htaccess Redirect To Subfolder Without Changing URL

htaccess redirect to subfolder without changing url
htaccess redirect to subfolder without changing URL

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A website with the subfolders is comparatively harder to manage and you will need to understand a few technical terminologies.

Make sure you are getting the right edge of web hosting services and managing your website efficiently so that you can use it for all the different sorts of needs you might have.

It will also be providing a better and stable experience to the users and visitors on the website. Most of the times, it is common to use HTaccess redirected to the subfolder and the URL is not changed.

htaccess Redirect To Subfolder Without Changing URL

There are also some other things that you will essentially need to be careful about while you are working with such sort of redirection folders on the web hosting services that you are using.


If you are getting these problems on your web hosting, you will need to make sure that the public directory is physical on the file system that you are using. Moving forward, you will also need to fix the URL on the directory that you are using.

So, you will need to put a forward hash on the address on the URL after the sub folder access on your directory and that is going to help you out perfectly in order to ensure that you are not getting any problems and the URL not changing at all.