Top 10 Ukraine Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Ukraine

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Ukraine Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Ukraine

Ukraine Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Ukraine

A website that works faster is the one that reaps great business profits. If you are willing to become a successful online giant, your journey must start from making a website that caters to your customers perfectly. There are many aspects of a successful website that decide whether or not the website is able to generate business. One such aspect that makes a website successful is the efficiency of the web hosting service provider.

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Choosing the best web hosting service provider is a must if you wish to run a successful online empire. You will have a choice between local Ukraine web hosting experts and overseas web hosting services providers. We recommend hiring a local Ukraine web hosting service provider as there are a number of benefits that your business can reap with the services of a local player if your audience is from Ukraine.

Let us discuss the advantages of hiring a local Ukraine Web Hosting Service Expert:


Those websites that are supported by local web hosting service providers perform way better than websites supported by overseas web hosting experts. Usually, the rate is 3 times more than the international web hosting website. The reason is the close proximity of the server and the quick rate of data response.


When you avail the services of a local web hosting expert, you get the price advantage because of the competition and the market conditions. A local web hosting expert in Ukraine would need lesser technical advances than a web hosting service provider sitting abroad.

Tax benefit:

When you operate from your home grounds, you can get the benefit of many tax rebates offered by the government. The government also runs many programs that aim to nourish business thus enabling them to contribute to the economy.

Data rights:

Different countries have their own data rights implied on virtual services, once you are web hosted by a company abroad you fall under the jurisdiction of the particular country. While you have a better understanding and hold of the data rights in your country, understanding the data rights of some other company can be a complex and time taking.

No crashes:

A website that shows errors and hangs frequently attracts the least number of visitors. With a locally supported website, the data has to travel minimum distance however with an international web hosting company the data of a customer has to first travel to the host site (another country in this case) and then travel back to the customer to respond, this not only increases the chances of the crash but also increases the response time.

Top 10 Ukraine Web Hosting Companies

1. ZZZ

ZZZ-homepage has been on the market for more than 10 years and has excelled as a web hosting experts in the market. With the aim to cater the market with latest technological advances and innovation, the company offers top-notch services to its clients.

The company is an expert in free and paid packages as well as VPS & domain server services. In the hosting market, the company has been 11 years and thus has a strong customer base to vouch for its excellence. The main services they offer include web hosting, shared hosting, domain hosting, domain name registration, VPS servers, Websites and more.



MiroHost is a 100% Ukraine based web hosting company that offers quality web hosting service. They are the market leader in terms of knowledge and technology and thus offer top-notch services to their clients. With best in class product and services and 24/7 telephone assistance, the company caters its customers par excellence.

They own a remote data center and provide their clients with daily backup services. They also offer free eVPS to the customers for a time period of 30 days. The services they offer include hosting, Evps, Domain Registration, servers and more.

3. UKrnames


One of the fully automated name registration company that offers high-grade domain services, Ukrnames offers most affordable services in the country. They own more than 250 domain zones where a customer can choose ideal domain names. They also offer a number of free registration services including Anycast DNS, Web-forwarding, Email forwarding, two-factor SMS authentication, transfer of domain names between two accounts and more.

The company is a market leader and offers many innovative management tools to its customers. In terms of web hosting, Ukrnames own its own equipment and many technologies that they use in delivering high-quality services. They offer paramount customer support 365 days, 24/7.

4. is one of the leading web hosting company in Ukraine. They have been on the market for more than 10 years now & have sufficient knowledge and experience to deliver the best services to its customers. With services par excellence, they have been able to cater their customer in a way that they receive nothing but quality feedback.

They provide both Unix and Windows platforms, in addition, one can rent a dedicated server for their hosting sites and enjoy their services. The services they offer include web hosting, Windows hosting, Unix hosting, servers, servers on rent, VPS, VDS and more.

5. is one of the most efficient and affordable web hosting platforms for beginners and experienced. No matter where you stand in the business cycle (a startup or an enterprise) they offer solutions for one and all. Their services are renowned for results and reliability besides being highly budget friendly.

With a prominent market appearance, the company has made its way to the top listing of the industry and offers services such as hosting (web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting), VPS, Domains and more. They offer ultimate customer service with 365 days, 24/7 hours assistance.

6. hvosting


At Hv Hosting you find the premium hosting services with professional assistance for domain name registration, they are an active market player with a number of a significant customer base and service portfolio. They have been on the market for quite some time and in this span have developed their services as well as technological possessions.

They started their operations in September 2009 and today offer a number of services including Web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, domain name registration, VPS and more. All the services and products offered by them are affordable and result oriented.

7. Prohost Maxnet

Prohost Maxnet-Homepage

ProHost aims to cater its customers with their immense inventory of experience and knowledge. Being a leading web hosting company in Ukraine, the company has gained enough knowledge and experience to make bespoke products and services for its customers.

They offer a number of web hosting, and communication services including domain registration, domain name transfer, web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, server, shared web hosting colocation and more. High professional attitude and expertise have earned them many clients including some renowned names in the industry.

8. HYPERhost


Hyperhost is a 100% Ukraine based company that offers a variety of services to its clients. They are in the industry for years and know the needs of their customers pretty well. With a dedicated team of professionals at work, Hyperhost has made a significant mark in the industry.

They offer bespoke services and products to their customers and have a successful pool of customers. With features like free website migration to SSD-drives and 30 days, money back guarantee the company has won the trust of its customers. Their service portfolio includes services like web hosting, domain name registration, servers and more.



With a variety of features, Best Hosting is one of the most renowned web hosting sites in Ukraine. They offer best in class services with the assurance of quality and results. The company have been on the market for years and have secured a pool of satisfied customers.

Some of the unique features of the company include own data center, 24/7/365 customer support, a free domain as a token of gratitude, 30 days money back guarantee, budget-friendly packages and more. They provide hosting services in Ukraine, USA & Germany. The services they offer include web hosting, shared web hosting, shared hosting, server, domain name registration, and more.



Host Pro is a 16-year-old company with high standard of web hosting services. Despite being an aged company they are adaptive to learn and grow further. With years of experience and hands-on knowledge, the company has gained expertise in offering a tailor-made solution to its customers and thus is expanding their business to the new heights.

Their portfolio of services includes hosting, VPS, Servers, Cloud, CDN, Domains, SSL Certificates, and more. They are quality oriented and offer services at a budgeted price.

Choosing the Best Ukraine Web Hosting Service

The market of Ukraine web hosting industry has many reputable companies offering high quality of web hosting services. There are a lot of advantages of seeking the help of a local Ukraine web hosting expert which includes competitive advantage, cost-effectiveness, better performance and local tax and other legal benefits. For expansion and better online presence, a company can choose a local web hosting expertise and focus on online growth and prosperity.