4 Ways To Fix Craigslist Ad Not Showing Up

craigslist ad not showing up
craigslist ad not showing up

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Craiglist is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. It is basically a classified Ad service that allows users to place ads and the interested buyers can contact the sellers directly and decide upon mutual terms to make it all work for them.

Craiglist is highly popular all over the world and that would make it the right choice if you are looking to buy or sell something as you will get better exposure and more outreach for anything that you are looking to sell.

Craiglist allows you to sell anything that doesn’t go against the local laws of the vicinity you are in.

Craiglist is free to be used for both buyers and sellers, however, you can also feature your Ads as sellers by paying a nominal fee and that is going to get you a considerable increase for the exposure and outreach on your Ad post that you are looking to place for the sale of any item.

Placing an Ad on Craiglist is pretty simple and the website has one of the most easy-to-use interfaces and is right for most uses. However, if you are unable to see the Ad you have posted on Craiglist, here are a few things that you will need to do.

How to Fix Craigslist Ad Not Showing Up?

1. Wait a bit

It generally takes some time for your Ad to go through the checks according to website policies and be listed on the Craiglist. Usually, it takes around 15-20 minutes for your Ad to go live on the website, but it can go longer as well.

So, before you start panicking and take some measures in distress such as posting the Ad again, you will need to ensure that you are waiting for at least an hour for your Ad to be listed on the Craiglist.

After an hour, you can refresh the tab that you have listed your Ad on and the Ad you have posted on Craiglist will start showing up.

2. Clear Cache/cookies

Another thing that you will need to be careful about is to ensure that you are clearing out the cache/cookies on your browser and refresh the tab you are on once.

This will help you ensure that if there are any errors being caused due to the problem with cache/cookies, you can get it cleared out and after you have cleared the cache/cookies, you will be able to see the Ad that you have posted on Craiglist.

3. Change Browser

If clearing out the cache/cookies has not worked for you, you will need to make sure that you are changing your browser and try looking up the Ad that you have posted on some other browser.

That is going to help you out most of the time and the Ad will be available to be seen on the other browser. This problem is mostly caused by the browsers as they tend to download and use the saved versions of websites in order to save time and it might take them a bit of time to load the refreshed version of the website.

Especially with the websites such as Craiglist having millions of Ads posted each minute, it would be better for you to try changing your browser once and that will help you out perfectly.

4. Contact Support

Craigslist has a huge traffic impact and millions of Ads are being posted regularly on the website all across the world. That makes it hard for Craiglist to filter and keep a track of all the Ads according to the policies of the website.

There is certain Artificial Intelligence software on the Craiglist as well, that allows websites to keep track and filter out such Ads that don’t fit the policies of the website.

If you don’t see the Ad on your website even after all the above troubleshooting, there might be a possibility that your Ad can be flagged as Spam and it might have discarded by craigslist’s software.

So, you will need to contact the support department and ask them if that is the case. They will be able to help you out perfectly in diagnosing what happened to the Ad and for what reason it might have been discarded. After that, you can fix the issue to make it work for you.