5 Best Malaysia 000webhost Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2022

best malaysia 000webhost alternatives
best malaysia 000webhost alternatives

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000Webhost web hosting is getting widely popular as they offer you a chance to host your website free of cost on their website. The offer sounds too good to be true, right? It is not entirely true and got many ties attached to that. The web hosting features and options that are offered by them are not entirely free and you get only a slight bit of all these services, just enough to hook you up.

Being a free web hosting services, there are certain limitations that you will have to face like only 3Gbs of Bandwidth and 300 MB disk space for you. You get some cool features like free domain registration but the domain cannot be transferred. It will also have 000webhostapp.com in the name.

Or you will have to pay for the domain that you might choose. However, there are certain cool alternatives for your web hosting in Malaysia that would be the right alternative for 000webhost web hosting services.

5 Best Malaysia 000webhost Web Hosting Alternatives Review

1) A2hosting

a2hosting best malaysia 000webhost alternativesA2hosting is the name of cutting limits and ties attached. They got a huge platform powered by AMD EPYC processors that enable A2hosting to offer 40% faster CPU performance on all their servers. Not only that, but their processing power combined with unlimited SSD storage and no bandwidth limits, you can enjoy 20x faster web hosting than any other alternative. This would make them a top choice for you to consider if you are looking for alternatives to 000webhosting.com

The best part is, that all these services are being offered at a minimal cost. And, you will also get your own domain name registered for free without any hassle. They are also offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee with 30-days money-back assurance so you can enjoy your web hosting experience with ease and comfort. This would be a truly remarkable experience with you that offers you performance with liberty and you must consider their services as an alternative to 000webshot web hosting in Malaysia.

2) HostGator

hostgator best malaysia 000webhost alternativesHostGator is unlike any other website as they offer you a seamless affordable experience with all the performance, power, speed, stability, and assistance that you might require. HostGator is the best option for you to consider if you are out there looking for the best possible alternatives to 000webhost web hosting alternatives.

HostGator offers you access to their very own website builder tool that comes pre-loaded with thousands of templates that you can use to build up your website from scratch easily. You can have a touch of personalization and create an attractive website with a simple drag-and-drop.

Along with all the comfort, convenience, and features, you also get free domain registration without any watermark that would be a bad impression for your business or any sort of hidden charges. An unlimited SSD storage, free SSL certification, and money-back guarantee would be some important factors, making them a worthy alternative to 000webhost web hosting in Malaysia.

3) BlueHost

bluehost best malaysia 000webhost alternativesIf you are in a budget and looking for some least expensive web hosting service, but not want to deal with all the limits and boundaries of 000webhost web hosting, Bluehost would be the perfect alternative for you in Malaysia to have. They are offering a cool range of features that are powerful enough to get your website running.

Not only that, but you will also have the freedom of choosing your own name on the domain and that too for free. You get free domain registration, free SSL certification, and unlimited SSD storage to power up your website.

Free does sound good, but Bluehost is offering you right bang for your bucks that would allow you control over your domain and website and you can personalize it the way you like it to be. This would be the best choice for you to consider as an alternative to 000webhost web hosting service.

4) Exabytes

exabytes best malaysia 000webhost alternativesExabytes make the best alternative to 000webhost web hosting service in Malaysia, not only being a Malaysia based service but due to their over the edge features and top services that are unmatched in the world of web hosting. Exabytes also have the domain registration, Website development, and managed website services that can help you with any sort of tech support that you might need. They can offer you CRM integration and WordPress migration as well with top servers to choose from.

The best part about Exabytes is that you can pay in your local currency being in Malaysia and have the world-class web hosting experience that would make it a perfect alternative to 000webhost web hosting service in Malaysia. They also got a dedicated mobile app that allows you control of your website on-the-go.

5) SiteGround

siteground best malaysia 000webhost alternativesSiteGround is the top choice that you can consider as an alternative for 000webhost web hosting in Malaysia. They are simply impeccable with all the services that are being provided with them and are currently offering managed WordPress hosting and other cool services to millions of website owners.

They have a dedicated platform for WooCommerce hosting that will enable you to run your eCommerce business with ease and convenience. The best part is, there are no limits on SSD storage or bandwidth that would make them a perfect alternative to 000webhosting service in Malaysia.

SiteGround got servers all over the world including Singapore that would make top-level stability of your website and speed a possibility for you as that is in close proximity to Malaysia. Their platform is powered by Google Cloud that makes security and performance exceptional, compared to other web hosting service providers and you need to consider them for sure as an alternative to 000webhost web hosting service in Malaysia.

Choosing The Best Malaysia 000webhost Web Hosting Alternatives

000webhost web hosting service claims to be free of cost, but we all know better than that. They have certain limitations that are not suitable for most website owners and it won’t work for you. You will eventually end up paying more than you should. These are some of the best alternatives that you can consider for your web hosting needs in Malaysia.