Top 10 Ecuador Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Ecuador

Last Updated - August 2, 2018
Ecuador Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Ecuador

Ecuador Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Ecuador

Latin American country Ecuador is considered an important part of South America. People are now slowly gaining the habit of buying and selling things online in this country. Both businesses and individuals need a website for different reasons. It could be the reason for selling products online or it could be the reason for featuring individual talent across the world.

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For having a website, one cannot ignore the importance of having good website hosting. If hosted properly, website shall fetch a good number of visitors. At the same time, web data of businesses or individuals will remain secured or safe. Here is a list of the top website hosting services in Ecuador.

Top 10 Ecuador Web Hosting Companies

1. Hostingecuador


This is one of the leading hosting services in Ecuador, offering low-cost website hosting packages to the website owners. If you are seeking professional-level web hosting solution, this is the service provider for you to meet your requirements.

It offers different kinds of hosting solutions to meet the needs of different users. From dedicated server hosting to VPS and shared web hosting, this service provider offers all kinds of hosting packages. Service stresses on secured and seamless web hosting.

2. Nodored


Among many leading websites hosting services in Ecuador, a lot of website users have their trust on this service provider. It comes with affordable website hosting packages, featuring an opportunity for the buyers to customize their plans as per requirements.

Shared hosting service is particularly cheap, but it is only recommended for the newcomer bloggers. Professional businesses or website owners should go for advanced plans which feature dedicated as well as VPS hosting services. Reseller hosting package is also offered to users.

3. Ecuahosting


In Ecuador, finding a professional hosting service is not a tough job. But, finding affordable or budget-friendly service provider is a matter of hassle. This service provider is a perfect answer to such hassles. It comes with budget-friendly hosting packages.

Though the price is low, service has not been compromised. It is committed to providing secured, robust, cutting-edge, customizable and effortless hosting services to the users. Overall, this website hosting service is quite budget-friendly as well as highly dedicated.

4. Inter-dec


In Ecuador, plenty of website hosting services can be found and among those services, is quite well known. This is a reputed hosting service provider, featuring interesting ranges of hosting plans for the service seekers.

The website hosting service is known to be quite reliable in terms of website security or data protection. It additionally guarantees unlimited bandwidth and 99% uptime guarantee to the users. Overall, this is a well known as well as affordable website hosting service in Ecuador.

5. Favolahosting


Those, who are seeking basic website hosting service at the most affordable cost, this is the service provider for them. In fact, users can get basic website hosting solution with this service provider for free of cost.

However, free hosting service comes with limited options and basic options as well as features. Businesses can easily go for the advanced hosting solutions from this service provider. They are quite budget-friendly yet robust as well as fast in terms of performance.

6. Edamhost


This professional website hosting service has an interactive web platform where users can easily find various hosting packages. The basic plan starts at $25 per year and that is quite affordable Small businesses can use the plan. It allows only one hosted domain to be used by the user.

For more hosted domains and more features for website hosting, other packages can be reviewed. The most expensive plan is the unlimited plan which comes with unlimited everything including hosted domains and email hosting space.

7. Kapcservice


This hosting service provider comes with interesting designed packages for website hosting for the buyers or service seekers. The major highlight is that bandwidth is unlimited and uptime is guaranteed at 99.99%. Beyond these two things, there are a lot of interesting things about this service provider.

First of all, it comes with easy to afford hosting packages. Different packages include different features and space level. Users can get cPanel which is user-friendly. Users can easily edit or customize their websites by logging into cPanel.

8. Servicomecuador


Among the reputed hosting services in Ecuador, this hosting service will surely find its place. It is mainly known for featuring flexible web hosting plans at the most affordable budget. The plans can be altered easily and the best thing is that it also features easy migration.

If you are already using hosting service but not happy with that, Servicom Ecuador offers you affordable hosting solution with easy migration features. You can easily find low budget website hosting plans without any hassles.

9. Ecuaweb


In Ecuador, various hosting services are available and among those services, you can choose to go for this service provider as it comes with low budget hosting service with perfection. Different plans can be found at the website of the service provider.

You can check those plans and choose the right plan without any hassles. It offers simple migration for website owners. However, it does not mention anything about refunding money if clients are not satisfied with the packages.

10. Tecnoweb


At the website of this service provider, one can get wide ranges of website hosting packages. Low-cost hosting service has been offered to the clients. With a minimal expense of around $3.5 per month, users can get hosting packages.

This is basic package and the first time buyers would get additional two months free hosting at the beginning. Businesses can choose the advanced plans for more convenience. They are also affordable, and they offer robust features as well as seamless data security.

Choosing the Best Ecuador Web Hosting Service

Though a small country, Ecuador has immense importance for the South America region as it is a growing economy of the world. With investment in different sectors, e-commerce industry has successfully attracted a lot of investors in this region. In this scenario, people are investing money in having their websites.

Having a website requires two things. The first thing is the interface or framework of the website. Once it has been designed, it should be hosted on the globally accessible web server. This is how the website will come live for the internet users. Choosing a professional hosting service is imperative for security and performance of the website.