10 Best e107 Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top e107 Hosting Companies)

Best e107 Hosting & Best Hosting for e107

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Best e107 Hosting & Best Hosting for e107

e107 is a PHP-based content management system that is completely customizable. e107 offers a platform where you can build powerful websites and manage them using a flexible, powerful and intuitive administration panel.

e107 have dedicated team members and developers that work relentlessly to improve and manage the software. Also, the continuous development of the e107 themes and plugins lets you modify the e107 install easily.

What makes e107 unique?

The time-tested open-source CMS software is powered by MySQL and PHP. Furthermore, the content management system let you build, modify, and delete the contents of your website without any technical knowledge like Javascript, HTML, and other coding languages.

If you host the e107 software on your website, it comes with all that you need for your user-friendly and interactive website to function effectively. While the e107 CMS is great for simple websites, it is also strong enough for intranets and complex corporate websites.


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Benefits of using e107

  • Fast

The admin interface of e107 allows for copying, modifying, or deleting several records at once. Also, you can check your chosen records and carry out different actions on the records with just click.

  • User management

With e107, you can manage registration, build different user groups and allocate privileges to them.

  • Advertising banners

Through e107’s administration interface, you can modify the banners for your visitors to see. Also, you can set the time frame to display the banners.

  • Language management

With e107, you can create multilingual websites.

  • Content creation

Just like every other Content Management System, e107 let you create menus and pages with WYSIWYG or BBCode type editor. Also, you can build customized contents in accordance with the user’s group. By doing this, users of various groups can view the website in a unique way.

  • Integrated search engine

e107 has a built-in search engine that allows you to find information quickly.

  • File management

With e107, authorized users can download and upload files from the website. Furthermore, e107 has a file management system that will help you to manage the space of your website.

  • Communication between users

e107 provides registered users and administrators (people who run the website) with the tools for easy communication.

  • Extensions

It is maintained by developers that offer help in different forums. The community enhances the practicality of e107 via the creation of graphic themes and plugins to modify the site.

The two categories of e107’s extensions are

  • Themes

Themes are used to modify the website’s graphics. Also, they are made with PHP and CSS files which make it effortless for the administrator to modify the website’s layout with just a single click.

  • Plugin

Plugins are elements that add to the performance of the website. The plugins are set up via the plugin manager. When installing e107, there are embedded plugins that let you carry out different functions including an Events calendar, Forum, Content, management, Chatbox, Sitemap management, Data integrity check, Statistics, User management, and Publication of surveys.

Features of e107

  • Time Friendly
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 Ready
  • Backwards Compatible
  • Multimedia Friendly
  • Easy to Customize
  • Developer Ready
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Creation of Metadata like keywords and Meta description
  • Easy to install and use
  • User Management
  • Built-in Pages, Blogs, Navigation, and Forum
  • Menu, plugin, and theme Manager
  • Easy template and Shortcodes System
  • Custom Fields
  • Caching
  • Responsive design
  • User Registration by social login or email
  • User classes and groups
  • User Comments, ranks, and polls
  • Private messaging and so much more

Tips on choosing web hosting for e107 application

While e107 is an Open source Content Management System, you will need a reliable and hosting. There are several web hosting solution available, nonetheless, here are helpful tips on choosing a web hosting service.

  • PCI compliance

When selecting a web hosting service for e107, choose a server that is PCI compliant and performs configuration changes upon request. Also, the web host must meet the following requirements:

  • Protect the Data of cardholders
  • Have a Secure Network
  • The web host must maintain a Management Program
  • Executes powerful Access Control Measures
  • Examine and Test Networks regularly

Choose a web host that allows you to Setup your e107 CMS with just one click. Some web host provides flexible hosting service where you can log into your control panel and run checks on your e107 install using one single click. What this means is you will enjoy latest features and a more secure setting.

  • Examine Security Measures

The major concerns of various companies are Cybersecurity. When choosing a web host for e107, examine the host’s security track record and the procedures they have to curb Cyberattacks.

  • Excellent support system

Choose a web host that offers 24 hours technical support. Some web hosts claim to offer 24/7 support, however, they only offer general inquiries. Hence, select a host that offers complete technical support either by online chat, phone or email.

  • Control panel

To manage your server and website effectively, you need a control panel to install and update new software. Also, the control panel let you to add new features, add hosting services and upgrade your account.

Therefore, choose web hosting company that offers a web control panel that offers amazing options and doe not restrict you from performing actions like changing passwords or adding new email accounts.

  • Bandwidth limits

Bandwidth is the amount of data sent from servers to the browsers of your visitors. When a user loads your pages on a smartphone or computer, bandwidth is used up. If your website has big media files, you will definitely need a huge amount of bandwidth. So make sure you look for a web host that offers great bandwidth on smaller web hosting plan and bandwidth allocations on bigger packages.

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