10 Best Dolphin Pro Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top Dolphin Pro Hosting Companies)

Best Dolphin Pro Hosting & Best Hosting for Dolphin Pro

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Best Dolphin Pro Hosting & Best Hosting for Dolphin Pro

Dolphin Pro (previously known as aeDating prior to its acquisition by BoonEx in 2005) was developed by BoonEx Pty Ltd and was initially released in 2006, although the stable release was not till March of this year.

It is a software platform that utilizes PHP software language while employing a MySQL database. It features the public copyright license CC-BY, thus allowing users to build, share or use the social networking software platform. Thus users can build social network platforms that revolve around niches, organizations or common goals and interests while enjoying full personalization, customizable design, and permissions.

Dolphin Pro is the world’s popular social network social networking software platform. This is no mere boast. Dolphin Pro services over 300,000 web communities ranging from internet dating communities to other forms of social network.

It is a quality social network management system, which is a breath of fresh air in a generally stale social networking space.

It also features a very flexible module system, thus providing users with a very wide range of features.

This article serves as an introduction to Dolphin Pro: the features and benefits of this social networking software platform.


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Features of Dolphin Pro

It is Open Source

With this social networking software platform, Open Source is not a pipe dream: Open Source is Open Source. The Dolphin Pro source code is open, thus anyone can change or modify it to suit his/her taste. The customization and personalization of Dolphin Pro social networking software platform are arguably unrivaled in the world of social networking software. It can be designed and rewritten to be whatever you want it to be, from financial social network type systems to matchmaking sites between busy parents and their babysitters.

Easy to use

Many first time users of Dolphin Pro social networking software platform have wondered, with genuine reasons for concern, if Dolphin Pro is easy to use for folks who are not tech savvy or developers. This question is valid in view of the complexities involved with other social networking software platforms. However, with Dolphin Pro social networking platform, anyone can manage using it.

Dolphin Pro does not just tout itself to be “easy to use” simply as a marketing campaign, rather, it is indeed easy to use. In fact, the most difficult part of using this social networking software platform is probably for the first time installation. When you hit this snag (if you do) there is the option of using a hosting provider to solve the problem: either via pre-installing or auto-installing Dolphin Pro for you.

You do not require developing skills or knowledge to effectively use DolphinPro social networking software platform

Loads of features

Apart from being Open source and the ease of usage, Dolphin Pro comes equipped with a boat-load of great features and tools. The potential for expansion of your social network using Dolphin Pro is virtually limitless. There are so many builders and modules that are available for use. The modules and tools have been developed providing great quality and ensuring you stay at the top of your game. Extensions are easy to create and there are so many plug-ins available on the market.

Some of the modules available include:

  • Page Access Control
  • Chat
  • Photos
  • Articles
  • Profile Customizer
  • Blog
  • Ads
  • Polls
  • Avatar
  • Profiler
  • Payments

The above modules are just some of the numerous modules available by default. This social networking software platform is loaded with video chat, recorder, video player, forums, groups, events, video messenger, Android and IOS apps and other more features.

Customer support

Dolphin Pro realizes that despite best efforts, there will arise technical issues albeit rarely. With this in mind, there is customer support, forums, discussion boards and other means of assisting you to overcome whatever issues that might arise.

Dolphin Pro is one of the best social network software platforms right now. A sleek design, ease of usage and a load of features are just some of what should make this platform worth your while.

Tips on Choosing Web Hosting for Dolphin Pro Application

Dolphin Pro being a social networking website software platform written in PHP programming language with a cross-platform operating system requires careful consideration when choosing a web hosting for its application. Regardless of what marketing strategy or Search Engine Optimization knowledge that is being possessed, without a good web hosting service, all of these can be jeopardized. This is why it is very necessary to know how to choose a great web hosting for Dolphin Pro application. Let’s run through some tips that can be of help.

Security is Vital

The virtual world is filled with several cyber-attacks daily breaking into firewalls. Dolphin Pro being a social networking software stands a higher chance of being exposed to these hacks, malware threats, and cyber-attacks more, and as such a secured hosting is needed. This is why it is necessary to look out for a web host that allows for encryption between the user and the web host server thus protecting customer’s information from the menace of hackers.

Understand the Technical Features of the Web Host

The needs of the website being created should determine the technical features you look out for in a web hosting services. However, for the Dolphin Pro application, it is essential to look into the storage and RAM of the web hosting. A web host with high storage is usually best.

Looking out for the RAM of the web host is also very important as it determines the speed and effectiveness of activities carried out on the website. Other technical features to look out for includes the bandwidth [this determines the number of people who can visit the site]; domain and email features; uptime rates and reliability [professionals put the best uptime rate at 95% minimum].

Steady Backup and Customer Support

The strength or otherwise of the backup system of a web hosting affect its security. This is most important in the case of loss of information on your site either due to a malware or cyber attack. When this happens, a steady back up system allows you retrieve information easily and keep your site active once again. Closely related to a regular backup system is an effective 24/7 customer support. A good web hosting service should have customer support that can be reached by either phone calls, emails or text messages whenever users need help.

All these factors are not necessarily all the factors to be considered when choosing the best web hosting service for the Dolphin Pro application, but they form the major tips to guide users. The effectiveness of the web host goes a long way in determining the success of the Dolphin Pro application. As such be sure to choose the best web hosting service for Dolphin Pro.

10 Best Dolphin Pro Hosting Reviews and the Top Dolphin Pro Hosting Companies

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