Free Hong Kong Web Hosting: 2 Choices and Is It Good Enough?

free web hosting Hong Kong
free web hosting Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is not only part of China but it is the hub of technological growth as well. With so much going on in the technological world, Hong Kong has become one of the largest suppliers for online marketplaces as well and there is a lot more to it.

All that calls for the need of better web hosting solutions and you will be able to enjoy the perfect experience if you choose the right web hosting services provider for you.

There are also some free web hosting services providers that might sound alluring and too good to be true, and here are a few things that you need to know about these.


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Cons of Free Web Hosting

A free website hosting solution sounds pretty tempting and you might start thinking about it, but it is not as good as it sounds like. To start with that, you might don’t have the choice to choose your domain (If you use their subdomain), or migrate your own domain to their hosting servers for having the free website hosting.

In addition to that, you might have to deal with a lot of ads from the hosting services providers that will actually be generating the revenue for them from your website and you will still indirectly be paying for the website that you are hosting with them in Hong Kong.

In addition to all that, these free web hosting solutions might include some limitations in the fine print as processing and storage doesn’t come cheap, especially when you are in Hong Kong.

You might have to face bandwidth and storage restrictions on these free web hosting services that will totally ruin the experience for you and you will end up looking for some better web hosting service in Hong Kong that might be paid, but you can use it hassle-free for the needs that you might have.

Paid Web Hosting Services in Hong Kong

There is an abundance of web hosting services in Hong Kong to consider that are charging a nominal fee and providing a lot of value for that.

These services would be the best thing for you to choose from if you are on a budget and don’t want to go for those free web hosting solutions for your website in Hong Kong. A few such paid services are:


a2hosting free web hosting hong is hands down the best service for hosting solutions that I have used so far. They got servers all over the world that would ensure you to have a premium level of hosting services for all sorts of needs that you can have.

They got a dedicated server and data center located in Singapore to support the needs for Asian market and that would make it just the right choice for you to consider for all sorts of web hosting needs that you might have for your website in Hong Kong. is also offering free SSL registration along with 99.9% uptime guarantee and more. To save the bucks for you, you can customize the packages as well and choose the services only that you are going to need for your web hosting.

That would make one of the most affordable and efficient web hosting solution that you can possibly choose from in Hong Kong.


hostgator free web hosting hong is one of the US based premium web hosting services provider that is known all over the world for its stability, efficiency and affordability. You get to enjoy the perfect edge of speed, along with the security so that you can enjoy the right experience with the

The hosting services are paid, but it is going to be worth each penny that you are going to pay for it. You get to pay nominal costs for some of the most premium web hosting services in Hong Kong with

3) is the right thing for you to enjoy if you are looking for a cost-efficient web hosting solution. is a US based website, but they have their servers all across the world, that is going to ensure you to have the perfect web hosting experience in Hong Kong as well.

You also get the free SSL Certification, and a better support service, so paying the nominal fee for would be worth the efforts. is the right service for you that will only charge you a fraction compared to other hosting services providers and enjoying the premium level of hosting.


hostingspeed free web hosting hong is a hosting service that has servers located in Hong Kong and they are offering the best possible speed and experience for all sorts of needs one might have. They are one of the oldest hosting services providers in Hong Kong and that allows you to make sure to get the best level of services.

They are offering a variety of services with WordPress Hosting, DIY website builder, and all that will help you out in making sure that you are getting the best value for the nominal fee that you are paying for them.

Free Hong Kong Web Hosting

There are also some free hosting services that you can consider for the needs that you might have, and if you don’t want to spend for the hosting services. A few such hosting services are:


hostinger free web hosting hong is the best thing for you to have if you want to get affordable web hosting services for the needs you might have.

They are offering a lot in terms of value with hosting solutions for Online stores, website builder and more. You also get to enjoy the better hosting and email service at a nominal price and have the best experience in Hong Kong.


webhost free web hosting hong is the truly free web hosting solution that has no ads either and you will get to enjoy the most stable experience with them in Hong Kong.

They are offering you limited resources such as bandwidth and disk space, so it might not be good for a professional level of the website, but you can use it for trial basis pretty easily in Hong Kong and you will be able to ensure that you get a web hosting experience with them for free.