10 Best PrestaShop Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top PrestaShop Hosting Companies)

Best PrestaShop Hosting & Best Hosting for PrestaShop

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Best PrestaShop Hosting & Best Hosting for PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a free online open source web application that can be used for e-commerce. As a web application, PrestaShop is highly customized with several options that allow for different payments mode.

Driven with the aim of providing the best online shopping experience for customers across the globe, PrestaShop is available in different languages thus making transactions accessible to those countries and their local communities as well. Published under the Open Source License, PrestaShop uses a PHP programming language and is currently used to facilitate e-commerce by over 250, 000 stores across nations of the globe.


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The Uniqueness of PrestaShop

PrestaShop being a globally used software for e-commerce activities has over 300 inbuilt features that help in facilitating its products listing, payment options, manufacturers and suppliers identities, and movements of products altogether.

In order to enhance the user experience, PrestaShop is well designed and structured in such a way as to allow users the opportunity of personalizing their store themes to suit their tastes and constantly modify these themes as they desire.

The changing and modifications of these themes only changes the design layout of the PrestaShop website, but those not in any way affect its content. Developers are also given opportunities to sell personalized themes to merchants who desire them through the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace platform.

By giving these developers an opportunity to sell themes to merchants, and through strategic partnerships with other e-commerce platforms, PrestaShop is able to generate revenues to facilitate the effective and continuous working of the company.

Another uniqueness PrestaShop platform offers its users, is the ability to create their own product catalog. With the wide range of tools and options available on PrestaShop, users are able to easily build a catalog for their products. This catalog can accommodate millions of products categories and arrange them in a very easy way that makes them readily available and easily accessible.

With PrestaShop, merchants are able to customize their shopping. This is because PrestaShop offers its users various payment option and gateways that accepts payments through all major credits and debits cards and electronic wallet. Aside from the numerous payment options, PrestaShop offers merchants a unique shipping experience that offers a discount on logistics as well.

In a world where technological advancement has mobilized everything, the mobile experience seems to be the most valued. PrestaShop not negligent of this technological advancement provides mobile commerce which allows merchants relate closely with their customers regardless of where they are.

With a mobile device, merchants and customers are still able to enjoy the uniqueness of PrestaShop as it has been well designed to provide a mobile-friendly experience. Users are able to manage their online store from anywhere they are; find products and services; add them to the cart, and make payments using their mobile phones.

Starting out PrestaShop was not all smooth sailing, as it was faced with some challenges. However, PrestaShop has made it through those challenges to be a leading open source e-commerce software available in over 65 languages across various nations of the globe.

PrestaShop is not just easy to use; it is very responsive and accommodates the desire of its users. Most important, the PrestaShop software is free to use. PrestaShop has a premium support plan that provides extra help to users who aim at working independently, and PrestaShop forum that allows users support themselves and interact with themselves through a system of asking and answering questions on the forum. For merchants and users alike looking to run stores, PrestaShop open source software is the best and easy solution available to you. Don’t forget it is free!

Tips To Consider When Choosing Web Hosting For PrestaShop 

You’re probably a beginner that’s searching for a web hosting company that will do the job and do it well, especially if you want to run an app that will attract positive customer reviews. Here are some tips that will be useful to you in choosing the best web hosting company for your PrestaShop application.


Precisely, this tip should be observed with utmost importance. In our age and time, slow app connection is no connection. Speed, particularly relating to load times, is very important. Numerous researches have shown that most customers expect apps to load within seconds. 40% of users will abandon an app if it takes too long to load.

You don’t want the shame that’s associated with people abandoning your app even before they’ve seen the products you have to offer. This is where your web hosting provider comes into play. They are a key determinant of your app’s load speed. It is important to pick a hosting firm that’s recognized and pay well for their services if you pay credence to speed.


This is also as important as the first tip. Its importance cannot be overemphasized, especially since you are operating an e-commerce app. Of course, you’ll receive payments for your products online, making it extremely important for you to prioritize security. A private SSL will help improve customers’ confidence in your site. They help to protect credit card information as well as user login IDs and passwords.

Customer Service

In technology, things are supposed to work constantly. If you own a website or app, then you’ll want your web hosting company to be available at all times in case of any eventuality that may arise from customer usage. This is a reason why you should consider a web hosting company that pays special attention to customer service so that they’ll be there 24/7/365 with quick response times to guide you through issues that may arise. You should look out for companies with good rating and dependable customer service.

Server Reliability

Having a reliable web host that operates at all times around the clock is very important, especially since you expect your visitors to come from different time zones around the world. You need a web host that will remain stable, especially in terms of their servers and network connections.

Having a reliable web host that operates at all times around the clock is very important, especially since you expect your visitors to come from different time zones around the world. You need a web host that will remain stable, especially in terms of their servers and network connections.

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10 Best PrestaShop Hosting Reviews and the Top PrestaShop Hosting Companies

Choosing the Best PrestaShop Hosting

Following this tips when selecting web hosting for any prestaShop application will guarantee that you are picking only the best, so that application gets positive reviews in the long run.

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