10 Best ph7CMS Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top ph7CMS Hosting Companies)

Best ph7CMS Hosting & Best Hosting for ph7CMS

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Best ph7CMS Hosting & Best Hosting for ph7CMS

Starting a Social Dating web app doesn’t necessarily have to be as hectic and resource demanding as some other more complex app creations, especially seeing that the app is generally supposed to be a fun app that supports play and spare time utilization.

Finding the right date and relationship can be quite a serious deal for some people and as such, an app for such purpose should be created with all seriousness and maximum security consciousness. Here, we’ve briefly reviewed one of the leading social dating web app, ph7CMS, introducing the protocol in the simplest way, so that you will understand the basics of it.


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What Is ph7CMS ?

ph7CMS is not just the everyday software, it is a professional and open source PHP social dating builder software that is free and designed for use by social app developers.

As an efficient Social Dating Web Software, the ph7CMS is coded fully in a PHP that is object-oriented with the Model View Controller (MVC). In its characteristics, it is highly secure, resource intensive, and extremely powerful. The software is designed to be based on its homemade pH7 framework which includes over 34 native modules and more than 52 broad packages.

In broad summary, ph7CMS is a social dating script that basically provides you with a perfect ingredient to create a dating web app that’s not just perfect, but endearing and creatively interesting.

Setting Up ph7CMS – Tips For Selecting A Great Web Host

One of the most important decisions anybody will make during the process of setting up a ph7CMS application is Choosing the right web host that will not only be great but enable a smooth running of the app. The so many web hosting providers available is sufficient to leave any newcomer bamboozled while trying to select a web host that’s specifically right for your application. Here are a few tips that can help in the overall process.

Know Your Upgrade Options

Of course as a starter, it is expected that you start small with a shared web hosting, especially since it is cheaper and relatively suit the needs of beginners. However, it is a social Dating app that you’re hosting, and you should expect that app coverage should grow rapidly. As the app begins to grow, you may find yourself in need of a broader bandwidth, email storage, and other resources. This is a more reason why you’ll need to choose a host that promises room for growth.

Research Prices

You are obviously just starting out and do not want to go for a host that will charge what your budget can’t provide for. However, in the process of trying to research prices, it is important to look beyond the start up price that you’re shown.

You should importantly understand that many host services may be offering a promotional price during initial start-up time, to normalize in subsequent months payments. As such, you should be able to look beyond the introductory price and be sure that you can afford the regular rate as well.

Look Out For Quality Customer Support

Customer support is quite an important factor to consider when picking your web host, especially as you may need a bit of hand-holding to get your app on and running. While researching, ensure to look out for the support channels available for each host and their efficiency rate, so that you’ll pick one with enough support to resonate with your need.

Although relatively new, the ph7CMS software supports secured and frictionless hosting of dating and relationship web apps.

ph7CMS is not just the everyday software, it is a professional and open source PHP social dating builder software that is free and designed for use by social app developers.

Security Is Key

Of course, the importance of security when you are choosing a web host for you ph7CMS application or even an application cannot be overemphasized. With the continuous upgrade of scammers and web hackers into more sophisticated methods, it is now very Paramount that you need to make a choice of the web host that guarantees maximum security as this can have serious impact on how much protection the application enjoys. Your choice of web host should be able to guarantee strong firewalls, protection from intrusion, and monitoring that will help against any form of malware.

Good Speed

You don’t want to own an application that will constantly frustrate users with slow loading. Of course, people prefer speed over a lot of things these days, and as such should be offered speed in good volume. Although there are tons of web hosting providers now, you should be careful enough when selecting to pick only a web host that will guarantee good speed for the application.

Statistics show that a big percentage of app users get disgusted with slow loads and even leave bad reviews for such apps. You don’t want the shame that goes with having your app abandoned because of load time, so be sure to pick only web hosts that will guarantee enough speed to keep your ph7CMS application ahead of the app competition.


Providing web hosting services is one thing, ensuring the reliability of the web-hosted is another different thing. As an app marketer, you should understand that web hosts with the high rate of availability are key to guarantee staying power for your app. In other words, they will have to guarantee that your website will stay online without failing due to unnecessary server errors.

For your app to generally be referred to as reliable, then you must essentially pick an app that’s highly reliable. This will help build the trust that users will have for your app.

Constant Technical Support

The technicality of managing a ph7CMS application is quite tasking and can even be overwhelming in some cases. The technicality of some of the problems that may rise up is the reason why your web host that promises 24/7 technical support.

Although setting up a ph7CMS application can be quite challenging, picking just the right web host will definitely help the stress worth the while.

10 Best ph7CMS Hosting Reviews and the Top ph7CMS Hosting Companies

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