Payoneer vs Paxum- The Better Option?

payoneer vs paxum
payoneer vs paxum

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With the growth of E-Commerce, freelancing, and other virtually provided services, the traditional methods used as a medium of exchange might not be that good.

They are also not convenient to use at a smaller scale and that is why, most people tend to look out for alternatives to traditional payment methods such as banks or wire transfers to ensure that they are getting the right edge of services and convenience of receiving, sending and withdrawing the funds without much hassle.

Payoneer and Paxum are two such service providers that are famous all across the world for their financial services and it makes it easier for people to use their services.

Payoneer and Paxum both are best at what they do with certain differences among them. They basically tend to make cross-border payments a lot easier for you and you will be able to enjoy International business transactions in a much more convenient manner.

A few things that you must know about both of them if you are looking to compare them both, or you want to decide what service you need to choose and would be better for you are:

Payoneer vs Paxum


The first and foremost thing to know about Payoneer is an American-based financial services company that is offering a wide range of services including online payment transfers, digital payment services, and working capital.

Not only that, but you will also be enjoying much more including a stable banking app, access to debit cards, and much more. Payoneer is in the business since 2005 and that extensive experience allows you to enjoy the right speed and payment transactions that you can possibly expect from them.

Payoneer is not only highly secure and efficient, but it is also super-fast for all sorts of payments that you will have to transfer or withdraw. This makes Payoneer one of the most used mediums for cross-border transactions and you will be enjoying the best edge of transactions and payments through it.

Most of the banks and other financial institutions all over the world accept Payoneer and collaborate with them, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Payoneer is one of the most used mediums for small-level international transactions. It makes them the right choice for paying or to get paid internationally for goods, services, or any other type of transaction that you might want to make without a single worry or hassle.

Yet, the prices on withdrawals and transfers for Payoneer might be a little higher than the bank transfers or other payment mediums.

But the outreach and fast transaction speed make it a worthy choice for all such services and they also got an exceptional support service that will help you out perfectly with all sorts of issues that might occur, although they are pretty scarce and you will not have to come across them frequently.


Paxum is another such service that you get to enjoy if you are looking for some international medium to transfer the funds a lot faster. While PayPal is one of the best services, it might not be accepted as widely, and that is where Paxum and Payoneer come to action.

Paxum has been in business for a relatively lesser time than Payoneer, but with only 5 years of experience at their hands, they have managed to gain a huge user base and are providing a wide range of financial services for all sorts of transactions pretty easily.

Not only that, but they are also offering the debit card to their account holders so they can use it conveniently to withdraw the funds conveniently at most of the ATMs out there.

Paxum is considered widely because their charges for transfers and withdrawal are comparatively lesser than the Payoneer. It is the right choice to get the job done if you are looking to deal with smaller payments and don’t want to afford the higher fees that are from Payoneer transactions and withdrawals.

Yet, you will have to be careful about the issues and errors as well, because there are multiple problems that you might have to face on the Paxum as well. They are solved proactively, but you might have to wait a little longer to get them sorted out for you.