Top 10 Algeria Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Algeria

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Algeria Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Algeria

Algeria Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Algeria

Algeria has been open to the internet since 2004 and it was only until then that the internet penetration rate started increasing. Today, the nation’s internet penetration stands at 48% of the entire population.

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Of course, it is a welcome development due to the increase in the number of players in the ICT sector of the economy. From internet service providers to Web hosting companies and even computer hardware manufacturers and dealers. This post seeks to examine the invisible hands behind the websites; the web hosts. And a few of these will be examined.

Top 10 Algeria Web Hosting Companies

1. Ayrade


An Algerian web host company, specializing in hosting websites and applications. The company has data centers in both Algeria and France, and can therefore promise its client maximum up time.

The company is relatively young and has interest in web and application development, it also provides quality and high end dedicated servers to organizations that request for it.

Ayrade also supports cloud hosting and has about 1000 clients who they cater for actively. The company allows for transfer of domain and promises no data loss during transfer.

2. Octenium


Octenium is an Algerian company with interest in IT, this interest spans web hosting, email hosting and also creation of websites and mobile applications. Octenium offers its web hosting services across four different annual pricing systems that are industry competitive and assures clients of value for their cash.

Websites hosted by Octenium are set to enjoy great uptime, reasonable bandwidth, guaranteed security, free weekly backup and technical support across all plans. Interested websites owners or organizations can also apply for dedicated servers from Octenium. In all the company is one that has boundless potentials.

3. Smartsolutions

Smartsolutions is an indigenous Algerian web hosting company, it is a network that possess international collaborators in England and Spain. It also offers cutting edge, industry standard prices that will ensure that clients do not have to break the bank to use its services.

Due to its international affiliation, smartsolutions can guarantee a high uptime for all its client, regardless of the plan the client is subscribed to. It’s customer care is laudable while the company also offers quick installation of website scripts as a value-added service for its client.

4. Sahmtech


This Algerian web host offers four hosting plan, each unique in its distinct way and yet sharing some common denominators. The reseller pack can accommodate up to 25 customers at a go, sahmtech also provides technical support for its clients round the clock.

The company equally offers a free SSL certificate for all websites hosted on the platform regardless of the plan type. While it promises scalability, improved security and a mouthwatering up time, sahmtech relies on its team of experienced staff to get all websites up to speed.

5. Localhost


Listing several high profiles Algerian website as being hosted by the company, websites like the Algerian ministry of exports and fair and the Constantine University as its client. The company has been operational since August 2005, giving it 13 years of experience.

It is trusted for its reliability, flexibility of payment and its money back guarantee. Localhost offers 5 plans that covers all categories of web hosting, with all plans having a 30 days money back guarantee. As a pioneer in the Algerian web hosting sector, it is poised to remain on top of its game.

6. Edisoft


Founded in 2011, its specialty includes website designing, app design and website hosting and manages online projects. Its website hosting arm has executed several projects that includes UPEV official website, NILPERMO website.

It offers plans ranging from individual to resellers plan each with its individual capability and constraints, while each of the plan promises 24/7 technical support for clients. There is also support for transferred domain. Edisoft provides unlimited traffic across all plans, allowing all visitors to enjoy the best out of the site.

7. Webservices


Whether you are looking to host a website, an email server or just a blog, offers this service and even more. It is concerned with seeing small businesses reach their full capacity particularly online. It is in line with this that the company has packaged its web hosting plans into four distinct categories.

With each of the plans sporting ease of access and a technical support crew that keeps up round the clock. The simplicity of website hosting on brings professionalism to even the most ill-built website.

8. Supdesk


Founded in 2009, supdesk is an Algerian IT company with interest in web hosting, web security and web development. Its nine years of experience puts the company in pole position to handle project of various sizes, and execute same with precision.

With powerful servers that are sure to stay functional round the clock, a maximum uptime is guaranteed for all website hosted by the company. Technical support available on the website include Live chat and phone calls giving clients a broad spectrum of options to pick from.

9. Dzhosteur


This is an innovative Algerian web company that offers an array of services including web hosting. Dzhosteur brings server stability and maximum storage space to every web hosting plan purchased on its platform. It equally accepts a wide range of payment portal, giving clients freedom and flexibility while getting their business done.

It also incorporates one-click install of several website scripts including WordPress, Joomla and CMS. With dzhosteurs web hosting, your will have a great website building experience.

10. Open-kernel


Open-kernel is an engineering and consulting firm with its headquarters in Algeria, while it lists a number of prolific websites as its clients including the Algerian ministry of finance, the Algerian space parastatal and several other booming establishment, the host company prides itself on the ability to listen to clients and tailor reality to their expectations.

Packing its solutions into three distinct categories, open-kernel users are poised to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, there is also a high degree of security and stability to be enjoyed by users of this host company.

Choosing the Best Algeria Web Hosting Service

With all these fantastic website hosting companies in Algeria and with the relative growth that there is room for in the Algerian internet space, it will only make sense to work with these indigenous companies.

Rather than outsource your website hosting to a foreign company, you can choose to get it hosted by any of the company listed and get the fantastic offers they bring to the table. Get your website hosted today by an Algerian company, give your website speed and stability while receiving technical support all the way.