Top 10 Costa Rica Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Costa Rica

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Costa Rica Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Costa Rica

Choosing a webhosting company is one of the critical decisions while starting any online venture. There are many considerations that one has to keep in mind while choosing a web hosting company. The most imperative of all is to choose a host server as the growth and success of a business depends on it.

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Choosing a web hosting company levels your risk to a minimum. Also, in case you do not start with the best company, you have the option switch to another host. But, like any other switch, this can be troublesome too and hence it is advisable to choose the best company right from the start. Here experts recommend hiring a local webhost company because of its many advantages. Let us discuss why?

Why hiring a LOCAL Costa Rica web hosting service instead of Global one is better?

It is important that you have a server in the very place where your customers are based. When your customers are from Costa Rica, it is a must to have the server in Costa Rica for efficient services. Additionally, Costa Rica has an excellent internet connectivity infrastructure which offers an opportunity to companies and individual for reap the many benefits of local Costa Rica Servers.

There are hundreds of fiber-optic cables intricately woven on both the oceans. Despite being a small country, Costa Rica excels in proving great connectivity, thanks to Submarine cables Arcos, CFX-1, Maya in the Atlantic Ocean and the recently installed "Global Crossing" submarine cable in the Pacific.

Having a Costa Rica local server boosts the speed and thus minimizes the page load time making your website quick and steady. A locally hosted website has faster page load time than an internationally hosted website. The reason for this is its proximity to the website data center.

Moreover, choosing a local web host company in Costa Rica means you have a handy technical assistance whenever required. You do not have to wait for the technician to offer you the best solution.

With a local web host, you get a local IP address which might help in boosting your search engine ranking among your local competitors.

Last but not the least, a local web hosting service provider in Costa Rica may offer your price gain over any other international service provider. There are minimal or zero obligations for companies operating on Costa Rica Servers. Let us review some of the best local web hosting companies in the Costa Rican territory:

Top 10 Costa Rica Web Hosting Companies

​The top 10 Costa Rica web hosting companies in the Costa Rica who have contributed a huge margin in developing a steady and reliable market for web hosting in the country is described below.​

1. Costa Rica Servers

Costa Rica Servers-Homepage

Costa Rica Servers was founded in 1998, under the umbrella of Sistemas Edenia Internacional S.A. a Costa Rican company established in 1987. It is renowned as the first ever ISP offering data center services in Costa Rica.

The company is one of the leading service providers to date and boasts of its wide spread network in more than 30 countries. With a continuous focus on learning and training & development, Costa Rica Servers has recently made their web hosting go eco-friendly. They offer a variety of services including Web Hosting, VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers, Colocation, Reseller Plans, Website building, Online backups and more.

2. Rack Nation Data Center

Rack Nation Data Center-Homepage

Rack Nation Data Center is a group of IT professionals with over 13 years of experience. The members of the team are highly skilled with rich experience in networking and systems development.

With their passion and experience, the company offers a variety of solutions to its customers including SSD Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, SSD Shared Hosting, Domain names, Rack space, hosted Exchange, SSL Certificates, AnyCast DNA, DDOS Protection, cPanel Licenses, etc.

Rack Nation Data Center also offers special customized solutions to make your setups a complete success; this includes managed Load Balancer, Dedicated Firewall, Storage solutions, and more.

3. All In Hosting

All In Hosting-Homepage

All In Hosting was founded in 2004 with the aim to cater people with trustworthy, reliable, safe, fast and friendly web hosting services. At present they offer their services in 23 different countries to a variety of clients. They believe in customer relationship building and hence take a considerate approach towards the product of service delivery.

The center of the company is located in Palmares, Costa Rica with the server in different countries like USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Holland and more. You can contact them for Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Hosting Cloud, Hosting Reseller and more.

4. CyberFuel

CyberFuel-Homepage was established in 1997 and is a leading Software development and integration services provider in Costa Rica. They specialize in offering cloud-based web hosting solutions utilizing the World Wide Web. In the year 2001 Cyberfuel ventured into Data Center. Their headquarter is based in FORUM 1 Santa Ana Business Park, one of the reputed locality for businesses.

