10 Best ExpressionEngine Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top ExpressionEngine Hosting Companies)

Best ExpressionEngine Hosting & Best Hosting for ExpressionEngine

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Best ExpressionEngine Hosting & Best Hosting for ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is a Content Management system that was created by the Ellis lab, the lab is based in bend, Oregon. The lab was founded in 2002 and has since gone on to build four products till date. ExpressionEngine is one of the flagship product of the company alongside Code Igniter and Mojo Motor which has been discontinued.

ExpressionEngine is written in effective PHP and uses MySQL as its storage mechanism. Although ExpressionEngine is a commercial product, it has a free core version stripped of all encumbrances and functionalities, this is offered to the public as entirely free. A website developer or designer who is not so skilled in server-side programming will find ExpressionEngine a fantastic choice of content management system since it does not require this skill.


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As a Content management system, ExpressionEngine has endeared itself to a number of websites, the features it brings to the table cannot be underestimated. This includes:

Inter-platform linkage: If you need a page to be linked to every other page on your website or blog, ExpressionEngine can help you get this done without stressing you at all. Its functionality to create once and publish everywhere is innovative and novel, you can publish your content across different platforms. If you have an app for your business, you can publish on the website as well as on your application all in one go. ExpressionEngine is arguably the only Content management system that allows you to do this. This is proof of the revolutionary system that Ellis lab has put in place through the ExpressionEngine.

Infinitely Extendable: It is only a scientific truth that there is a limit to the effectiveness of even the best machine, this is true in every sense of the word. At Ellis lab, particularly in the making of the ExpressionEngine Content Management System, that scientific phrase is being proven wrong. For a number of years, the CMS has given developers free reign and this has allowed ExpressionEngine to be infinitely expandable. In the words of Ellis lab founder, with the right developers; there is no mountain too high, no valley too wide. The ExpressionEngine add-on architecture allows all problems to be solved in a fully integrated way.

Customizable templates: Need to create a site and you don’t possess any programming skill? No problems, the ExpressionEngine Content Management System has got you in mind. The Customizable templates that the website boasts is capable of giving your website the fantastic and colorful look it deserves. These templates are easy to customize and twerk, rather than having to work around the templates as a designer, these templates are just ready to work for you.

Mobile Friendliness: There are some websites you visit on your laptop and you find a great responsive site but you visit the same site on your mobile phone and you find a website that would not even budge when you push it with your best strength. That may be down to the Content management system used to build the website when you use the ExpressionEngine content management system you are assured of a website that will work across several platforms. It is friendly on mobile, it is fantastic on the computer- that is definitely a website built with ExpressionEngine.

Using the ExpressionEngine Content Management System is guaranteed to give you the very best while you are creating a website. Its fantastic architecture ensures that you have no problem getting what you need where you need it. You will enjoy the ease and professionalism that Express engine brings to the table. When you are building your next website, do due diligence to pick out ExpressionEngine as your Content Management System.

Tips on how to choose a great host for ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is a fantastic Content Management System, no doubt. The efficiency of the system can be affected by the type of web host that you pick to help host your ExpressionEngine website. the following qualifications must be thought through before a web host is picked:

Professional installation: This may not be a priority for you, mind you it matters. It shows that the host company knows their way around ExpressionEngine and they can help you wherever necessary. If you find a host that possess all the qualities you need but does not offer to help you set up your ExpressionEngine installation, the best bet is that the company will suck at technical support.

ExpressionEngine Optimized servers: The reason why some ExpressionEngine-powered websites are slow because it is hosted on a multipurpose server. A company that provides optimized servers for your ExpressionEngine website is a company you should do business with. Not only will your website load faster, it will allow for easier access and zero lag.

Software support: There is technical support, there is software support. There are not so many difference between the two, except that when your website is hosted by a company that practices software support, you will have fewer problems. This is because all scripts, add-on’s and other technical apparatus will run the latest version and you will not have reasons to dig around for additional support.

Daily back up: Ask anyone whose website has ever been hacked, they are the set of people who understand the value of daily back up. It places you on a safer zone than when your files are not backed –up, in case of any eventualities, you can easily restore your back up files. How smooth can administering a website get?

Speed: This is a necessity if you are looking at running a top-notch website. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone wants to take a peek at a website and go on to the next thing on their agenda. So you really don’t want your website not loading as fast as it should be. You may consider committing your website hosting to a company that provides a turbo speed service, that will ensure you get all the speed you need.

Uptime: The fact that we live in a busy world cannot be overemphasized, the truth is most websites have at least two or three competing websites where you can get the same information or service. Although it may come in a different way, the point is- what do you do when a website keeps telling you ‘server not available’ most likely you go on to another site. This is exactly why you must host your website with a company that guarantees the highest of uptimes. An industry standard 99.9% should be the minimum your web host offers.

Cost: Even if you run an online store, your aim is to maximize your profit. A strong requirement for an ideal web host is the cost, while you want top-notch service and a world-class support, you don’t have to break the bank to get it. That is why it is necessary that you read reviews and check out the website of prospective hosts before you decide on which one to go for. Know this- for every host demanding a high fee, there is always another that will offer the same service at a lesser cost.

With these qualifications set in place, you should be able to pick out the perfect web host that will work perfectly for you.

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