Strato vs 1UND1- Better Hosting Service For Germany?

strato vs 1und1 Germany
strato vs 1und1 Germany

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We are seeing a massive increase and growth in Germany over the past few years when it comes to the tech industry. There is not only some huge development in terms of learning and educational aspects, but we are also seeing some huge infrastructural development with new opportunities emerging and allowing you to get better services when it comes to the tech needs you might have. Websites are growing in numbers and magnitude as well and that creates a huge scope for all the different sorts of hosting services as well. It goes without saying that you are going to need the hosting services as well in Germany to ensure that you are making your website work in the right manner.

Strato and 1Und1 are two major hosting services providers based in Germany. Their servers and data centers are installed and operated locally as well that allows you to have the best possible hosting experience in Germany without getting into much trouble. These two are the top hosting services provider in Germany and you should definitely be considering them for any sorts of web hosting needs that you might have. A few key differences that you need to understand between them both if you want to make the right decision according to your needs are:

Strato vs 1UND1 For Hosting In Germany:


Strato is one of the biggest hosting services providers in Germany that is really huge and they are offering the best possible web hosting services in Germany. You get to enjoy a wide range of additional services with them as well including Domain registration, professional email, Website hosting, Server, and more so that there are no such problems with looking for multiple services providers and opting for each service separately. Strato has multiple servers and data centers based locally in Germany that will help you to get the perfect speed and performance for all the different sorts of websites that you might have.

You also get to enjoy WordPress Hosting from them that would make the whole web development experience a whole lot fun for you and will certainly save you a lot of bucks there. You can also get some cool business solutions from Strato when it comes to the hosting needs and on top of that, they are also offering cloud storage to help you with all the different sorts of needs that you might have for your cloud storage, dedicated server or web hosting needs. They are also offering a number of pricing plans that you can opt for to enhance the affordability for you as well. This way, you can be certain that you are paying only for the services that you require and will be using without putting any dent on your wallet. You also get to have the best possible support from their team that is available round the clock to assist you with any problems that you might have to face with your hosting or the website.


1UND1 is basically the German alternative for 1&1 and they are one of the major mobile carriers in Germany. Not only they are exceptionally good with the mobile coverage and premium quality of the network, but they are also offering DSL internet with Wi-Fi and that makes them one of the best networking services providers in Germany. To top it all, you also get to enjoy the right access to tons of smartphones, laptops, and other devices from them and pay for them as the service plans you are subscribed to continues and you don’t have to pay hefty amounts upfront.

Moving forward, they are also offering domain registration and web hosting services on their data centers and servers located all across the country and that makes you certain to get the best possible speed, performance, and security on their state-of-the-art services. There are not multiple types of hosting services when compared to Strato. However, they are offering a number of additional services such as SSL certification and more at affordable prices and that will help you with an overall smooth experience. To sum it up, if you are looking for a trouble-free hosting solution with no extensive needs, then 1UND1 would be the best choice to go for.