Top 10 Philippines Web Hosting

Last Updated - September 1, 2018
Philippines Web Hosting

Philippines Web Hosting

Do you know that local web hosting companies in the Philippines make up almost 75 percent of the total web hosting business in the country? A bit shocking right? Philippines hosting has now become an integral part of the web hosting scenario in the continent. But why do people prefer the local web hosting companies instead of the big international names providing web hosting services? Let us find out.

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Local Philippines Web Hosting Over International. Why?

There are many web hosting companies operational in the Philippines, and almost three-fourth of the business is taken up by the local ones. The reason behind that is the sheer convenience of service. While it is acceptable that the local web hosting providers in the Philippines charges much more than the international companies, there are certain benefits that the customers derive from their services which make them more sought after than the international ones.

These aspects that the local Philippines hosting provides make the charged amount quite reasonable and their services worth the money.

1. The personal touch: Whenever any hosting issue arises in the website, what they have to do is contact the web hosting provider for their help. In the case of International web hosting companies, the personnel gets in touch with you via email or telephone conversation. The communication link at times becomes unreliable and very inconvenient for the customers.

With local web hosting companies, the customer care services becomes much more personal. Sometimes you even can have personnel over to your office and solve the issues regarding web hosting.

2. Performance boost: In the case of small and medium businesses having a local web hosting company host their website, it is proven to be more beneficial than the international hosts in terms of performance especially speed. If you measure in terms of loading speed, a local hosted website seems to load faster for audience in the country. This occurs because the customers or the visitors of the website will be physically nearer to the server or data centers of the local Philippines hosting companies. This is a plus from the company’s point of view for the repeated customers availing their services because of the faster loading speed and better performance.

3. Quick response and support: When you avail hosting services from local the web hosting companies, normally you will enjoy quicker response times. You will have to wait much lesser compared to that of the international companies for your problem to be addressed. Moreover, local companies are fluent and perverse to the local language spoken by the local customers. More convenience for the customers to communicate without any language barrier.

The Top 10 of Philippines Hosting

The top 10 Philippines web hosting companies in the Philippines who have contributed a huge margin in developing a steady and reliable market for web hosting in the country is described below.

1. iManila


A leading web hosting company in the Philippines, iManila was founded in 1996 and since then have garnered a solid reputation for themselves as an efficient and reliable web hosting provider in the country. The fact that they have over 20 years of experience backing their profile goes a long way in building the impactful reputation they have in Philippines hosting.

The history goes that the Deluria brothers along with Jacques Dimanche back in 1996 founded the company with just a small capital of Php 60,000. The fact that the company is now being regarded as one of the best web hosting company of the country goes to say a lot about the work ethic and dedication of the founders and the associated workers.

In the year 2005, they have been certified ISO 9001:2000. They provide both shared and dedicated hosting solutions for their customers and boost off a spectacular 99.5 percent uptime.

On top of that, they have a proficient customer service backing their customers 24×7. They also provide SSL certificate services and WordPress hosting to their customers. iManila even have CodeGuard powered regular backup facility which ensures the security of your websites. Every service offered by iManila comes with a very convenient price tag.

2. Zoom


Known particularly for their reliable hosting services, Zoom is one of the popular companies providing web hosting services in the Philippines. Customers associated with Zoom hosting can have the platform of real cloud SSD hosting in exchange for prices of traditional shared or VPS hosting.

Very few hosting companies in the Philippines offer such fantastic prices to the customers and that is what make Zoom a very popular web hosting provider in the country.

They have CloudLinux powered servers and boast off a 100 percent cloud uptime as well. Websites with Zoom are also very well protected with modern security systems guarding their servers.



As simple as its name, simply provides the finest web hosting solutions in the country and is being highly regarded as one of the top 5 companies providing web hosting solutions since their market inception back in 2006. specializes in providing web hosting solutions to large corporate business as well as small and medium businesses. Their business hosting plan provides 10 GB disk space along with unlimited bandwidth allocation and unlimited domain hosting for a fee of Php 4000. 

