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SiteGround Logo SmallVisit SiteGround  Read Review

1. SiteGround – $3.95/month     Rated 5 stars100%

SiteGround offers compelling hosting packages for webmasters. It offers a wide array of services with shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting services and actively managed plans with integrated WordPress management. SiteGround offers many compelling advantages for small businesses or a newbie who are not looking to be overwhelmed by the huge responsibility of taking care of a large website server. SiteGround’s customer service is quite accommodating and supportive, a huge bonus for new or inexperienced users.

HostGator LogoVisit HostGator  Read Review

2. HostGator – $3.95/month       Rated 4.5 stars90%

HostGator has shown how determination pays offers, from a startup by a student with just three servers to a leader in the industry. Many people trusted HostGator and with their domains which speak volume of this web host. Over the years, they’ve been able to avoid many teething problems that are commonly associated with companies embarking on an aggressive growth path. HostGator is affordable, fast, reliable, stable and trusted.

Bluehost Logo

Visit Bluehost  Read Review

3. Bluehost – $3.49/month       Rated 4.5 stars90%

Bluehost is one of the best choices out there for those who need a variety of hosting options and scalability. With Bluehost, there is also a way to register a domain without going someplace else. Bluehost is an excellent web hosting company, and this is a company to keep on your “short list” of the hosting service provider.

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