Top 10 Venezuela Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Venezuela

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Venezuela Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Venezuela

Venezuela Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Venezuela

In the past few years, Internet access in Venezuela was a bit low, as compared to other parts of the countries. Till now, many of the web hosting providers have settled in the region and the government has taken some serious steps to enhance the Internet provision in all parts of Venezuela.

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Earlier it was found in some of the commercial places like hotels and Posadas, maybe some shopping places and in public squares but it wasn’t the access that satisfied the citizens.

Recently, with the popularization of the internet, the number of web hosting companies emerged and grasped stronghold in different parts of Venezuela. This automated the search of a good web hosting company in Venezuela, though with the access of internet, many fake people in the name of web hosting company, started selling low-quality web hosting and that also highly expensive prices.

Sooner the web hosting providers reached a saturation point, where the local people face difficulty in judging which is the best provider near them as far as the social and political situations in Venezuela fluctuated on Internet hosting, it became very difficult for the web hosting providers to survive their business.

Anyhow, they made up along and moved on through the thick times. As mentioned in early years, it was very difficult whether the state or society will enjoy the internet facility like common people have around the globe or not. The locals and experts are thankful for the advancements in technologies and conversion equipment that lasted and helped them bring revolutionary changes in the field of Internet connections and its provision around the state.

The experts and the locals struggled to adopt the use of new techniques which helped them crop the global connectivity prices and invest more in new equipment purchases. Now there are several web hosting companies serving locally and internationally in different parts of Venezuela.

Top 10 Venezuela Web Hosting Companies

These companies are good at serving locals at reasonable prices and are well known globally. All the companies are known for their specific services and a few have strong command on all kinds of web hosting services and products with reasonable packages that last long and provide satisfactory services to their customers. Now the internet has become a powerful tool of Venezuela and its power has shown a strong impact on its society in this century.

1. Hosting SSi

Hosting SSi-Homepage

This hosting service company offers unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer and FREE SSL Certificate to its customers. Other features include Corporate mail, _SSH access, MYSQL and FTP, Installation in a short time span of 30 minutes. Services are always available online, free and easy site builder, this company is optimized for

Applications and all of these facilities are proven with a 45 days money back guarantee. This company holds unique CloudFlare Partners, the Cloudflare CDN is free on all hosting plans. This company provides human monitoring and avoids 99% of the most common problems and ensures excellent performance.

2. Serivcioshosting


Serivcioshosting claims to have the new set of technology that allows the control on resources, compressing all server user in a small walled environment called LVE, to allocate resources quotas like CPU, I/O and MySQL more easily.

This company is known for its cloud services, namely Cloud Linux and Cloud VPS. Both work drastically in the platform of shared hosting with stability, density and security of servers at the highest peak. This company has been serving with 10 years of great experience and complementary web services. They are available 24/7 and have multiple support methods to help customers by all means.

3. Globalhost


They started working as a web hosting company in 2008 in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui, Venezuela and is one of the famous companies in Venezuela and Latin America in the field of internet services. Majorly working on hosting, domains, Streamings, reseller, dedicated servers, and Advanced solutions for SMEs.

They have been serving professionally and their performance is par excellence in quality. This company has won its customers’ hearts by offering reliable and business-class services. The team is highly supportive, understanding, responsible, helpful, highly professional and friendly towards their customers and are progressing for improvement in both services and activities.

4. Facilcloud


Facilcloud is famous for providing 100% VPS at the best price. They are well known for guaranteed control, security and scalability. They offer a free setup to its customers so that they can enjoy as soon as they hire the services. You can freely pay in your local currency, American dollars, Mexican or Columbian pesos and Peruvian soles.

You can also pay your services directly with bitcoins. There high tech data servers are located in Miami, FL improving connectivity to America. Their support team is always available for your help and is monitoring directly to provide super connectivity.

5. Wisenet


The web hosting company’s platform is located in the downtown of the city of Miami, FL in the Digital Realty building. This location, a few meters from the NAP of the Americas, provides the amplest points of interconnection with the world, thus facilitating the interconnectivity with the countries of Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.

The Datacenter facilities are fully equipped and arranged with on-site security guards 24/7. The company offers premium quality data servers, from their data centers in Europe and United States. They have control panels like cPanel and DirectAdmin.

6. Calcanet


This web hosting provider does a great job in fast web hosting and ideal domain registration, that also at highly competitive prices. They are the big friend to small business and provide better and profitable reselling with new options. Calcanet has been serving in Venezuela for last 14 years and has great experience in web hosting.

The VPS is good for developers who are highly expert and needs uninterrupted service. They focus deliberately on the privacy of personal data of its users, they have also settled a Privacy center in this regard to keep customers updated on treatments in data.

7. Daycohost


The company serves its customers in an outstanding manner, they not only qualify in the managed administration but also put multiple options under the figure of day admin, a new suite were you are open to get all know-how of deep information to ensure the continuity of your operations.

This web hosting company has the stand-alone feature of the country’s only Geo Distributed Data Center with high availability, security and redundancy. They are also well known for their services as maintenance of IT infrastructure. They are serving for past 16 years and helped in the development of many companies.

8. VeneHosting


The Company was established in the year 2001 and focused on one aim, to provide services of web hosting and registering of domains on the internet. They have their own equipment located in different datacenters in USA distributed between the cities of Dallas, Houston, Kansas and Miami, while the administration is held in the city of Montreal, Canada, but they have a strong command on the Venezuelan market too.

Their main power is the support for open technologies, has their own firewalls, backup systems, updated software and optimized configured operating systems. Having more than 4500 customers is their most authentic guarantee.

9. Ravatech


The largest and smallest companies Venezuela trust Ravatech for providing personalized customer services, open to the latest technologies and neverending solutions to new ideas and plans for business development. They possess most innovative Market Control Panel, and have more expertise in Webhosting of Venezuela.

The supportive team is effective, friendly and highly learned to provide best customer service all time. Major services include domains; protect ID for domains, Cloud Servers, domain transfer, SSL transfer, whois search. They use Windows, VPS technology, Hyper-V Services, Websitepanel Control Panel and Data CenterVE. Payment can be done in local currency for most of the services provided.

10. Centenoweb


These people are known for giving great help in your business strategies to your system or website. They claim to build the different website with the use of Parallax, the latest in Web design light 2.0 fast and optimum. Use of the thread tools of development to make a clan website, helps in creating form contacts in different areas, developments under hosting hosted in Miami and domains at fingertips.

They are known for satisfying customers when they need help in the internet, cloud systems, audiovisual serves, graphic designs and support of company teams. They work with clients in Mexico, Columbia, Miami-Florida and mainly Venezuela.

Choosing the Best Venezuela Web Hosting Service

After reviewing web hosting services in Venezuela, it is extracted that most of the companies have emerged after a long time period of struggle, hardwork and experience in web hosting and cloud servers.

They adopt new technologies for better and enhanced server connectivity in Venezuela, which will directly create flow in development of small and big businesses, internet connection strength within and outside Venezuela, making the country prosperous and enlist among the top countries in the world with good internet access. The local people of Venezuela can also enjoy the internet access like other people living in the world.