Top 10 Armenia Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Armenia

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Armenia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Armenia

Armenia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Armenia

The economy of Armenia is steadily growing and it’s GDP increased by 7.5% in the year 2017. The growth and development of the economy and the access of internet services has lead to the rise of numerous website development and hosting companies.

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Today websites have become extremely important to the success of your business but the success of your website is completely dependent on the website hosting company.

Selecting a website hosting company out of the many can be confusing sometimes, but to ease your confusion outlined below is the list of few good and quality website hosting companies in Armenia.

Top 10 Armenia Web Hosting Companies


IPServerOne Homepage

Web LLC was established in the year 1996 and since then they are providing Internet Access services in Armenia. Over a period of few years, Web LLC started providing services like domain registration, server co-location, email hosting, shared and dedicated hosting, virtual private server and lots more.

Web LLC owns an ultra-modern data center which is located in Yerevan and boasts of features like high-speed internet, 24×7 technical support, redundant power supply, air conditioning, data backup and lots more.

2. Hay Host

IPServerOne Homepage

Hay Host is a sub-brand of Prolaytilab LLC which has years of experience providing various IT services. Hay Host is a registered domain registrar in Armenia with more than 3000 plus registered domains and 3000 plus customers.

Hay Host also provides website hosting services which comprise of shared hosting, virtual private servers, serviced servers etc. Hay Host servers allow easy installation of applications like WooCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop and lots more. Hay Host also has a team of dedicated professionals which provides 24/7 customer support.

3. Reg

IPServerOne Homepage has been providing varieties of IT and Web related services in Armenia. The services provided by them comprises of domain name registration, website hosting, emails, SSL certificates, Whois, and others.

The data center owned by is located in the UK and all the servers owned by them are sourced from reputed and branded company like Intel. All the servers are equipped with Intel Xeon Hex Core CPU for better performance and Raid 10 hard drives which ensure data protection.

4. HC

IPServerOne Homepage was incorporated in the year 2011 and since its inception, they have been providing services like web design, website hosting, domain registration etc. offers various types of website hosting service which includes renting of the virtual private server, dedicated server, free website hosting for Armenian Projects, reseller hosting and lots more. places all your data on powerful and foolproof servers sourced from branded companies. also performs daily data backup and have a technical support team ready to help you with your queries

5. Netsys

IPServerOne Homepage

Netsys is a result of the American-Armenian joint venture with a major aim of providing the full range of internet services. Netsys has been offering services like internet connection via broadband and dial-up, WiMax links, email services, complete website hosting solutions, domain registration and lots more.

Netsys owns ultra-modern hardware and software which ensures reliability, security and high performance. The servers are made from hardware which is procured from top brands. Their server room is made as per the international standards and has features like high-speed internet, redundant power supply and backup, 24/7 monitoring and lots more.

6. Ucom

IPServerOne Homepage

Ucom started its business operations in Armenia in 2009 with an aim of providing services like fixed internet and phone services, mobile services, fixed telephony, website hosting and others. The website hosting services offered by Ucom comprises of shared hosting, cloud computing, and server co-location.

The shared hosting supports technologies like Apache/NGINX, MySQL database server, PHP etc. Ucom Cloud service allows the users to create their own server and choose the configuration like the number of CPU cores, CPU Mhz, RAM memory, disk space etc.

7. Dolphin

IPServerOne Homepage

Dolphin LTD is a CISCO registered partner and started its business operations in Armenia from 1999. The major business of Dolphin LTD was assembling of computers, wholesale/retail of components, accessories, office supplies and lots more.

Over a period of time, Dolphin LTD started providing Internet services like domain registration and website hosting. Dolphin LTD is one of the 5 .am domain registrars from Armenia. Dolphin LTD provides website hosting based on UNIX and Windows Server which are modern and as per international standards.

8. Hosting

IPServerOne Homepage is a brand of Dolphin LTD who started its business operations in Armenia since 1999. Dolphin started providing domain registration and website hosting services from 2004 in Armenia and in 2006 Dolphin LTD got accredited with ISO 9001:2000. has been offering website hosting services based on UNIX and Windows operating system. The UNIX servers support Apache, PHP 5.2.5, javascript, multimedia support, CGI+Pearl etc whereas the Windows server supports ASP,, PHP, CGI, Pearl, MYSQL, MS access etc.

9. SiteGround

IPServerOne Homepage

SiteGround was a brainchild of few university students and it got established in the year 2004 with a major aim of providing website hosting services in Armenia and other parts of the world.

SiteGround offers various website hosting services like cloud hosting, dedicated servers, VPS, shared hosting, enterprise hosting, reseller hosting and lots more. SiteGround has ultra-modern server/data rooms which are located in places like USA, Amsterdam, and London. SiteGround offers 24/7 monitoring and security services to all their data rooms.

10. HostGator

IPServerOne Homepage

Brent Oxley founded Hostgator in a dorm room in Florida and since then there’s no looking back for the company as it has become one of the most reputed companies in the world offering website hosting services.

Hostgator has been providing web hosting services like dedicated hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, server rental, virtual private servers etc in many places around the world including Armenia. Hostgator is headquartered in the USA and has several offices round the clock.

Choosing the Best Armenia Web Hosting Service

Armenia has got lots of room for development for the IT sector. There is a huge market for website design, development and hosting companies in Armenia, due to which there are many companies offering such professional services. Website hosting is the pillar for the success of the website and therefore selecting the right website hosting company is extremely essential.