Top 10 Nigeria Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Nigeria

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Nigeria Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Nigeria

Nigeria Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Nigeria

As soon as you plan to venture for a website, there are a number of factors that demand your attention. While deciding the format, assessing the target customers and following a strategic web development plan is essential for a successful online presence; hiring a reliable hosting company is vital to ensure you profiteer technological advances while making financial profits.

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With the growth of IT industry and rising dependability on digital solutions, the market today has a widespread industry of hosting service provider. While some of these web hosting companies are local, other utilize technology to break geographical barriers and assist various companies with their hosting services. The choice between the two options is often intimidating as each has its own pro and cons. However, the experts in the field strongly recommend choosing local web hosting companies.

Choosing local Nigeria web hosting services:

The technological revolution has affected Nigeria in its full spree and today the country has a developing market of various companies that operate primarily online. To support such companies, Nigeria has developed a sturdy internet infrastructure that supports the companies operating at the local level.

Boosting the local trade system, many companies already operate through local hosting services in Nigeria and vouch for the technical and financial advancements that they enjoy. Some of these benefits include:

  • Price leverage

Any company that operates through a remote location has to invest more money in technology and equipment than the one operating locally. Naturally, to compensate the heavy investments, such company will charge a higher price from its customers in comparison to a company that operates locally and offers better management.

  • Technical support

Undoubtedly, the rise of technology has made geographical boundaries insignificant but when it comes to complex technological glitches, it becomes imperative to have a physical analysis of the system, servers and other equipment. Dealing with an overseas company, you might have to wait for days before the technical support professional arrives and fixes the problem; the case is entirely different with a local web hosting provider.

  • Speed & Performance

The speed & performance that you are offered by a local web hosting expert is assured to be better than a remotely based company. The reports say that the page loading time offered by a local web hosting company is computed to be three times more than a remote company. Moreover, a local IP address does support in increasing your online ranking and thus fetch you more customers.

Top 10 Nigeria Web Hosting Companies

With all that said, let us review some of the proficient local web hosting service providers in Nigeria:

1. Whogohost


Founded in 2007, WhogoHost is a brainchild of Opeyemi Awoyemi. First listed under ennovate NIGERIA Limited, the company was setup as an individual in 2011 under CAC. The company in a very short time became one of the top three best web hosting service providers company in Nigeria and today caters to a large pool of satisfied customers.

The company is an accredited Google Apps Reseller, .NG Registrar, Cloudflare Certified Partner and an InterSwitch Partner for developing payment integration solutions. One can contact them for hosting purchase, site building services, reseller plans, G-Suite, SSL Certificates and more.

2. Smartweb


Smartweb is a leading web hosting service provider in Nigeria with efficient internet infrastructure. Equipped with latest technological advancement and equipment, Smartweb provided reliable web hosting service to its clients. They are also renowned for offering the most affordable prices for their impeccable services.

One can avail their hosting service at a price starting from N4000/ year. Masters of web hosting, Smartweb also offers high-quality Web designing, SSL Certificate Domain Registration services.

Expanding its customer base, the company offers free domain transfer, file transfer, database transfer & script transfer services. They operate on three different servers- Linux Dedicated, Windows Dedicated & Cloud Dedicated services.

3. QServers


Established with the goal to offer latest services of shared, dedicated and VPS web hosting to its customers, QServers is one of the leading web hosting providers in Nigeria. With their passion for web hosting, the company offers excellent customer service, efficient web design, one of its kind suite services.

The company relies only on the latest developments of the technology and thus employs highly advanced servers. QServers market themselves as the qualitative, personalized, passionate, punctual and friendly web hosting provider available whenever you need them. They offer domain names, web hosting, SSL Certificates, Data backup with excellent support and performance management system.

4. Todhost


With 8 years of web Hosting experience, Todhost qualifies as a reliable web hosting service provider in Nigeria. The company offers 99.9% uptime guarantee and has a rich pool of satisfied customers. Their excellent services are designed to support you throughout your business cycle and help you reap the full benefits of your online presence.

TodHost can be trusted for web hosting company and offers a variety of services including Domain names, Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, Dedicated Servers and more. Todhost also welcomes new customers and offer a variety of free transfer services. What makes Todhost different from others is the 30 days money back guarantee that they offer to its customers.

5. HostNowNow


If you are searching for a company that offers reliability, quality, and affordable prices, you may consider HostNowNow. A trendsetter in the Nigerian web hosting market, HostNowNow provides a myriad of top-notch web hosting & server management services.

They cater to a variety of customers including IT professionals, individuals, public sector companies and many multinationals. With their ultimate commitment to customers, the company manages state-of-art datacenters and professional team of technical experts. The services they offer include Shared hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting and more at a very affordable price.

6. DomainKing


A government accredited registrar, Domainking serves to more than 10,000 satisfied customers. They are the great web hosting service provider that offer a myriad of services at reasonable prices. They excel in Web hosting, WordPress hosting & VPS Hosting services offered by Domainking is rated as the top in Nigeria.

They are also revered for their SSL Certificate and domain transfer services. At present Domainking supports more than 6000 websites including individuals and companies. They also offer 24/7 support to its customers.

7. Utiware


Utiware is one of the leading web hosting registrars in Nigeria that has registered in Nigeria as well as the USA. Offering top-notch web hosting and domain name services, the company is renowned to have high-grade technical equipment owned by none other in the region.

Working with the goal of improving the productivity of its customers, Utiware manages its own world-class datacenters. The company has its offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Cincinnati, USA and manages their cloud server facility from these offices.

The list of services offered by Utiware includes web hosting, domains, SSL Certificates, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, eTextMail Bulk service & SMS API/Reseller SMS.

8. GlobalHosting247

GlobalHosting247-Homepage is a reliable and affordable web hosting service provider in Nigeria that caters to a number of customers. Their basic plan starts from N2250/ Year and offers 1GB Disk space along with 15GB bandwidth. The company claims to have the most secure servers in the entire Nigeria and markets their packages to be most affordably priced.

Each account availed from includes unlimited emails, Unlimited MySQL database free support 24/7, site monitoring and protection. They also extend free account setup for its prestigious customers. The company offers four web hosting plans – Basic, Standard, Extended & Extended+ to its customers.

9. HostSleek


HostSleek was founded in 2010 and since then the company has been providing excellent web hosting services to a number of customers. By offering top-notch web services, the company has carved a unique presence in the digital market and boasts of its satisfied customer base.

They offer affordable web services to a number of clients including both individuals and companies. With a 100% in-house support the team at HostSleek offers you 24/7 customer support. They excel in Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Domain Names, Virtual Private Servers, Managed eCommerce hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting.

10. PerfectvisualHost


Making a significant presence in the Nigerian web hosting market, PerfectvisualHost offers technically advanced and supported web hosting services to its customers. Their top-notch and reasonable services make them stand out from the crowd. They are equipped with latest tools and technologies and thus ensure ultimate results.

They do offer 24/7 customer support throughout the life of your business. The company offers a variety of services including Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Domain registration and more. Their web hosting services are available at a price as low as N500/Month.

Choosing the Best Nigeria Web Hosting Service

Local Nigeria web hosting services must be considered as the first choice while looking for a web hosting registrar for your business. With continuously developing internet infrastructure and hands-on knowledge of latest technical advancements, local Nigerian web hosting companies offer a competitive edge to a business.

There are many expert companies in Nigeria that offer quality web hosting services to its customers. The services offered by these companies are highly reliable, technologically supported and aptly priced to suit the needs of local businesses. These companies will help the local make a significant online presence and profiteer the excellent hosting services in the long run.