ExpanDrive vs NetDrive: What’s The Difference?

expandrive vs netdrive
expandrive vs netdrive

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Cloud Storage has become the right option for most of the users out there. Not only the data is safe, and it can be accessed anywhere in the world, but there is a lot more to it that will make sure that you are getting the right speed and security on the data as well.

Cloud Storage services and the data centers are just the perfect thing for anyone to get their hands on, as they will not only be reducing the carbon footprint and a lot more, but you will also be saving the costs of storage services as well.

However, managing such data centers and servers is not an easy task and you will need to ensure that you are managing them efficiently as well.

There are multiple servers and software that allow you to perfectly manage the cloud storage hosting and to make sure that the users can access all the data that you have stored on it perfectly.

There are multiple software being used for this application, and you just have to pick the right one that will help you out in ensuring that you can get the best edge of networking and data access.

ExpanDrive and NetDrive are two such software, and a few key factors to compare them are:

ExpanDrive vs NetDrive


ExpanDrive is the best thing that you can get your hands on to connect with your Cloud Storage and make it feel like the local storage space you have on your device.

It goes without saying that all the logins, and access to the websites, applications will not be needed but you can directly make sure to have unrestricted access to all the media files and other data that you have stored on your cloud storage.

There are multiple drives that you get for cloud storage online, and ExpanDrive doesn’t only allow you to connect them all at a single place, but there is a lot more to it.

ExpanDrive supports all the favorite cloud hosting drives that you might have including OneDrive, Google Drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Box, NexCloud and more.

This way, you will be able to ensure that no matter what cloud storage subscription you might have, you will be able to get it going with your ExpanDrive.

The speed is pretty great on ExpanDrive and that allows you the perfect edge of accessing all these drives like they were stored locally on your PC.

The security is ensured for all sorts of data and against all types of attacks that might be a problem otherwise for you.

In addition to all that, ExpanDrive is a multiplatform software that is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS as well so that you will be able to enjoy the right utility no matter what platform you are using or what Operating System you want to run it with.


NetDrive is another cool drive mapping utility that is based on WebDrive technology. NetDrive is also a multi-platform software that can be used on both Windows and MacOS.

Linux remains the exception here. However, being the best platform for Windows, the stability is comparatively increased greatly and you will be enjoying the best possible experience that you can ask for from a drive mapping software.

The support on NetDrive is pretty extensive with the cloud storage services providers, and you can use it with most of the famous Cloud Storages out there. It is available for Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, One Drive for Business, One Drive, Mega, Wasabi, OpenStack and a lot more.

But the best part is that IF protocol that is employed by NetDrive ensures that you can get it done right and you will not have to worry even a bit if your drive is not listed on the website, because you can manually add that.

There is a lot more to NetDrive, including some additional features such as File Lock for All the Files you might have, and background applications.

You can also have team license and choose the access tiers to ensure the perfect security for your data and files that you might have to store with NetDrive and map them locally on your PC.

The security is also given due consideration and you will not have to worry about data breach ever on NetDrive.