10 Best Simple Machines Forum Hosting Reviews 2022 (Top SMF Hosting Companies)

Best Simple Machines Forum Hosting & Best Hosting for SMF

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Best Simple Machines Forum Hosting & Best Hosting for SMF

Want to have your own web forum? An online community where people from all over the globe can relate in a relatively neutral and convenient environment? Simple Machines Forum is a free software package that allows you to do just that.

From increasing site engagements to providing customer support options and publishing FAQs, forums are no doubt the best option still employed by corporate organizations and online businesses today.

It is a software which allows the creation of web forums at no cost whatsoever with a custom made template engine which allows you optimal control of your message boards, and with our distinctive SSI (Server Side Includes) your forum and website can be made to relate with each other.


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However, to effectively power these forums and increase its Search Engine Optimization, a great web hosting is required. Simple Machines Forum being a free and open source online application that allows users build communities, bulletin boards and forums without any prior advanced programming skills needs to be hosted by a good web host that will facilitate its effective operation.​

A basic understanding of web hosting is needed to use the Simple Machines Forum optimally. Web hosting is a process where companies provide space on a server on the internet, which is rented or leased out to a customer within an agreed time range. This is usually done for users who cannot afford to own their own server or consider it too tedious to maintain.

It is essential for a forum to have web hosts as the forum itself must be integrated with a server as it will help users and non-users download files from it.

Tips On Choosing The Great Web Hosting For Simple Machines Forum

Now before you run off to choose a web host there are some features you need to consider:

Know which type of hosting you need

Now choosing this will depend on the type of site you want to use it for. For example, using a shared hosting is great for small to medium sites as several customers and websites share basically the same server.

It’s advisable to start with this type mainly to test their services. It is also relatively cheap, has limited storage and performance. You can also go for the VPS (Virtual Private Server) as it is advisable for fast-growing sites.

It’s like a link between dedicated servers and Shared Hosts. VPS users will still share a server, they just have a larger portion of every feature a Shared Host Customer has. Lastly, is the Dedicated Host, this is the best so far. Big sites are advised to use this because of unlimited features and high performance. Customers have complete control over their dedicated server. This means that they can customize it to their taste.​

Determine what type of site you are building

You need to consider what kind of site you are building. This, in turn, determines what type of host plan to choose depending on the features. Its simplicity is useful for bloggers and Forum owners. If you own just a personal forum you should consider a Low Cost–High-Value Host like SiteGround

Find out the resources you require

One important feature to consider when choosing a host is its web hosting storage. You should look out for a host that offers high storage space at affordable prices.

Choosing a web host with sufficient RAM is important because it provides quick processing of stored data similar to the function of a RAM your PC. In web hosting the RAM interacts with your storage drives to accelerate page load and downloads. It should be among the most important features to consider when choosing a host.

Finally, ensure to consider the Bandwidth feature. This will determine how fast a visitor can access your page and your files. Don’t forget to check out the host’s Domain Name Function, Uptime and Reliability as well as Security and Support Function. You don’t want your site down, trust me it can cost you a lot!

Check For Site Builder and Auto Installer

In choosing a great web host for Simple Machines Forum, it’s very important you first look into the site builder system’s effectiveness. This is helpful because a good and secured site builder makes it easy to create a unique website without knowledge of a programming language.

When this is done, it’s important to check the web host for an auto installer. If an auto installer is coming with a web hosting plan, it makes it easier to install applications instead of manually having to carry out basic tasks on the Simple Machine Forum.

Check the Hosting Space and Number of Domains

A great web hosting for an open source application like Simple Machines Forum, will require quite a large space for its effective functioning and to accommodate the numerous activities the Simple Machine Forum carries out on a daily basis.

Closely related to space is the number of domains made available by the web host. For effective hosting of simple machines forum, web hosting requires the presence of multi-domains as well as subdomains. This should be taken into consideration when choosing a web host for the simple machine forum.

Check the Processing Cycle of the Web Host

The processing cycle processes the transformation of data to information. It is designed in such a way as to be able to extract information from raw data. Checking the processing cycle of a web host is a good way to find out the strength or otherwise of such a web host.

An effective processing cycle will bring about the quick and easy use of the website by users as the site easily does the work, while the users see the result.

The benefits of a great web host to any website particularly the Simple Machines Forum cannot be overemphasized. It not only improves search engine optimization, it also determines how many sales the organization or business making use of the simple machine forum can make. This is why choosing the best web hosting is a necessity for the Simple Machine Forum.

10 Best Simple Machines Forum Hosting Reviews and the Top SMF Hosting Companies

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