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Hostiserver Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

Hostiserver Reviews Logo
What is Hostiserver? Hostiserver is a professional business grade hosting service provider. The company separates itself from the current crop of hosting service providers by targeting business grade users exclusively. By focusing on one category of hosting, Hostiserver ensures that the services they do offer are competitive and high performance. With their state of the art infrastructure and network hardware installation,...

Hosting24 Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

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What is Hosting24? Hosting24 is a budget oriented web hosting service provider, aimed towards individual customers and small to medium businesses. The company has been offering reputable hosting services since 2004 and is also a leading provider of domain related services to a wide and diverse number of clients. Hosting24 is one of the leading ICANN accredited domain registrars in the...

HostDime Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

HostDime Reviews Logo
What is HostDime? HostDime is one of the oldest web hosting service providers in the business. Established in 2001, the company is synonymous with reliability and steady performance in hosting circles. The company used third party servers to provide shared hosting services for some time before they set up their very own data center in 2003. HostDime now provides ISP services...

CanSpace Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

CanSpace Reviews Logo
Canada Based Hosting for Canadians If you are looking for enterprise hosting services in Canada, you could certainly consider to go with CanSpace. CanSpace has been providing hosting services to enterprise grade customers since 1998 in the form of CanSpace Solutions, making it a veritable web hosting veteran. The present company CanSpace.ca was separated from the parent group in 2007 to...

CloudieWeb Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

CloudieWeb Reviews Logo
What is CloudieWeb Hosting? CloudieWeb is a business oriented web hosting service provider based in the US. The company aims to deliver the greatest value for money hosting propositions chiefly for business clients. CloudieWeb operates two high-performance Tier 4 data centers employing SSAE 16 Type 2 technology for cutting edge performance and reliability at New York and Chicago. Reliability is guaranteed by...

Contabo Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

Contabo Reviews Logo
What is Contabo Hosting? Contabo is a Germany based web hosting services provider. The company started out small in 2003 as a two-man team, offering dedicated servers and cheap hosting packages. Contabo managed to stay competitive by focusing on quality of service, hosting performance, and in-house one on one customer service. What started out as a single server in a rented data center...

Hivelocity Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

Hivelocity Reviews Logo
What is Hivelocity Hosting? Hivelocity was established in 2002 with the singular aim of providing a simple and easy solution to dedicated web hosting services. Hivelocity is not a traditional consumer oriented brand but a high-level service provider offering state of the art dedicated servers, colocation services, and cloud hosting services. Hivelocity is compliant with some the most rigorous security standards...

Host1Plus Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

Host1Plus Reviews Logo
What is Host1Plus Hosting? Host1Plus is a decorated web hosting services provider in the premium domain. Aimed mainly at various type of users, Host1Plus offers a strong suit of web hosting services including virtual private server or VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and budget shared hosting plans utilizing the very latest and high-performance technology available. Host1Plus maintains data centers in nine different locations...

Canadian Web Hosting Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

Canadian Web Hosting Reviews Logo
What is Canadian Web Hosting? As the name suggests, Canadian Web Hosting is the premier web hosting service provider in the business. With data centers in Vancouver and Toronto, the company offers high performance hosting solutions to clients in Canada and all over North America. While the company specializes in high-performance web hosting services at all budgets, it does offer specific...

Bytemark Reviews 2017, WordPress Hosting and Customer Support

Bytemark Reviews Logo
What is Bytemark Web Hosting? Bytemark calls itself the most reliable cloud hosting service provider in the United Kingdom and it certainly seems to have the chops to back up that claim. The company was established in 2002 and has achieved ISO 27001 accreditation, a tremendous feat for such a young company. Bytemark distinguishes itself from other competition hosting service providers...
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