10 Best SilverStripe Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top SilverStripe Hosting Companies)

Best SilverStripe Hosting & Best Hosting for SilverStripe

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Best SilverStripe Hosting & Best Hosting for SilverStripe

SilverStripe is an open web content management system. The software is owned and developed by SilverStripe Limited located in NewZealand. The Company came into being in the year 2000. SilverStripe CMS is similar to other open-end CMS applications like WINX, and WYSIWYG. And it offers the developer the opportunity to develop and edit a website easily.

SilverStripe is being used by government agencies, multinationals, start-ups and NGOs. It is free to download and install. Using SilverStripe requires that you have a knowledge of HTML programming language along with how websites work.


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How it works

SilverStripe can be used to build a new website from scratch or used to edit an existing website. You can download a SuperStripe folder from the website. The file extension comes in ‘.exe.’ Format. After downloading, click on the downloaded file and run it. Follow through with the command prompts until it is installed. After download, open the application.

When you open a SilverStripe CMS, the first thing that you will see is the dashboard tab. The Dashboard consists of subtitles like Calendar, Galleries, Your Recent Edits, and News. The dashboard tab consists of shortcuts to the various activities on your site. You can make adjustments to these subfolders, and they’ll reflect on your site.

On the left-hand side of your dashboard is your navigation menu. This consists of a list of folders like Dashboard, Pages, Files, Help.

Pages: This is visible on your navigation menu. By clicking on this, it will allow you to edit any of your pages on your website. When you click on the ‘pages’ tab, it will show you all the pages on your website. You can click on any of the pages and edit them. This list of pages is called a site tree. Some pages always have a subpage in it. Pages that have subpages are represented by a black arrow on the left of the page name on the site tree.

Editing a page is as simple as editing text on MS Word. After editing, click on the save button and your changes will automatically show on your website.

File Tab: File tab allows you to upload files from your local storage directly to your website. These files can be in a variety of formats. SuperStripe allows pdf, JPEG, and a few others.

Help: This is where you can get assistance on issues related to the application.

SilverStripe template

SilverStripe templates have the extension ‘.ss.’ And depending on the version, appear in plain text files. This file extension can be found within your site folder or template directory. Templates are named after the class that they render. Thus, whatever name you name a page or directory is what the template will be called.

Subfolders can be created within the template. Layout folders are within a template file location. And come in the form of attachments.

Software Requirements

Aside from the required knowledge of HTML and web development, using SilverStripe requires that the developer has a web server that’s compatible with the version being installed and also an SQL database (Microsoft SQL). There have been different versions released since the release of SilverStripe 2.0 in 2007. The current version, SilverStripe 3.2 was released in 2015.

SilverStripe CMS is a relatively easy application that any developer can use. Irrespective of his particular level of knowledge on web development and HTML, the developers have been able to make it easy and simple. As newer versions come out, the template and interface will be improved upon in line with latest changes to web development.

Choosing the best web hosting for Sliverstripe is very important to make the best of the SilverStripe platform. This is why it’s very necessary for users and developers to look out for a great web hosting. Here are a few tips to look out for when choosing a great web host for Silverstripe.

Web Host Should Have Essential Features

When looking to host a Silverstripe site, it is necessary to look out for hosts that have essential features that suit the working of the SilverStripe platform. These essential features among others include a reasonable number of monthly visitors, wide memory space, free drag and drop options, site transfer or CMS install, free email accounts, unlimited sub, and parked domains. The quality of these essential features is what differentiates web host from themselves, and what makes a few of them great.

Load Site Fast

The Silverstripe being a multi-faceted platform needs to be hosted by a web host that loads the site very fast. How do you know how a web host loads a site fast? It’s simple. All you need to do is to look at the SSD storage of the web host, the server set-up, and it’s enabled servers. The higher the SSD storage, the faster the ability of the web host to load site faster.

Provide Advance Features For Developers

A great web host is one that provides additional and advanced features that makes it easily accessible to developers. These advanced features may include free SSH and SFTP servers, FTP accounts, staging, multiple PHP versions, and should be able to support other technologies. These advanced features make the site relevant to various users.


SilverStripe site requires a user-friendly web host that allows users easily access it either on their personal computers or their mobile phones. It should provide an option that helps users solve their problems and provide an all day long user support. The web host should be simple, well-structured and still effective.

A great web hosting for Silverstripe is one that has essential features such that can accommodate the working of the SilverStripe platform. It should also be able to load the site fast, prevent downtime, hacks, loss of data and spam of any kind. Most importantly a great web hosting should provide advanced features for developers to familiarize themselves with the site. Providing users desired value is a major aim of the SilverStripe platform, and as such, a great web hosting should be user-friendly.

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10 Best SilverStripe Hosting Reviews and the Top SilverStripe Hosting Companies

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