Top 10 United Kingdom Web Hosting Reviews 2020 (Best Hosting in United Kingdom)

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
United Kingdom Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In United Kingdom

United Kingdom Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In United Kingdom

It is normal to worry when you bring your business online. The online market has a great potential to boost the number of your audience, make it easy for you’re to deal with clients but, at the same time, if you do not handle your website with perfection, it can claim you negative efforts. To ensure that you enjoy the positivity of going online, it is a must to start with the best web hosting company.

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Web hosting is a critical part of any website that decides how the website functions, its performance, uptime and more. All these aspects eventually affect the overall ranking of the website. Now, the primary debate, while hiring a web hosting company is to hire a local service provider or choose an international company.

While both have their own advantages, experts suggest choosing a local web hosting company in the UK if your target audience is from the region. Reasons, firstly the UK is blessed with high-technological infrastructure and talent pool, secondly hiring a local web hosting expert is easy, cheap and feasible. Let us discuss this in detail:


When you hire a local web hosting expert there are high chances that your website will perform better than an international web hosting assistance. You can manage a great uptime with great performance and thus see your ranking top the search engine charts. The better performance is high because of the less distance between the servers and the users.


Businesses surely enjoy affordability while dealing with a local web hosting service provider in the UK. This is primarily because both the parties operate in the same economy and thus enjoy the similar benefits, extending growth and price affordability to each other.

24/7 support:

Not only you get uncompromised technical support from the service provider but a local web hosting company can also offer you any physical assistance required. Due to operating in the same geographical area, it becomes fast & easy for the web hosting company to reach you in case of need.

Lower taxation & legal benefits:

There are a number of relaxations that businesses enjoy when they deal with the companies in the same economy. You can enjoy tax benefits and legal benefits when you hire a local web hosting expert in the UK.

Top 10 United Kingdom Web Hosting Companies

If you are looking for the best web hosting services providers in the UK, here is the list of 10 best companies in the region:

1. Heart Internet


Heart Internet is among the top web hosting services providers in the UK. The company offers high-quality web hosting services to its customers. They have a huge customer base that vouches for their quality of services. Counted as one of the most reliable companies in the UK, Heart Internet offers a variety of services including domains names, Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, SSL Certificates, Email services, Servers and other related jobs.

For all such services, they are highly recommended in the UK. They also offer highly affordable services. Their prices are affordable and they also offer 24/7 customer support for all their services.

2. 1and1


For great services and highly optimized packages, 1and1 is an ideal company to choose. They offer a variety of services, each blessed with technically advanced techniques and equipment. Their team of experts is dedicated to offering quality services to their customers at a very affordable price.

They offer, .org, .co domain names services. The company is also an expert in extending 24/7 customer support that makes them one of the most reliable web hosting expert in the UK. Their service portfolio includes domain names, websites, Web Hosting, Servers, e-mail, Office, eCommerce and Online Marketing.

3. Fasthosts


FastHosts is one of the best web hosting company in the UK boasts a rich customer pool. Currently they have hosted over 1.4 million domains, with 835 thousand customer’s webmails and 411 thousand websites. They were first established in 1999 and since then the company has offered high-quality services to its customers.

Equipped with latest technology and tools the company offers a variety of services including domains, email & Office, website builder, eShop Builder, Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, Cluster services, CloudNX services, Dedicated Servers, etc.

4. UK2


High-quality services, affordable prices, expert team and great market reputation makes UK2 one of the best web hosting companies in the UK. They support over 1 million domain across the globe and extend support to over 1000 websites.

They ensure your company has a vital online presence and for this offer high-quality domain names, domain name transfers, eCommerce websites, website builder, website design, WordPress Hosting, VPS, Web Hosting, etc. They are also expert in Bulk registration, Instant website, and more. The company also offers 24/7 customer support to its clients.

5. is one of the leading web hosting company in the UK. They started their operations 18 years ago and since then, they have evolved as one of the most reliable web hosting company in the UK. They extend services to individuals, startups or established companies.

The company is renowned for the quality of services and best price range. With a team of highly specialized personnel the company deals with a variety of services including all domains & server related services. They are also a recommended provider of email management, SSL Certificates, Cloud Backup, E-commerce, Website Builder and VPS.

6. Tsohost


Tsohost was founded in 2003 by a young lady aged 15 only. The website since its inception has helped a number of businesses make huge money online. In 2004, the company was accredited as a registered .uk domain registrar by Nominet. In 2006, they offered free telephone support to all their customers.

They came up with their own data center in 2007 and launched 'Cloud Hosting' and 'Hybrid Cluster' services in 2008. In 2011, they became a founding member of Paragon Internet Group. The company offers a number of services like web hosting, domain services, email management, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Backup, SSL Certificates and E-commerce.

7. eUKHost


eUKHost boasts of 15 successful years in the industry. The headquarter of eUKHost is based in Leeds and they also have data centers in Wakefield, Maidenhead and Nottingham. They have a strong team of professionals that operate from their head office as well as data centers. Renowned for offering top-notch services, the company leads the market in the entire Europe region.

Presently, the company has over 35,000 customers and over 15,000 domains. They offer web hosting support to a number of companies including service sector organizations as well. With over 1200 servers placed in high-tech data centers, the company offers a variety of services including web hosting, domain name transfer, domain name registration , VPS, e-Commerce, dedicated web hosting and SSL Certificates. Their services are highly affordable and recommended.

8. 123-Reg


Established in 2000, 123Reg is a 100% UK based web hosting service provider. They have a strong customer base that they have accumulated by offering top-notch services at a very affordable price. Dedicated to offering bespoke services to their customers, they pay high attention to customer satisfaction and consistency in their quality.

Offering solutions to individuals, start-ups and enterprises, they have maintained great customer reputation. They have a team of dedicated & multi-tasking personnel offering a number of services including domains name services, email management, SSL Certificates, web hosting, VPS, Cloud Backup, and E-commerce.

9. Krystal


Krystal is a 100% UK based organization with expertise in web hosting services, they are a 14-year-old firm offering a variety of web hosting and domain name registration services to its customers. With over 13362+ customers including famous brands like Nike, NHS, Cadbury, Iceland, Cath Kidston and more, the company has a rich customer base.

With high-quality services, best prices and 24/7 and 365 days assistance the company is counted as one of the best company in the UK. Their core services include domains, email, web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, SSL Certificates, Website Builder, VPS, E-commerce and Cloud Backup.


Started in the year 2003, WebHost.Uk is one of the top-notch companies in the UK that offer high-quality web hosting services. Voted as reliable and resourceful web hosting experts by their customers, the company has clients all across the globe including Europe, United States, Asia, Australia, Middle East, and more.

Expert in web hosting and VPS solutions, the company has earned a lot of reputation in its tenure. The company, in 2011 also ventured into United States of America and India. The services they offer include domain names, SSL certificate, Backup solutions, SEO Tools, Google AdWords, Charity Web Hosting, Cloud Servers, U. S. Web hosting products and more.

Choosing the Best United Kingdom Web Hosting Service

Hiring a web hosting company is vital to any online business. However, the choice between a local and an international service provider is very intimidating. Experts recommend hiring local web hosting services in the UK if your audience is from the the UK.

The above-mentioned companies are considered as some of the best web hosting companies in the UK. They offer the best performance and high uptime to their customers.