With a team of expert professionals, Cyberfuel offers a variety of services including Web Hosting, Electronic Commerce, Web Solutions, DataCenter, Application Development and more. The company offers 24*7 customer service to its customers, qualifying as a reliable service provider.

5. is a one of its kind virtual company offering high-quality web hosting services to a number of clients. Established in 2008, it is the first company in Costa Rica to operate on work from home model and has come up quite successful indeed.

Dealing with digital products, the model helps the company in saving operational costs and thus transfer their savings to their customers. They offer a variety of computer solutions including Domains, Web Hosting, Resellers & SSL Certificates. Their primary focus is to cater the Costa Rica client and other Spanish speaking customers.

6. MiHosT.Com


First established in 1998, MiHosT.Com is a leading web service provider in Costa Rica. They offer highly skilled and reliable web hosting services including Web Design, Hosting, System Development, Electronic commerce, etc. to customers across the globe.

They have a list of hosting plans to offer that makes it easier for the companies to choose the best plan for their use. MiHosT.Com has received the Best Web Design Company in Costa Rica "The Bizz Awards". They currently serve over 500 customers including some reputed names like, Bermuda, Hotel Supply, ankaestetica and more.

7. Rack Lodge

Rack Lodge-Homepage

Rack Lodge started in 2007 and is a web hosting company with its data centers in San Jose, Costa Rica (CRC) and in Miami, Florida. With its close observation of changing thetechnical environment and thus they invest in technology, business automation, and customer support IA).

At Rack Lodge, you find a group of professionals that utilize their expertise in aligning the services with the client's goals. Their excellence lies in Bandwidth Uptime, Cooling Uptime, Power Uptime and 24/7 support to the customers.

The services they offer include domain name registration, web hosting, VPS, Cloud Servers, Smart Servers, Dedicated Servers, Storage & Backups, Colocation, Cages and more.



PROCOM was founded in 2001 with the aim to cater the customers with the best information technology solutions. Their philosophy is to cater their customers with end-to-end solutions and thus making a long term relationship of mutual benefits.

With the use of the eco-friendly platform supported by environmental stability, PROCOM is catering to a number of reputed clients from various industries including AVON, Electra, CR Luxury, BAC CREDOMATIC & more.

PROCOM specializes in providing SMS/Email services, Hosting services, CRM, Billing Software and more. With a dedicated team of experts, PROCOM offers 99.9% uptime, great support, minimum spam at a very affordable price.

9. AlojamientoTico


AlojamientoTico, earlier known as TicoAccommodation was first launched in 2008. It functioned under the name of Web Hosting in Costa Rica Perfect Hosting from 2006 to 2008 and then was transformed into how you see it today. They offer a variety of products including domains, SSL Certificates, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Anti-spam, Reseller and more.

They are CloudFlare Partners and work on the latest technology updates. At present, the company manages more than 1000 sites of different clients. They were recognized asone of the best web hosting services in Costa Rica by WebHostingStuff. 

10. EyM Multiservicios


EyM Multiservicios is a one point solution for all your web related concerns. They offer you a myriad of services including domain names, hosting services, page optimization, SSL Certificates, Advanced Antispam services and more. A customer can select from the plans offered by the company according to their needs and affordability.

The company boasts about their impeccable services and ensures 100% satisfaction. They have a pool of satisfied customers to vouch for their excellent workmanship. They offer you a free of cost evaluation if you are considering changing your existing host.

Choosing the Best Costa Rica Web Hosting Service

Costa Rica is encashing the advantages of its strategic location and powerful internet connectivity. The sturdy business environment has made a perfect platform for many companies to develop as a web hosting service provider.

Moreover, the legal framework of the country also promotes business by offering quick fixes to legal and functional development. The existing companies in Costa Rica offer a myriad of web hosting services supported by excellent technological tools and hosting knowledge.