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Malaysia Hosting Comparison: Web Hosting vs. Domain

Web Hosting vs Domain Malaysia
What is the difference between web hosting vs. domain name? This is the most common question of every new website owner. If you are one of them that you don't know the distinctions between these two terms, then you have got to read this post. In this post, we will be clearing up all your confusion in terms of the...

Malaysia Hosting Comparison: Web Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting

web hosting vs wordpress hosting malaysia
Nowadays, WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. About more than 30 percent of the active websites all around the world are run by WordPress. It is because of the ease of use and the user-friendliness of this CMS. Another main reason is that WordPress is free of cots. And, you will get thousands...

Malaysia Hosting Comparison: Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting

free web hosting vs paid
Do you need to buy a hosting account? Or are free hosting services available out there? For your information, both paid and free web hosting are available. However, what is the difference between free and paid web hosting? In this post, we will be giving a quick rundown of the dissimilarities between paid and free website hosting for Malaysia...

How To Change Malaysia Web Hosting And Keep Domain Name

change web hosting keep domain name
There are many ways you can change web hosting by keeping the same domain name. But, not all of the methods are easy to follow and beginner-friendly. As a result, we will be describing one of the simplest ways you can do that in this post. And that is to use the website transfer system from your new web...

How To Choose A Web Hosting Service in Malaysia?

How To Choose A Web Hosting Service in Malaysia
Are you looking for a hosting service for your Malaysian websites? Then you have come to the right place. Because in this post, we will be going through the process of choosing a web hosting in Malaysia in a detailed manner. There are a plethora of web hosting services available in Malaysia. You can pick one of those. Otherwise, you...

5 Best Malaysia Hive Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2022

best malaysia hive web hosting alternatives
Technological innovation has its perks and importance but sometimes they are not successful or just not the right solution for you to have the upgrade. Cloud Web hosting is one such innovation that is not able to meet the set goals successfully and you might need to consider alternatives if you are currently hosting your website with a cloud-based...

5 Best Malaysia Cloudflare Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2022

best malaysia cloudflare web hosting alternatives
Cloudflare is a web-based virtual hosting service that is getting very popular in Singapore, Malaysia, and other parts of the world due to optimal security offered by then. They are offering some of the top features that make them one of the best web hosting services with top features and speed. They are a complete package for speed, security, and...

5 Best Malaysia Web Hosting For Blogs Review 2022

best malaysia web hosting for blogs
Blogging is growing all over the world for individuals and organizations to generate more traffic towards their website. It is not only a great source of revenue for those bloggers but also educates most of the people and is considered to be one of the largest going industry in not only Malaysia but all over the world. When you talk...

5 Best Malaysia Maxis Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2022

best malaysia maxis web hosting alternatives
Maxis telecommunications is one of the top solutions for most businesses and home users as they are providing a lot of features and services including Mobile service, Fixed phone services, Digital and Managed solutions along with some interactive services such as web hosting. They are a cloud-based setup that is offering you multiple options including cloud-based or physical web hosting...

5 Best Malaysia Zymic Web Hosting Alternatives Review 2022

best malaysia zymic web hosting alternatives
A web hosting service allows an individual or an association to be able to host websites. It is a type of internet hosting service and enables a website to be accessed by the World Wide Web (WWW). The association or company providing such services to the public is called as a web host. There are tons of web hosting companies...
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