Free South Africa Web Hosting: 2 Choices and Is It Good Enough?

free web hosting south africa
free web hosting south africa

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South Africa is one of the growing markets for all sorts of new businesses. That has opened a whole new world of possibilities for the businesses to grow, especially when it comes to tech.

Not only that, but for those who want to move forward with their products being sold or marketed online. You definitely need a website in South Africa for that, and a website needs the right hosting services to perform in the manner that you expect them to.

If you are looking for some web hosting services to be used in South Africa, you get both paid and free web hosting options. You do need to conduct through research, on the best fit for you, and a few things that you need to know are:

Cons of using Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is not free of cons and you might have to face several different problems with the free web hosting if you use that.

Needless to say that some of these websites will push you to buy other services from them if you are using the free hosting services such as SSL or the Domain registration and there are hefty domain transfer fees on such websites in South Africa as well and you will end up paying more than you would actually have in the first place.

Moving forward, such services will also be lacking in the performance.

Most of the times, you don’t get many options or features on such free hosting services and that will be causing you problems in the longer run. Not only that, but you will also lose the liberty of choosing the preferred hosting server that you normally get on the paid hosting websites.

The support options are also limited, and that means you will be stuck with the problems and your website without being up if you choose to go with any such free hosting service in South Africa.

Paid Web Hosting

There are multiple paid web hosting services that perform extraordinary in South Africa and you can choose from any of them that might fit your needs best. A few such hosting services that you must know about are:


a2hosting free web hosting south is simply the world’s best web hosting service provider. They are offering tons of different options for you to choose from, that will make the whole experience a lot more exciting and better for you. gets you the perfect edge of performance, speed and stability in a single place and you will not have to worry about a thing. Their performance is flawless in South Africa as well, thanks to their servers and data centers located all over the world.

You will never have to worry about the affordability as they are offering multiple packages and you can choose from what suits your needs best. These packages are pretty great if compared with some other hosting services provider of the same caliber.

With, you also get to enjoy some additional perks like WordPress hosting services, free SSL certification and domain registration for a year so that you don’t have to worry about a single thing and you can have the right flawless experience in South Africa with web hosting that you are looking for.


hostgator free web hosting south is a US based hosting services provider that is known for their stability, affordability and performance. is offering their services all across the world, and that is going to help you out in making sure that you have the right edge of a perfect hosting service in South Africa. allows you to get free SSL certification, easy WordPress installations and a lot more so that you can enjoy the service perfectly. Their packages are pretty affordable and certainly worth paying for if you want to enjoy the right web hosting service in South Africa.


bluehost free web hosting south is another US based hosting services provider that is offering all such services that you might need to make it work for your Web Hosting in South Africa.

You get to enjoy easy, step-by-step setup for your web hosting service and that will ensure that you don’t have to spend a lot on getting the website setup. This will make the perfect choice for your web hosting needs in South Africa.


afrihost free web hosting south is basically a South African ISP and mobile carrier with lots of other services as well. Their exceptionally fast and secure servers and data centers allow them to offer a wide range of other services and products as well that you can use to enjoy the right performance, security and speed for your website hosting.

In addition to having all these premium perks on their web hosting, and the fact that they are located in South Africa, you don’t have to spend a fortune for their services and you will be enjoying affordability as well.

Free South Africa Web Hosting

If you still want to try out some free web hosting services in South Africa, you get a few options for that as well. Some notable options that you can consider in South Africa are:


hostinger free web hosting south is one of the largest used web hosting service that is marketed as almost free. Their plans start from less than $2/month and you can enjoy a better and stable web hosting with them.

But it will still cost you some bucks and you will have to pay for the SSL and domain registration separately as well. However, their speed and performance are relatively better and that will help you to enjoy the right experience in South Africa.


000webhost free web hosting south is another free web hosting service that is offering a plan that is entirely free. That plan might sound too good to be true, but if you read the fine print, you will have to face certain limitations on the storage and bandwidth that can ruin the experience for you in the longer run.

Not only that, but you will also have to compromise on the support as support is available within office hours only, and that might not be the right option for you to choose in South Africa for hosting your website.