XenForo vs vBulletin: What’s The Difference?

xenforo vs vbulletin
xenforo vs vbulletin

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Internet forums are the best thing that you can get your hands on if you are writing the package within PHP scripting language. There are multiple options that you get out there to ensure the right internet hosting system that will help you out with the web design and making sure that you are doing it in the right manner.

Yet, you will need to be careful and do your research as well because you need something that is not only user-friendly, but also has the right features to it in order to ensure that you are getting the perfect edge of PHP scripting and utilize its power properly.

XenForo vs vBulletin

XenForo and vBulletin are two such options that will help you with setting up forums and you can host them pretty conveniently without having to face any sort of issues and problems at all.

If you are looking to choose between the two options, it can get pretty tricky as both of them are amazing, and it is all about the programmer’s preferences.

Yet, a few key differences that will help you in making an effective decision in order to which platform you need to chose for your PHP development and hosting needs are:


XenForo is the talk of the table these days and all for good reason. It got all the features and the power that you were getting previously with vBulletin with enhanced dynamics so you will be getting better traffic and a lot better numbers in terms of SEO-related functions including the rating charts and more.

The best thing about XenForo that will make you choose it over the vBulletin is spam prevention. Developers have done a pretty commendable job on XenForo with enforced spam handling measures and you will be getting thousands fold better results than the vBulletin if you choose to go with the XenForo for the hosting needs.

Yet the forum software is a bit updated and a little bit advanced that might not be suitable for the old-school users who dislike the change and cannot adapt to it. But, if you have a thing for tech and you are looking for a more stable and better interface with the right power tools on it, then you should definitely be getting the XenForo as the update to make sure that it is working out perfectly for you.

XenForo commonly known as the XF is also pretty stable and great with mobile-friendliness and since most of the devices and users are going mobile these days, we have a need for those dynamic websites that can be navigated on mobiles as well as PCs, and XenForo ensures you are getting it right when it comes to mobile-friendly website interface.

To top it all, you get tons of addons and extensions to make the whole experience bliss for you on XenForo.


vBulletin is another forum script option for you that is a little less advanced than XenForo, but that doesn’t mean it is not good at all. Sometimes, simplicity is better and with vBulletin, you get to enjoy the stability with eliminated bugs and errors that is going to make sure that you don’t have to face any sorts of problems at all while working with the platform.

That is not all, and it has the least system requirements as compared to some of the other major platforms making it easier to access for most of the users out there and they can enjoy a far better experience without having to get into any sort of trouble at all.

Moving forward, they are offering some themes, SEO options, and Customization that is far better than the other competitors including XenForo and you should definitely consider getting your hands on vBulletin if you don’t care much about those fancy features and want a more stable experience.

To sum it up and making it easier to understand, you will need to know that vBulletin is one of the most stable platforms out there without any bells and whistles attached and you definitely need to consider it if you are trying to make it work out flawlessly with the basic features and optimal stability.