Top 10 Hong Kong Web Hosting Reviews 2022 – Best Hosting in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Hong Kong

Choosing a reliable web hosting company is one of the most critical decisions when you are considering a venture in the online space. Going online has become vital for businesses for compete in the digital era but having a digital presence isn’t enough, one has to be visually enticing and perform to offer ultimate user experience. An efficient domain name and web hosting service enable a business to attain these goals with ease and minimum time and this is a decision worth lots of consideration.


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There are a lot of factors to consider when you choose a web hosting company and one of the most critical is the location of the company. The opinions here are mixed with people supporting local and international services at different levels. However, a fair share of expert opinion advocates for the credibility of local web hosting services in Hong Kong. Let us discuss some of the points put forth by the experts:

  • Boosted performance:

One of the prime benefits of a having a local server is the fast load time. The websites have minimum load time and offer high-level performance to the user. The page load time and the transition from one tab to another are recorded high in local server supported web hosting. The reason can be geographical distance or the close monitoring by the provider company.

  • Technical assistance:

A local company is always next door when you are in need. You can have them at the site at the least possible time offering you support in any technical crisis. When you avail international web hosting services, the technical process might be slow as it may require some approvals and remote examining of the issues.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

Undoubtedly, a local web hosting company will be cheaper for any business. The reason is that it would require less technical assistance than any overseas company managing its operation from miles away. Indeed cost-effectiveness is one of the primary goals we all seek to attain.

Top 10 Hog Kong Web Hosting Companies

When talking specifically about local web hosting company in Hong Kong, the success rate is way higher than international companies. This is because of the superior internet infrastructure available in Hong Kong and the legal & taxation laws that support businesses to expand. There are many resourceful companies in Hong Kong offering high-grade local web hosting services. Let us review some of them:

1. Hostingspeed


Cyberspace Cybersecurity ( is a firm run under the umbrella of Cyberspace Group (Hong Kong Registrars Limited and PNET No .: 1397), the public non-proprietary telecommunications service licensee. It first started its operations in 1999 and are providing top-notch web hosting, email hosting, cloud & domain name registration services.

The company operates in Greater China and Hong Kong and is considered as one of the prime web hosting service provider in the region. Their comprehensive IT services are affordable and best in terms of quality, customer focus, efficiency & results. They offer a variety of web hosting services including Multi-functional web hosting, ASP, .NET Web Hosting, WEB Easy-DIY web design and hosting & Cloud Apps Program Hosting.

2. Dataplugs


Not only in Hong Kong, but Dataplugs has earned a respectable image in the entire Asian market. The 10-year-old company has hands-on knowledge of web hosting, dedicated servers & collocation. Their client base has a rich collection of businesses both-startups and enterprises.

The company excels in providing easy to use services supported by their tier 3+ data centre. They also offer 30 days free trial option with minimum fees and no hidden charges on services. At Dataplugs, the customers are offered 24/7 customer support and flexibility in services as per the unique needs of the businesses.

3. Pachosting


PACHOSTING is one of the highly recommended web hosting company in Hong Kong and surrounds. It was established in 2002 and in a small frame of time has become a respectable company in Asia Pacific. They offer a variety of services including Email Service, Web Hosting, Public and Private Cloud solutions to individuals and corporate.

It is their vision to help their clients meet their business goals, PACHOSTING has accumulated a rich network of companies including some of the reputed names of different industries. Their cloud server solutions are great and recently the company has come up with LayerStack cloud service for its clients.

4. Internet Solutions


Internet Solutions Hong Kong as established in 2009 with the aim to contribute to existing web hosting industry in Hong Kong. At present, the company has a closely woven network of 3000+ freelancers and entrepreneurs are profiteering from their services. With specialized skills for managed web hosting services, the company is growing exponentially.

They offer Shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Email hosting and domain name registration service at affordable price. They cater to Hong Kong as well as Chinese servers and ensure the highest visibility for any website. With 24/7 hours support for their customers, the company makes websites that are compatible with most of the platforms.

5. Udomain


UDomain was founded in 1998 and since then it has been catering a vast pool of customers with their high-quality and reliable web hosting services. Focused to offer high-level cyber security the company offers reliable services at a very affordable price. With expertise in customizing managed security solutions, the company has earned the reputation of an efficient company in the Greater China Region.

