Top 10 Belarus Web Hosting Reviews 2019 – Best Hosting in Belarus

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Belarus Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Belarus

Belarus Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Belarus

Are you launching a new site or moving to another host? There are several factors to keep in mind if you are searching for a web hosting provider in Belarus.

What is the purpose of your website?

If it’s a personal portal, free hosting will suffice but a business site will require a more advanced platform. Study your options.

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Customer service is crucial because technical glitches and downtime can affect accessibility. For example, email support should be fast and 24/7. Read client reviews and compare features as well as services. This is the best way to start.

Top 10 Belarus Web Hosting Companies

Look at these 10 web hosting companies in Belarus:


IPServerOne Homepage is acknowledged as the biggest technical admin and registrar of .BY & .BEL (National Domain Zones). It is the only global domain registrar in Belarus accredited by ICANN since 2012.

The company offers cloud solutions and serves over 60% of websites in this country. has a new and free service for website building that does not require assistance from programmers and designers. There are no hidden fees or unwanted ads to worry about in the process.

2. Active

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ActiveCloud supplies cloud solutions, Internet Technology infrastructure, and hosting for more than 50,000 clients from the Commonwealth of the Independent States and Eastern Europe. It is under Softline Group, a global provider of IT services in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

The company’s IaaS leases variable virtual computing resources including disk space, processors, and RAM for developing cloud infrastructure just like physical hardware. Plans are appropriate for small apps and websites or distributed info systems requiring adaptable scaling and load-balancing.

3. HB.BY

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HB.BY hosts websites (VPS or Virtual Dedicated Servers) situated in Minsk physical servers at the RUE This provider employs modern equipment and licensed software. Client websites and servers are accessed through ByFly free connection for guests.

For domain registration, customers can choose from 150 domain zones; free email from Yandex or; 24/7 domain activation; and, WHO-IS service DNS server management. HB.BY offers three packages for SSL certificates.

4. Besthost

IPServerOne Homepage

BestHost is under the host-provider club called CIS HostObzor and official partner of DirectAdmin JBMS Software, a software firm based in Canada and ISP System CJSC. It utilized JELASTIC, an automated cloud platform that hosts PHP and JAVA apps.

This system allows the straightforward creation of web environments and run apps without using server settings. Instant vertical/horizontal scaling of apps facilitates the use of minimal server resources translating to cost-efficiency. BestHost opts for Open VZ VDS or VPS servers for hosting.



Loginby uses UNIX hosting (cPanel) and VDS (QEMU/KVM technology). This platform refers to the Kernel-based Virtual Machines capable of maximizing virtual server capabilities. Each server has a site in RAM, logical disk system, high-speed SSD; and individual network cards.

Users get dedicated server features at an affordable price. Loginby is among the few web hosts in Belarus that uses Cloud Linux OS. Cloud Linux is said to be more dependable and isolates users from one another. The technology enables monitoring load on users’ websites in real-time.


ByCenter hosts Belarus websites using MySQL and PHP as well as CMS (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Host CMS, Mod X, and others. With ByCenter, clients can look forward to a secure data facility in Minsk as well as high-speed SSDs.

It offers a seven-day period of free test hosting that may be extended upon customer’s request. The company provides free domain names in during the entire hosting service. Clients get a 20 percent price cut for SSL and domain names when they order hosting services.


SUPPORT.BY focuses on infrastructure solutions for corporate organizations through data centers both in Belarus and Germany. It makes use of Bitrix24, a technology that manages corporate information, operation, and sales.

This platform comes available in Box and Cloud versions. SUPPORT.BY chose UNIX hosting and virtual hosting running under Atomic Secured Linux. ASL ensures protection against various threats and exposure such as DDoS, malicious software and codes, and many others.



West Hoster started its operations in 2009 for Belarus specifically individual mail servers of small and medium companies. The company’s basic services consist of shared and mail hosting; Bitrix hosting; QuadShop hosting; hosting backups; WordPress; DNS; and, Limited VPS.

The software is fully customized and works well with the Quad Customer Relationship Management. Users have quick access because servers are located in Belarus. Inventories are guaranteed for all accounts.


TrueBy provides virtual hosting and domain registration in (.BEL, .BY, .COM, .NET, AND .ORG). The company has been offering VPS and VDS in Belarus for the mast nine years.

TrueBy hosting ensures premium quality and cost-effective hosting on Super Micro and industrial grade equipment. It ensures higher uptime for business websites and accessibility to users. Processors include Intel Xeon E52620 and E5620 (2.4 GHz/Turbo Boost 2.6 GHz).

10. Extmedia


EXTMedia has been in the hosting business for 17 years. Its Winter Hosting platform offers SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt; hosting control panel; day to day backup; testing period for two weeks; advanced technical support; and, detailed visit statistics.

Backup servers can store or keep copies on the same or external servers. EXTMedia conducts real-time and synchronized verification of several domains. Users can file domain registration without answering online questionnaires. It edits DNS and controls expiry dates with a user-friendly interface.

Choosing the Best Belarus Web Hosting Service

You need to determine the limitations of free hosting offered by Belarus hosting providers. Websites on free hosting normally contain ads that cannot be taken away. These advertisements are irritating.

The most important ones are access to File Transfer Protocol, WordPress, cPanel, analytics, and integration of blogs. Make sure the hosting firm allows clients to configure their email addresses with domain names they register.

Customer support is valuable but the package will cost you more. Look at costs of the package as well but do not compromise performance for prices.