Top 10 Vietnam Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Vietnam

Vietnam Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Vietnam

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Vietnam Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Vietnam

Vietnam has witnessed a rapid increase usage of internet and with this many people have started creating and hosting websites. The tourism industry has also witnessed many tourists visiting this beautiful country and with this, the related businesses have also gained significantly. This is one of the major factors that have increased the number of website owners in Vietnam.


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With the number of website hosting companies, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the best hosting company in Vietnam especially if you don’t have significant knowledge about the subject. To help you select the right website hosting company which can be beneficial to you or your business in the long term, you can check out the list of such good companies outlined below.

Top 10 Vietnam Web Hosting Companies

1. Pavietnam


P.A Viet Nam Company was established in the year 2001 and since then they have been providing services like domain registration, website development, software development, website hosting and lots more. They are one of the leading domain and website hosting company in Vietnam which provides high-quality support service 24 x 7 to ensure the best uptime for your website.

The website hosting services are done on platforms like Window and Linux and their servers are capable to support the applications like WordPress, Joomla, JavaScript websites and lots more.

2. Vnptdata


VNPT Data Company is a telecommunication and information technology company providing its services in almost every province and cities of Vietnam. VNPT Data Company provides wide varieties of services like colocation, website hosting, cloud computing service, domain name registration and lots more.

VNPT has a complete infrastructure as per international standards for Cloud computing services with 24/7 customer support from the highly professional and skilled technical team. VNPT offers a systematic backup which therefore ensures data protection.

3. Matbao


Mat Bao was incorporated in the year 2002 and in the year 2003, they started providing domain registration and website hosting services. They have been providing stable, secure and efficient Windows and Linux hosting services on Cloud hosting platform.

Mat Bao has invested their money in powerful and quality servers from IBM and Dell which are built on Virtuozzo technology. The servers are equipped with a powerful Intel Xeon VT-x CPU which ensures fast access speed and reduces downtime of the website significantly.

9. Tenten


Tenten is the only agent of GMO Internet Inc of Japan in Vietnam. Tenten has been providing quality hosting, SSL and domain name services in the whole of Vietnam. Tenten has invested in a fully functional and well-equipped data center which is as per the modern technology and as per international standards. 

Tenten provides super SSD Windows, Linux hosting and SSD cloud servers. The use of SSD on all the servers ensures a wonderful speed and load time to the websites. SSD’s are also highly reliable when compared to a normal hard drive, thus protecting the data of the customers.

4. Nhanhoa


Since its inception in the year 2002, Nhan Hoa Software Company has been providing services like website design, software development, domain registration, website hosting and many more to 50,000 consumers in Vietnam and abroad.

The website hosting services provided by them includes Cloud virtual private server, Cloud server, dedicated server and lots more on hosting platforms like Windows and Linux. The use of Cloud servers ensures the reduction in server downtime, data safety, increased speed and proper data backup.

5. Bkns


Back Kim Network Solutions started its business operations on 10th August 2010 and has been providing online business solutions by providing services which relates to website domain registration, website hosting, software development, website designer, website advertising services, SSL certificates and many more.

The cloud-based virtual servers provided by Back Kim Network Solutions ensures scalability, processed speed, reliability and cost efficiency. They also have a state of art data center located in Vietnam where it is also possible to place a physical server i.e. colocation services.

6. Inet


iNet Corporation started its business operations by providing domain registration and internet services since 11th March 2007. On 10th October 2011, iNet was certified by Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communication as a .VN domain name registration provider.

iNet offers quality Linux website hosting and Cloud VPS services which ensures features like secured privacy, faster speeds due to 100% SSD, 24/7 365 days support provided by experienced and qualified team etc. They also provide support services to transfer data from other service providers to iNet servers to facilitate easy transfer without worrying about any technical issues.

7. Hostinger


Hostinger was incorporated in the year 2004 and has earned the trust of more than 29 million users around the globe. Hostinger provides affordable web hosting, VPS, domain and automated website building services.

Hostinger has servers which support almost all web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, PrestaShop etc. The cloud hosting services offered by them ensures enormous benefits to the consumers in terms of affordability, better security, flexibility, automatic updates of software, increased speed and lots more.

8. Vinahost


VinaHost has been in the market for more than 8 years providing website and server hosting services in Vietnam and North America. The company has their datacenters in two places in Vietnam thus providing a wonderful speed to the websites.

VinaHost uses high quality servers to provide various types of hosting services on the platforms of Windows and Linux. The private servers include Xeon Quad Core E3 Series, Xeon Quad Core 5600 series and Xeon 6 Core E5 series whereas for the Cloud hosting they have servers from Cloud 512M till Cloud 16G.

10. Hostvn


HOSTVN started its business operations from May 2007 and has been providing website hosting, Cloud VPS, and domain name services since then. With ten plus years of experience in this field, HOSTVN has invested in state of art technology which focuses on buying latest and efficient servers.

HOSTVN is the first and sole provider of Litespeed Web Server Technology in Vietnam. They have 2 international quality data centers in Vietnam and a staff of more than 40 employees to provide you 24/7 customer support.

Choosing the Best Vietnam Web Hosting Service

The young population and low internet charges have increased the internet usage rate in Vietnam to a great extent. With this Vietnam saw a steady rise in companies providing website and web hosting services.

If you want a professional web design and hosting company for your website idea ensure that you stick to an experienced company as it can make or break the success of your website and your business.

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