The services they provide include DDOS Protection, Cloud Hosting, Domain Service, Solution, and more. Offering affordable services paired with 24/7 hour customer service, the company has won many reputed awards and recognition.

6. Xenyo hosting


XENYO HOSTING is one of the most efficient companies operating in Hong Kong. They provide technically assisted web hosting services and are experts in Shared Web Hosting, VPS Web Hosting & other managed services. The services they offer are highly affordable and start from $98. Specialized in offering enterprise solutions, Xenyo is the expert in the field and excel in providing multi-platform compatible web hosting services.

They also offer backup solutions and have helped many companies in a successful recovery. There are many big players in different industries that utilize the services offered by Xenyo Hosting.

7. Host Hong Kong


Host Hong Kong was founded in 2003 and is a champion in providing best web hosting services and internet solutions. It is a privately owned company in Hong Kong and probably the most efficient so far. They offer high-grade shared, reseller & dedicated web hosting services in Hong Kong and are also into providing Virtual Private Servers (VPS) & Colocation services to its clients.

The other IT facilities that the company offers include Website Design, Billing Integration, E-Commerce and many other solutions. The company operates from Tele Asia’a data centre in Fanling. They also cater clients internationally.

8. Nicenic


NiceNIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED (NiceNIC.NET) is located in Hong Kong and offers its services to the entire Chinese market. It was established in 2005 and owns a network that is dedicated to community development. The company has grown at a rapid speed ad today has a rich pool of customers across mainland China, Hong Kong, United States, India, Germany, Netherland, Canada, Australia etc.

They offer a number of services including domain names registration, shared hosting, email hosting, HK Dedicated servers, domain marketplace and more. The company is accredited by ICANN, CNNIC, .org, VERISIGN, .info, .asia, .biz and more.

9. VPShosting


A master of providing qualitative and reliable web hosting services, VPS has proved its mettle in the industry in a very short span of time. VPS Hosting first started their operations in 2007 under the name of Asia Web Services. Today they are a reputed name in the industry excelling in Cloud technologies, and SaaS hosted solutions.

Well equipped with latest technologies the company offers competitive solutions to individuals and companies. Their list of professional services includes Word Press Hosting, Linux VPS Hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, Linux Managed Cloud Hosting, Windows Managed Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Reseller Hosting for both small businesses and large enterprises.

10. Nethub

Nethub Homepage

One of the leading web hosting company of Hong Kong, NETHUB ONLINE is the reason of the successful online presence of many companies. They have evolved over time by fighting the competition and offering high-grade services. They offer highly affordable web hosting services to help middle range businesses evolve and explore their potentials.

The services they provide include domain registration, web hosting, VPS server, server hosting (shared & dedicated) and more. The company offers 24/7/365 days support to its customers and has acquired a huge customer base to vouch for its excellence.

Choosing the Best Hong Kong Web Hosting Service

Hong Kong is the hub for technical services in Mainland China, the local web hosting companies are not only reliable and well equipped but they are also willing to contribute to the industry to boost their as well as their customer’s growth. The excellence of the local web hosting companies in Hong Kong is supported by the legal framework and taxation relaxation that one enjoys in Hong Kong.

This is the very reason choosing a local web hosting company in Hong Kong is way more beneficial than hiring an overseas assistance if your audience is within the region. Choose a local web hosting company and you can enjoy lower price, better performance and boosted visibility.

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  1. Personally I don’t like Dataplugs as well. We use their server, and everything looks fine at the beginning. HOwever it become unreliable after 2-3 months, and their sales start contact us for purchasing dedicated Fire-wall for the server.

    After 2-3 months stay with them, we decide to change to Bisend, and everything turn out to be really reliable.

  2. DATAPLUGS HONG KONG: One of the worst ISP providers in Hong Kong, Do not join this company and avoid them like a plague. One of the world’s most pathetic after sales customer services in the world. My personal experience as of Feb 13,2018. Do not use this company. This company will close down soon…. My bad wishes for them as they are so pathetic with their services with their existing customers.


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