Top 10 Greece Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Greece

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Greece Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Greece

Greece Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Greece

Local web hosting has long been favoured for companies to ensure that they enjoy a number of benefits over the time. However, allured by the international players, most of the companies either choose an international web hosting in Greece or stay in dilemma for reaching any conclusion. The debate of local vs. overseas web hosting has long occupied the air and it is high time that critics vote highly for local web hosting services of being more beneficial for local companies- startup to enterprises.

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If you are considering going online and are in the same state of confusion, here are some benefits that will undoubtedly convince you to hire a local Greece Web Hosting Service provider if your audience is located at Greece:

1: Pricing:

There is no doubt that when you operate locally, you can grab the advantage of the economic conditions. The business is always favourable locally because international business relationships and ties are more vulnerable than local economic movements.

2: Speed:

Second and an undeniable advantage of local web hosting is speed. It is claimed that local web hosting service is guaranteed to offer 3 times more speed than a web hosting company overseas. To succeed, any online business must desire a super performing website and with local web hosting, you get exactly the same.

3: contribution to the local economy

When you hire local web hosting service you are in direct relation helping the local economy go stronger. An economy with growing online businesses and outsourcing of web hosting service can lose billions of dollars in long run. In another hand, by offering web hosting to local as well as international players, web hosting companies can bring strength and profitability to the economy.

4: Data Privacy Laws:

Data privacy laws are complicated and it is utmost important that you know where your data is stored and operated from. While on a local basis, understanding the system might be easier, it becomes tougher when you step outside the national boundaries. The international data security laws can be tough and against you in time of any conflict. By choosing a local web hosting service provider in Greece, you can simply avoid any such situation.

5: Local Support:

Last but equally important, a local web hosting services providers offer you unconditional support, they are geographically near to you and thus the time taken in offering technical assistance is the bare minimum in comparison to an international player. You can enjoy 24/7 assistance from a local Greece web hosting service provider.

Top 10 Greece Web Hosting Companies

If you are happy to choose a local web hosting companies, here are a few of the best in Greece:

1. Pointer


If you are searching for a web hosting company in Greece, you may find Pointer Hosting Expert quite efficient. They are in the market for quite a few years and in a short span of time, they have to build a significant pool of customers. Experts in Greek Hosting, cloud technology, and more, Pointers help business in gaining a significant market presence.

They have a dedicated team of professionals and offer quality services with reliable support. Their service portfolio includes domain names, web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud servers, streaming, SSL, Web Design and more. All their services are high-technology driven and available at a very affordable price.

2. Iphost


IP Host is another outstanding company in the Greek Market. They offer quality web hosting services in Greece and have a satisfied pool of customers. At present they have over 65000 domain names and 600 servers supporting their client’s needs. They offer a variety of web hosting and domain name registration services at a very affordable price to local Greek players.

The services they offer include shared hosting, Cloud VPS, Dedicated server, specialized web hosting (Joomla & WordPress), domain name registration, domain name transfer, ID Protection, virtual machine, etc. The company boasts of its premium security features and anti-spam features.

3. Papaki


Papaki was established in 2004 and till date the company has catered a number of customers with its excellent services. In 2009 the company became number 1 registrar in Greece and slowly and gradually started increasing their job profiles.

They gained ICANN certification in 2014 and in 2015 they were listed in 500 Inc. Europe 2015 and more reputed listings. The company offers quality services and claims to be an affordable and reliable company for local Greece web hosting service’s needs. The services they offer include domain services, web hosting, managed WordPress Web hosting, Eshop, SSL certificates and more.



DN host is one of the most trusted and reliable domain& hosting service providers in Greece. They have been in the business for a while and have been catering customers with quality services and customer support. The company boasts of 17 years of research and success wherein they have earned over 20,000 domain and web hosting customers, 250,000 customer query solutions, and minimum response time of 15 minutes.

The company is expert in web hosting, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domain name registration, domain name transfers, SSL certificates and more. They are both reliable and affordable web hosting service providers.

5. Easy


Easy, as the name suggests is a company that offers ease of business and web hosting to its customers. They offer a variety of services that are both qualitatively and quantitatively best for the customer located in Greece. At present, the company hosts many customers with its high-quality domain, website, web hosting and phone services.

They employ modern and innovative techniques of customer management that goes with the current market trends perfectly. They are experts in making Eshop, Sitebuilder, Mobile Design, Security DDoS, SSL, CDN, Ermis, EasyWP WordPress Managed, Backup, SEO and more.


IP is a leading web hosting service provider in Greece. The company has been on the market for over 17 years and during this time has earned a lot of knowledge and experiences. Known for its reliability and consistency in services, IP offers ultimate customer support to its customers.

They offer a variety of services including domain name registration, domain name transfer, web hosting, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting, free hosting, account management, Whois and more. Their services are easy to manage and afford. With each service, they also offer some complimentary service making the deal worth a lot of benefits.

7. Hyperhosting


Hyperhosting entered the market in 2001 and since then, the company has grown significantly. They are currently in their 16th year of operations and have honed their abilities to perfection. The company is primarily into web hosting on Greece based servers, domain name registration, cloud server services, rental dedicated servers, collocation, web development, radio streaming, reseller packages, SSL certificates, cPanel, WHM licenses.

With a dedicated and expert team of professionals, the company has catered to a number of customers so far. They provide excellent customer support and their services are listed as most affordable in the market. They also offer custom made packages to their customers.

8. MultiHosting


MultiHosting is a leading web hosting service provider in Greece. They started their operations a few years ago and today are known as the most reliable and cost-effective web hosting services providers in Greece. They are very affordable with average packages starting at 2.95 € / month.

They offer a number of services including web hosting, SSD hosting, Reseller hosting, Semi-dedicated web hosting, Radio streaming, Video Streaming, and more. The company also offer a60-day money back guarantee with all their products as well as commit to 99.9% server uptime warranty. They are the most instant & responsible web hosting experts in Greece.

9. Hostmein


Hostmein is a reliable, quality oriented, modern and affordable web hosting service providers in Greece. They have earned more than 1248 happy customers, sold over 3504 domains and have 73 physical servers under their name. At present, the company has over 7 data centres and is working towards establishing some more in near future.

With quality services at affordable prices, the company is one of the leading web hosting experts. Their service portfolio includes hosting, shared web hosting, domain name registration, domain name transfer, SSL certificates, web development, construction eshop, and more.

10. Top.Host Homepage

Top.Host, as the name suggests, is the leading web hosting services providers in Greece. They started their operations in 2005 as and till date has earned a lot of business and reputation. In 2010 the company established its first dedicated server. In 2011, they took a leap and acquired & Hoster’s hosting department.

In 2015, the company won “Organization of the Year: Customer Service (small organization)” for its 24/7 customer support. In 2016, the company changed its name to to offer a global approach. The services they offer include web hosting, domain names, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, DNS Hosting, cPanel Hosting and more.

Choosing the Best Greece Web Hosting Service

The benefits of hiring local web hosting service provider are many. Talking about Greece, where there are already many successful and technologically advanced web hosting services providers, it will be the most beneficial to hire a local player.

Companies can enjoy legal benefits and at the same time contribute to the local economy of the country. No matter what you do, ensure that the choice is wise and assured to bring you lots of business and profitability.