Top 9 Andorra Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Andorra

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Andorra Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Andorra

Andorra Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Andorra

Andorra is an European country, although it is not a member of the EU and as such EU regulations do not apply in the country. The country has only one Internet Service Provider; the federal controlled andorratelecom. It is such a relief then that the monopoly does not also apply to web hosting, since it does to radio, TV and the telephone.

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As at 2007 there were a total of 58,900 people who had access to the internet and in the year following it the number of website hosts in the country ballooned to 23,368. Here is a critical review of the website hosts in Andorra.

Top 9 Andorra Web Hosting Companies

1. Andorratelecom


Andorratelecom is the leading website host in Andorra, offering cloud storage and hosting for websites in Andorra. This gives website owners the exclusive opportunity to move website across different hosting plans and even to another server entirely.

Allowing for continuity of business even on a different host, there are also a number of solutions for website owners. This include Cloud pool, which allows for all programs and applications to be hosted live on cloud. Cloud hybrid allows for physical servers coupled with cloud storage. Andorratelecom continues to stay on top of Andorra hosting industry.

2. Andornetcloud


Andornetcloud is an Andorran company that specializes in providing web hosting solutions for both private individuals and corporate organizations. The hosting plans are across three categories allowing anyone to find the plan that suits their website the most.

It upscales available database as plans increases in price. It also has support panels for all major plug-ins, including WordPress, Joomla and PHP allowing your website run seamlessly and at the speed of light. Marshalling the strength of dedicated servers, adornetcloud can reliably provide a 99% uptime ensuring that your website is always online and accessible to users round the clock regardless of the traffic.

3. MYP


Like other website hosts, myp allows you choose flexibly between hosting your website on a shared server or on a dedicated server depending on your website needs. It offers four distinct hosting plans, each entirely different from the other in terms of function and components.

The company started in 2011 and has since then has gone on to prove itself as an indigenous company that can be trusted to provide maximum uptime for every website hosted on its platform. The company’s other interests include web development and sales of IT products.

4. HostingAndorra


HostingAndorra is another Andorran hosting company that is forthcoming about the entire package that comes with your hosting plan. From the hardware of the server that will host your website to the space that your website will use while being hosted on the site.

Dedicated servers that the company provides are capable of running at high speed that will definitely allow your website run at a fantastic rate. The host company provides a 30 days’ money back guarantee that ensures you get your cash back if unsatisfied by the hosting service provided.



Tecob is a company that hosts websites in Andorra, with close to a decade of experience tecob boasts of high security for websites hosted on the platform. It allows for domain registration and provides cutting-edge technical support for all client.

The company offers daily backup for all websites hosted in case of a technical issue. While it promises maximum uptime for all websites, it also employs a routine security check on all its servers to ensure compliance with industry requirements.

6. Zetahosting


With four different hosting plans, Zetahosting is an industry compliant web hosting company that is based in Andorra but supports websites from other continents. It lists over 750 websites as its client and deploys fully integrated customer support as part of its package.

All hosting packages on Zetahosting come with the quick installation of important software and plug-ins to make your website even faster. Zetahosting guarantees 99.9% uptime and provides free migration across platforms without loss of data. Zetahosting also gives access to an easy control dashboard where you can walk around details of your hosting contract with the company.

7. Neothek


Neothek is an Andorran web hosting company established in 2004, it has 3 plans which allows website owners pick the plan that works best for them. A uniqueness of the hosting company is its flexibility of payment; it gives clients the opportunity to pay for its services using any of its six accredited platforms, including PayPal and MasterCard.

The website supports Softaculous which allows for installation of several software’s and plug-ins that will ensure your site runs at a fantastic speed. Neothek also supports PHP, Joomla and a number of other CMS plug-in’s.

8. My247webhosting

IPServerOne Homepage

This company has an interactive website that any potential client will sure love. With years of experience on its side the company is poised to give websites in Andorra the fastest speed they will ever get. With servers located in Andorra, the company’s aims to host fast-loading, optimized websites that everyone will enjoy using.

With eight unique hosting plan in place ranging from individual to reseller, the company offers technical support for all websites hosted too. The company claims to invest in server hardware’s that prevents traffic overload.

9. Allactionhost


If there is an award for the website with the most detailed website, this company deserves it. Truth is, they have more than earned it. On the company’s website is listed all of their services and what each entails.

Having been around for about 5 years, this web host knows what it takes to get clients and definitely understands how to keep them too. It offers industry-standard packages and a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services offered by the host.

Choosing the Best Andorra Web Hosting Service

With the number of quality website hosts present in Andorra, it will be injustice to say that the country is not doing enough to leverage on the opportunities that abound on the internet. While it is unfortunate that the country still run a monopolistic approach to the internet service providing industry, there are still a number of ways to walk around that.

It is, however, heartwarming that there are a good number of Website hosts that can house your website and give it the best look and feel that It deserves. Why not try out one of them today. You sure won’t regret it.