10 Best MediaWiki Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top MediaWiki Hosting Companies)

Last Updated - December 2, 2020
Best MediaWiki Hosting & Best Hosting for MediaWiki

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Best MediaWiki Hosting & Best Hosting for MediaWiki

MediaWiki is a free and open source server-based software. The software is licensed under the General Public License (GPL). By its origin, MediaWiki was first developed by Magnus Manske, before it was eventually improved on by Lee Daniel Crocker. It has been designed to run on quite a number of relatively popular websites, including Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Wikimedia.

The software is designed in a way that it can comfortably support the run of large server farm allowing free flow from websites that record millions of hits per day. It has grown to become a leading software in its category, working on a similar licensing and architectural build as WordPress.

Overall, MediaWiki has been localized in over 350 languages and it boasts of a reliability rate that is top notch, with tons of robust features that have earned a large and very active community of third-party users and developers for it.

The software supports an open editing function that allows users to add and edit content on the database of the software, without tampering with the old version, so that if anything goes wrong with the functionality of the new version/design of the software, the administrators could go back to the original unedited version.

Launching your application on a MediaWiki server is certainly not the easiest thing to do, it is, in fact, one of the most technical tasking server to host your app on, although it provides your app with quite a number of features that will keep it running efficiently.

As a starter, who is about to launch a MediaWiki application, you will have to make quite a number of decisions that will determine the quality of the application that you are launching.

Your choice of web host is a major decision that will make or mar the quality and sustainability of your MediaWiki application. Here, a number of tips have been outlined, to help you make the perfect choice of web host for the efficient launch and run of your MediaWiki application.

MediaWiki Hosting

Working on your project with MediaWiki demands that you consider quite a number of things including hosting, installation, and content management.

Much attention needs to be paid to hosting if your MediaWiki project must be top notch and endearing into the hearts of users. Here are a few tips that will guide you to select the best host to support the functionality of your site.


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Fast Server

A large number of hosts may be able to work on any MediaWiki powered website, because of the ease and compatibility that it offers to a variety of SQL database systems, but certainly not all hosts will guarantee speed. Speed is a major reason why you need a host that guarantees to offer you a fast server. Before any host can be called reliable, then it must understand the need for speed in our time and offer a hosting service that is fast enough to beat modern web challenges.

Free Daily Backup

Launching MediaWiki software requires that you manage a large number of data on a daily basis. The data can sometimes get overwhelming for even the most experienced users. You don’t want the shame of having to lose important data and scampering in vain to get them recovered when you want them. A few number of hosts are already inculcating efficient backup features to the web hosting services that they offer, and looking out to get a host that offers daily backup is key to operating a MediaWiki software that supports the management of large data.

Expert 24/7 MediaWiki Support

Hosting a MediaWiki powered website can be technically tasking, requiring very sufficient knowledge to be successful. Before choosing a host, a major factor that you should look out for is how technically savvy the host is and how much support it can guarantee to offer you during the runtime of your MediaWiki site.

Service time should also be a major consideration. A great web host should provide support at all time irrespective of locality and time zone, so that you can call them up when you are experiencing any difficulty in running your site and rest, assured that they will sufficiently handle the problem at all times.

A large number of hosts may support the host of this software, but not all of them will provide the kind of quality service that can keep your wiki site sustained, but these tips should guide you to look in the right place when choosing a host.

A good customer support system can prove to be the life wire of any application. When starting a MediaWiki application, it is recommended that you look out for a web host that guarantees 24 hours customer support. Choosing a web host that guarantees customer support at all times will help to ease the difficulties that are attached to launching and running your application.

Top Notch Security

This has grown to become one of the most important factors to be considered when choosing a web host for any application. In modern times, with the continuous growth of fraudulent activities online, hosts are now learning to inculcate more sophisticated security protocols into their services, so that customers are guaranteed to have an application that will not be easily penetrated by online criminals. Before choosing a web host for your application, they should be able to guarantee you that your application will offer maximum security to users.

Unlimited Traffic

We are living at a time when application owners thrive on traffic generation, and as such, it has become a major feature that great web hosts offer to clients. MediaWiki applications certainly attract traffic and you should consider choosing a web host that will not be overwhelmed by a growing number of traffic, so that when your app traffic begins to grow, you can still be guaranteed of efficient management.


Availability is the technical term for reliability. A great web host must be able to guarantee that your application will be running at all times and not be affected by unnecessary downtime and server errors. The industry standard for availability is at least 99%, but you should aim for a host that will provide at least 99.9% availability if your application must get positive reviews from users.

Although there are quite a number of other tips, the ones outlined here are the most important to help you choose the right web host for your MediaWiki application.

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10 Best MediaWiki Hosting Reviews and the Top MediaWiki Hosting Companies

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