10 Best MyBB Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top MyBB Hosting Companies)

Best MyBB Hosting & Best Hosting for MyBB

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Best MyBB Hosting & Best Hosting for MyBB

MyBB or MyBulletinBoard is a feature-rich and strong forum software solution developed by MyBB Group. Also, MyBB is a free, extensible, intuitive, and extremely powerful software.

Available in several languages, MyBB is written in PHP and supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. Furthermore, the software comes in various versions, including MyBB1.0 and 1.1, MyBB 1.2, MyBB 1.4, MyBB 1.6, MyBB 1.8, and MyBB 2.0.

The applications which cover everything from reputation to warnings, posts to private messages, forums to threads, and search to profiles, MyBB has all you need to manage a captivating and effective community.

Through MyBB themes and plugins, you can as well broaden the functionality of the software to develop your community just the way you want it.

Developers of MyBB have worked tirelessly to offer a user-friendly and efficient forum experience. Furthermore, MyBB’s control panel lets you alter your discussion board’s layout, behavior, structure, and options easily.


The developers of MyBB gives security the greatest priority and they have developed a website (Security Hall of Fame) to detect vulnerabilities.

To ensure the security of MyBB powered forums, the developers currently hosts downloads through GitHub to secure new releases. In 2011, A Forum section for security was launched in order to offer support to those who are victims of an exploit.


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Features of MyBB

  • DBMS Support

MyBB supports MySQL, SQLite (v2 and v3) PostgreSQL database engines.

It also works with database failover, meaning if a particular database fails, the software will load the next database present on the list.

  • Plugins and themes

The plugins for MyBB are written using PHP and it makes use of hooking techniques. Unlike WordPress, MyBB plugins are uploaded through a File Transfer Protocol as you cannot upload from the admin panel without a plugin.

Nonetheless, this is a substantial benefit over the previous extension technique utilized by phpBB where every alteration is basically core file edits.

The MyBB mods website has over 2,400 themes and plugins. Also, several MyBB resource websites like MyBB-Plugins and MyBBCentral also provides paid and exclusive themes and plugins.

  • Administration

MyBB is created and refined extensively so you can control or manage your forum fully.

  • Template Editor

The software has a simple CSS and syntax (highlighting template editor for customizing the style and look of MyBB

  • Private Messaging

MyBB lets you (participate in private interactions with different registered users.

  • Posts, threads, and polls

With MyBB, endless possibilities arise from your forum conversations.

  • Calendars and Events

MyBB has several calendars and each one has their distinct ranged or recurring events by different users.

  • Reputation

MyBB let you give ratings and comments on the posts of MyBB registered users.

  • User Promotions

MyBB encourages users and it depends on the registration date, post count, or reputation.

  • Newsletters and Mass Mail

You can send scheduled or instant messages to users who have registered and match specific criteria.

  • Task Scheduling System

MyBB keeps your forum in an excellent state, while tasks run or function behind the scenes

  • Ease of Use

So many thought and work has been dedicated to making the MyBB interface user-friendly. The platform uses a universal discussion board structure, so visitors can learn how MyBB works. People who visit your forum can make use of the user control panel of MyBB channel to alter how discussions are viewed.

They can start easily, markup post, and reply to discussions on the forum. The moderators and administrators of the forum can employ MyBB’s moderation features and inline editing to manage discussion and maintain a tidy forum.

  • Moderation

The moderation features of MyBB are quite extensive and they are what you will see in a forum application. However, MyBB’s sophistication is delivered in a simple interface that allows for easy moderation.

Performing moderation in MyBB is done inline and you can perform them on different posts or threads. For example, you can select massive threads and move them in the forum or move a single one. What’s more, with MyBB, you can build tools that carry out combinations of different moderation functions present in MyBB.

Tips on choosing a web hosting for MyBB

When managing your forum, it is advisable to choose a fast and reliable MyBB Hosting provider. If your forum is slow, it will frustrate your users, thus, they will search for a more efficient website. So choose a web hosting provider that offers high performance and fast hosting service. Here are tips for choosing a web hosting for your MyBB

  • Web Hosting Experience

Choose a web hosting solution that works hard to enhance service delivery. Also, consider a web host with a lot of experience and is applauded by customers for their security and reliability. Furthermore, when selecting a hosting solution, check if they offer a dedicated and robust disk space for web hosting.

  • Free Transfer

Choose a web hosting solution that offers free transfer services, like moving your files, emails, scripts, domain name, and databases and with little or no downtime.

  • Customer Support

When searching for a web hosting solution, test their customer support service by contacting their customer care support system. If you can find a fast way to get in touch with them through online chats, email, or phone support, excellent! Now test their features before you buy their hosting services.

  • Bandwidth

When choosing a web hosting service, ensure that the web hosting solution you select does prevent you from choosing a particular amount of bandwidth. Some web hosting company will request for extra fees if you want to modify your hosting plan in the near future.

  • Security

Security breaches occur, as a result, make certain that your web hosting company offers Secure Sockets Layer to protect your visitor’s private information. Also, security is a vital feature, it offers safe transactions and it is a feature every web hosting company must have.

Choose a web hosting company that offers prime versions of well-known development software, including, PHP, PostgreSQL 9.6, MySQL 5.6, Python 3.2, 2.7, or 2.6, Apache 2.2, PERL 5.10, FTP / SFTP, SSL and Free SSL

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10 Best MyBB Hosting Reviews and the Top MyBB Hosting Companies

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