages known as MultiSMART Bulut Hosting; MultiSMART Premium; and, MultiSMART Platform. The company has 18 years of web hosting experience in different areas and put in place infrastructure investments within the country.

The company’s process for brand registration safeguards clients’ trademarks with the chance to purchase the domain. It is capable of processing customer requests within 30 minutes.

Choosing the Best Turkey Web Hosting Service

The above-mentioned web hosting providers located in Turkey espouse common principles which include performance, top-caliber products, efficient services, and prompt response time for all customers.

Companies and individuals will always look forward to quality. That is why service providers in this country make sure to provide a pleasant experience for its clients all over the world.