Top 10 Belgium Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Belgium

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Belgium Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Belgium

Belgium Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Belgium

In today’s digital and competitive world, it has become a must to have a great website that is performance-centric and enticing to woo the focus of the customer. Quick load time and easy operations can gain businesses huge profits and at the same time, if not taken care at the time, these two aspects can kill an entirely online entity. The performance of a website widely depends upon web hosting service the website utilizes.

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Every business has options to choose a web hosting service provider - one can either collaborate with a local web hosting provider or choose an international web hosting service provider. In the case of local Belgium web hosting service provider, there are many advantages and contrary to this, hiring a web hosting service from overseas has its own shortcoming.

As per the experts, a connecting with a local Belgium web hosting service provider is great for businesses looking for online growth if your customers are within the Belgium. 


A locally hosted website performs 3 times faster than a website that is hosted by an international web hosting client. The locally hosted website has a local server connectivity which makes transferring as well as receiving information easier & faster.


A local web hosting service provider can offer you best rates and discount. The reason for this is less cost of technology to support the entire setup. Also as both the web hosting service provider and the company operate in the same economy they understand the needs and wants of each other.

Contribution to the economy:

When you work in association with a local Belgium web hosting service provider you contribute to the local economy which further enhances the business and the industrial reforms, offering you industrial gains.

Legal & tax benefits:

Every country offers a chance for its entrepreneurs to grow and flourish. This includes many levels and benefits, both the parties (the company and the web hosting service provider) equally enjoy these benefits. However, once you start working with web hosting companies overseas, you are no more eligible to enjoy these benefits.

Data security laws:

Different countries have different data security laws. Once you connect with an international player, the rules might become tougher to understand and adhere to. Locally operated Belgium web hosting experts follow domestic rules which are made according to the local industries.

Top 10 Belgium Web Hosting Companies

Moreover, the web hosting industry in Belgium is growing at its best speed. It is the right time to profiteer as the market is in its ripest stage and will bloom shortly. Here are some companies worth a review:

1. Combell


Combell is a reputed web hosting expert in Belgium offering quality services for long. They are the masters of Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Joomla and other e-commerce platforms. They provide 24/7 support to their customers and are claimed as the best web hosting service providers in the region.

They offer different domain names at different prices but all the prices are quite affordable for the local players. They also provide free removal service and are reliable in terms of assistance. The services they provide include domain name registration, email hosting, web hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, Drupal Hosting, WordPress Hosting, SSL Certificates, Magento Hosting, Database Hosting, etc.

2. Nucleus


Nucleus claims them as the most reliable and always available web hosting expert. They offer maximum uptime and charge nominally for their efforts. With qualitative infrastructure and years of experience, they offer bespoke services to their clients.

They have 3+ data centers that help them manage, secure and best services for their clients. They also offer ebooks, customer cases, and a number of blogs to help their clients understand the system and its workflow. They are the best cloud services providers in Belgium that also excels in hosting, business continuity, Uptime services, Hosting solutions and more.

3. Easyhost


EasyHost, as the name suggests, are an Easy and affordable companion for all your web hosting needs. They provide a number of services including domain names, hosting, email, SSL certificates and more. Catering to all individuals to enterprises, the company offers customized services and top-notch quality to all its customers.

Years of experience and hands-on knowledge has made them a pro in the field that understands the unique needs of its customers. The company market themselves as a budget web hosting company that offers affordable web hosting packages. They specialize in domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, Sitebuilder, email, Cloud Hosting, and more.

4. Register

Register-Homepage is one of the oldest web hosting company in Belgium. It started its operations in 1999 and is catering its customers with excellence since then. They are the experts in developing applications on internet infrastructure. Their area of expertise includes domain names, servers, web hosting services, cloud services and more.

They have their own internet infrastructure which makes them self-dependent and leader of the industry. At present, the company manages 251,372 domain names and counting. Their clients include SMEs & private customers. With the dedicated team of professionals, the company has catered some reputed names including SONY, Bridgestone, Omega Pharma and more.

5. Clubvps


Founded in 1999, Club VPS is one of the leading web hosting company in Belgium. With state of art infrastructure and computing systems, they have excelled in providing web hosting services that are bespoke match to the customer’s requirement.

They are the market leaders in offering services like cloud infrastructure services (IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service) based on Cloud Servers (aka. VPS, Virtual Machine or Instance), Virtual Private Cloud, Hard Disk Storage, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Firewall and other products and services. They are renowned as a one-stop destination for all web hosting related requirements in the market.

6. Webcare360


Web Care 360 started its operations in 2009 and since then it has catered a number of customers with their reliable and world-class services. They are a company that strongly believes in privacy and thus offers highly secured and privacy-oriented services to its customers.

With features like great network, stable & secure services, 24/7 customer support, a high-performance website with top uptime, great pricing and privacy settings, they have created a great mark in the virtual industry. The company is a professional service provider for services like web hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, domain names registration, domain name transfers and more.

7. Kinamo


Kinamo is a 100% Belgium company that started its operation in the year 2003. It was earlier named as First-served NV, which was a conventional web hosting company in Belgium. The company is a pro at offering a variety of web hosting company that makes them stand out from the crowd.

With a dedicated team of professionals, they offer quality service to their client through their infrastructure that is madeinBrussel. Kinamo came into existence in 2013 but the team behind the name has its roots deep in the industry.They are the best service provider for Web hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, SSL Certificates, Cloud services and more.

8. Rubberduck

Rubberduck-Homepage is a renowned name in the web hosting industry of Belgium. They have been on the market for quite some time and thus understand the requirements of the customers to the core. With pears of experience and hands-on knowledge, the company has claimed the top ranking in the list of best web hosting service providers in Belgium.

Masters of dedicated servers, they also provide services related to web hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, domain names registration, domain name transfers and more. Affordable and reliable, the company caters to individuals as well as companies.

9. Openminds


Specializing in offering personalized web hosting services Open Minds, as the name suggests, is a broad-minded web hosting company in Belgium, They have been in the industry for years and are one of the most reliable companies in the country.

They have a dedicated team of professionals that work towards the company goal to provide their customers with excellent services that bypass the market standards. They are the leading web hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, domain names registration, domain name transfers service providers that excel in their work and customer services.

10. WSD Hosting


WSD Software and hosting company was founded in 2003 and is one of the leading web hosting and software development company in Belgium. They develop remarkable websites and offer first-grade web hosting services to their clients including small enterprises, individuals,and big companies.

They started from making websites and other web development services but later developed as a web hosting company that today is the first choice for most of the online businesses. Their service portfolio includes many services such as web hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, domain names registration, domain name transfers and more.

Choosing the Best Belgium Web Hosting Service

Hiring a web hosting provider is a must and hiring a local web hosting service provider is also a great choice if your target audience is within the region. There are a number of benefits that a business can enjoy with a local web hosting expert including lower price, competitiveness, high performance, tax benefits, easy data security laws and more.

The above-mentioned companies are the top leading web hosting services providers in Belgium that are known to be experts in their field besides being reliable. Choose the best service provider in Belgium and boost your business to gain profitability.