How To Check If ImageMagick Is Installed?

check if imagemagick is installed
check if imagemagick is installed

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ImageMagick is an open-source, free, and cross-platform software suite that is used for viewing, creating, converting, and modifying images.

It is relatively old software with over 3 decades since it was developed and is mostly used for Unix and Linux-based OS for a better image-related operation.

If you are looking to know if the ImageMagick is installed on your PC or the OS that you are using, you might need to get into some command-line interface and that might get a bit complicated for the new users.

However, a few things that you will need to do are:

Check If ImageMagick Is Installed?

For Unix based system

If you are using a Unix-based system, usually it is a command-line interface, and you will have to check it through a terminal to make sure if Imagemagick is installed on your system.

In order to do that, you will need to open a terminal or a console window on your Unix-based system.

Once you get the terminal opened, you will have to execute the command “convert-version” on it.

If the ImageMagick information is displayed including the version and some other basic information, that means it is installed on your Unix-based system and you can use it for any applications that you might have.

For Windows

It is a bit easier on Windows, and you just have to select “Run” from the start menu. Once you get the Run program dialog box, you will need to type “CMD” there and access the command line interface there.

After the dialog box opens, you will have to enter the command, “convert-version”. If ImageMagick is already installed on your Windows, you will get a message displayed with the version information of Imagemagick.