Top 10 Web Hosting Singapore Service

Last Updated - December 2, 2020

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Singapore is a place of many attractions and tourist spots. Many things come to mind when we think of Singapore. But one thing for sure, web hosting is the last thing people associate with Singapore when they talk about the country although in terms of technology. We will talk about the top 10 list of web hosting Singapore service later.

Web Hosting Singapore

Web Hosting Singapore

Singapore is always thriving with potential. Singapore along with Tokyo and Hong Kong are widely recognized as the foremost technology hubs of Asia. There are many companies in Singapore serving the various technological needs of Asia and most of them use Singapore Hosting to fulfill their requirements. Despite being small in size, Singapore does boast off a string of local web hosting provider which are proficient in terms of operability.


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Why Choose a Local Web Hosting Singapore Service Instead of International Hosting Providers?

Web hosting in Singapore is as efficient as it is in any other Asian countries and the basic reasons behind that are the excellent infrastructure and superb available workforce which is highly acquainted in English. The people working in the web hosting companies are experts in communicating in English, and they also know one other additional language on top of that.

Similar to many other countries with a basic service backup of web hosting, Singapore also have two types of web hosting providers, the local Singapore hosting companies and the international web hosting providers.

The basic difference between the local web hosting companies and the International ones is the pricing as well as the performance spectrum. It is obvious that availing oval web hosting in Singapore will prove to be heavier in your pocket but it also has its own share of advantages.

Have a look at the aspects which prove that getting yourself local web hosting in Singapore ensures total value for your money.

1. Local means quicker support: Local web hosting companies in Singapore can provide you with their valuable support whenever and wherever required and they take not much time to do it. As the service providers are locals in Singapore, the time taken for them to reach you will surely be lesser compared to that of the International web hosting providers. In case any issue arises regarding your web hosting then it will be resolved in a matter of minutes hence providing you convenient support of your hosting services.​

2. Location of your audience: In case your website is based on Singapore, chances are strong that your consumers or target audience will be geographically located in Singapore. In such cases, availing web hosting services from local Singapore Hosting proves to be beneficial for you as the loading speed in case of local providers will be much greater than that of the international companies. This occurs because the route of connecting with your website will be shorter for the local web hosting service providers.

3. Easier and cheaper to contact: While the above two points are circumstantially significant, both of them does not practically match up to the fact that contacting local web hosting providers when you need help is much easier and relatively cheaper than contacting international hosting companies.

In many cases, it may occur that your website is facing an issue which requires solving as soon as possible. In such case, a local web hosting provider can be reached much more easily and cheaper than an international one. Besides, you can directly visit their offices provided that it is not located too far away from your location.

The Top 10 Web Hosting Singapore Service

The most dependable place for your business marketing is the Internet. Therefore, one must need a good and secure hosting solution to take care of it.

As mentioned and explained earlier, it is quite beneficial to avail local Singapore Hosting rather than opting for the international web hosting providers. Let us have a look at the top 10 web hosting companies in Singapore.

1. Vodien


Many claim Vodien to be the leading web hosting company in Singapore and if you take a closer look at them, you can’t really hold their claim untrue.

Vodien takes immense pride in itself for their superior customer support, a range of different hosting plans based on their customer’s needs and a plethora of offers such as SSL certificate and free IP address.

They have clients all over the world including United States of America, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Indonesia. Every Asian customer that Vodien offers their services to have a lot to say about their services.

The basic starting plan of Vodien offers an unlimited bandwidth, storage of 5 GB in exchange for $10 a month. At Vodien the setup also doesn’t cost you anything and the transfer of website can also be done for free. WordPress themes are also available for the WordPress users.

For those who are still not sure about the quality of their services, Vodien can avail their money back challenge of 30 days and give a trial without worrying about the money.

2. HostPapa Singapore

HostPapa SG

HostPapa claims themselves to be the number one hosting company suitable for small companies and individual businesses and they aren’t quite wrong.

With a starting plan that offers almost everything unlimited in exchange for a monthly rate of SGD 4.95, one can easily avail their services without burning a hole in their pocket. They also have a website builder where you can simply drag and drop to build a website.

Their support team has also won many accolades in their years of services and they are available 24×7. Having hosted more than 500,000 small businesses, HostPapa has truly become the king of small business hosting in Singapore.