4. dotPH


Another fast growing company providing web hosting services in the Philippines. dotPH has a lot on offer for their prospective clients. Specializing in more than providing web hosting services such domain related services and SSL certificate services, dotPH stands out among their contemporaries on the sheer power of their efficient services and affordable pricing.

They also provide excellent customer support which is recognized for fast responses and efficient performances. Innovativeness in their web hosting plans and reliability of their services makes them stand out from the other web hosting companies in the Philippines.

5. PhilWeb 


They have many lucrative offers which are bound to attract more customers and enhance their business in the country. They provide 1 GB disk space with bandwidth allocation of 10 GB along with cPanel support for just a small amount of 50 Php per month.

With 100 Php per month, the Disk space and premium bandwidth becomes unlimited. Besides, they are also known for providing domain related services and many other works.

6. Pangalan


Nobody likes to browse a website that is slow. Pangalan takes this fact into account and provides one of the fastest web hosting services available in the country. With unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email addresses at only 242.50 Php per month, Pangalan has raised the bar a notch higher for their competitors and has gained a lot of loyal customers in the past few years.

Japan’s eminent domain registrar had expanded in the Philippines by the name Pangalan and they have succeeded in delivering the same quality of their services to the people of the Philippines. Whether it is about domain related services or website hosting, Pangalan performed well and hence has remained in the top 10 for some time now.

7. goManilaHost


When it comes to offering the customers a lot of goodies, there are few hosting companies in the Philippines that can match up with goManilaHost. They provide money back guarantee of 30 days, keep your websites secure by providing weekly and even daily backups, and they have an uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent.

Their customer services are operating 24×7 and help to solve any hosting concern regarding your websites. Their basic starter pack provides 100 GB bandwidth, 1 GB hard disk space and powered by cPanel. By providing efficient web hosting services with affordable rates, goManilaHost has acquired quite a strong customer base and has been appearing on top 10 list of Philippines hosting.

8. MSWEB Network

MSWeb Network

This company claims to provide the latest technology in cloud and web hosting services at affordable rates. They started their business in 1998, and with the 18 years of experience in this field, they manage to provide top quality hosting services.

They provide a wide range of hosting solutions that include VPS, shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. They are also efficient in providing SSL for your website and also in domain related works. Their packages are classified into four categories: silver, gold, platinum and unlimited. 

9. JollyWorks


They have started involving in the Philippines hosting industry since 2008. JollyWorks makes a place for itself in the top 10 list. They have proved their mettle in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and affordable pricing and currently stand at number 9 in the top 10 list.

With only $1 or 50 Php per month, they provide 15 GB disk space and 150 GB bandwidth along with the free domain name of your choice. They also support VPS and WordPress hosting which starts at a minimum rate of $5 per month.

10. DomainWink


The last name on this list but certainly not the least one is DomainWink. They have got a cheesy name but don’t fool yourself into thinking that their services are the same.

Through professionals in their jobs, DomainWink promises to provide the complete web hosting services at surprisingly convenient prices. Their 1 GB Hard disk starter package starts at 560 Php annually.

Besides, they have plans customized for every hosting requirement. They even accept PayPal and bank deposits. With 99.99 percent network uptime and a 24×7 customer care service, DomainWink is clearly aiming to climb up the ladder as soon as possible.


Every Philippines organization wants its business to be prominently visible on the Internet. In order to achieve this, they search for the right hosting partner. Choosing the correct web hosting company for your business is of utter importance and the list that I have provided only goes to show the depth and potential of the Philippines hosting industry.

Each of the Philippines web hosting companies mentioned above is worth your money but it is up to you to correctly decide on the company that suits your web hosting needs perfectly. Do not tend to go for the one with cheaper rates just because they are cheaply available. Judge each company on the basis of the services they provide, understand your website’s requirement and then make a well-thought decision.