HostPapa hosting service is not only limited to Singapore, they are also an international big brand in the hosting industry. In order to satisfy the needs of local Singapore customers, they have been dedicating to provide local Singapore hosting solutions.​ Click the "Read Full Review" button below to have a look at the overall performance of HostPapa network.

3. Exabytes

Exabytes SG

When the leading web hosting provider of Malaysia also manages to remain within the top three local companies for Singapore Hosting, then you ought to know they really mean business. Exabytes has always been providing quality hosting services to their clients in Singapore and that is why most customers in Singapore stay loyal to their services.

They not only provide hosting benefits but also have a range of domain related services which are also of the finest quality. They have lucrative packages such as dedicated server installation within 4 hours with a 2-year backup retention which costs SGD 99.

As mentioned, Exabytes also has great business portfolio in Malaysia. You are free to read the full review of Exabytes.

4. HostSG


Founded in 1997, HostSG has since then acquired a dependable reputation in the world of web hosting in Singapore and has also achieved ISO 9001:2008 as a proof of their professionalism and efficiency.

They claim to have a 100 percent network uptime, the fastest bandwidth allocation in Singapore and also a very reliable and proficient customer support available 24×7.

HostSG is also the first company in Singapore to engage an 8 Tier 1.They boast off a solid number of 220,000 customers in Singapore who have supported them throughout and kept HostSG within the top 5 web hosting companies in the country.

5. NewMedia Express 

NewMedia Express

One of the most competent web hosting companies in Singapore, NewMedia Express was established in 2003 and since they have been instrumental in providing world class web hosting solutions to companies and businesses in the country.

They are known to provide a plethora of web hosting services at a very convenient price which fulfills all the expectations of the customers and leave them completely satisfied.

They have a dedicated server plan which provides an Intel Xeon quad-core processor with 8 GB RAM and 1TB hard disk space and speeds up to 5 Mbps for an annual rate of SGD 208.

6. SingHost


One of the earliest companies that started web hosting services in Singapore, SingHost has since then been consistent with their services and aim at providing complete web hosting solutions to the customers in the country.

They have a wide range of hosting plans and they come with a 24×7 support service and SSD drives for reliable performance driven hosting. They are known to constantly add on fruitful features to their services and hence improve the quality of hosting services on a regular basis.

They provide continuous updates which emphasize your security and keep your website safe. Their basic web hosting plans start at a paltry rate of SGD 7 per month.



USONYX was founded back in 1997 in Singapore and promises to provide the finest web hosting solutions to various sectors of Singapore such as business enterprises, corporate houses as well as government sector.

They provide lots of services such as managed hosting, dedicated server hosting, Virtual Private server and also cloud hosting. USONYX started to their expansion back in 2016 offering packages at a much lower cost than its contemporaries.

With the efficient performance, reliable support team working 24×7, and convenient prices, USONYX has managed to garner the trust of over 75,000 customers around the world.



If you are looking for budget web hosting solutions in Singapore, QOXY is where you should look. With basic packages starting as low as SGD 4.95 per month, QOXY really raises the bar when it comes to convenient yet effective Singapore hosting services.

On top of that, they provide free database transfers, free email transfers as well as free migration of your website. Maintaining your website with QOXY becomes more simple.

9. Oryon


Oryon is probably more recognized for their excellent cloud services but that does not necessarily mean that their hosting services be undermined. This is also one of the cheapest companies providing Singapore hosting and they are quite good at what they do.

Founded back in 2004 as Oryon networks, this company has their servers configured with RAID which ensures that your website is secured in case of any hard disk failures. Daily backup and an efficient support system backs up the hosting services of Oryon and makes them one of the leading companies offering hosting services in Singapore.

10. WebVisions


The last company on this list is certainly not the least in terms of services provided. WebVisions has slowly but steadily cemented their place as one of the top web hosting companies operating in Singapore.

They boast off over 20 years of experience and have a customer count of over 40,000 which is quite impressive. They promise hassle-free web hosting solutions and surely provides the same which has ensured their loyal customer following in all these years.


I must say that working with a web hosting company in Singapore is ideal if your target audience is from the country. It is one of the long-term services that you will need.

There are a number of factors which you must look into such as the capability of support, costs and uptime availability. Make sure the web hosting provider you choose must be a powerful one so that your website remains secure.