Top 10 Serbia Web Hosting Reviews 2019 – Best Hosting in Serbia

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Serbia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Serbia

Serbia Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Serbia

We stay in a digital age and the importance of having a website has become a must for business owners. The success of your business is dependent on owning and hosting a successful website to a great extent.

Serbia is on a right track of transition as the country has witnessed tremendous growth over the period of few years. Small and micro businesses added a lot towards the growth of the country. This led the business owners to launch their business websites and stand out from the competitors.

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Just owning a website is not enough for the success of the business, the website hosting part plays a major role in it. Serbia has numerous website hosting service providers and outlined below are few of them to help you fall into safe hands.

Top 10 Serbia Web Hosting Companies

1. Eunethosting


EUnet Yugoslavia started its business operations in the year 1995 in partnership with EUnet international which was the first company to provide internet services in Serbia and Montenegro.

In the year 1995, EUnet also started providing cloud and hosting services and it merged with United Group which also owns a brand SBB which is a reputed cable operator in Serbia. EHosting service provided by them includes cloud hosting service based on platforms like Linux and Hyper-V, lease of professional servers, Linux and website hosting, Colocation services and lots more.

EUnet has three data standards as per international standards and all the equipment like the server, storage etc used in the data centers are from reputed companies like Dell, Cisco, IBM, HP, APC etc.

2. Oriontelekom


Orion Telekom is a result of the amalgamation of three companies like Media Works,, and SezamPro in the year 2010. All the three companies were the leading Internet service providers in Serbia.

Orion provides services like Hosting, VPS, SSL Certificates, Domain name registration, DIY website builder and others. Their servers are located in Serbia itself which ensures the fastest speed to the website. Besides hosting services Orion Telecom also provides other services like internet connection, fixed telephone line, and television packages.

3. Verat


Veratnet is a sub-brand of BeotelNet who is in the market for more than 20 years providing a wide range of website hosting services in Serbia. The services provided by Veratnet in Serbia include internet, website hosting, VoIP and lots more.

Veratnet provides SSD hosting to ensure the fast approach to your websites. Their server comes with pre-installed web applications like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento etc which is very easy to install with just one click.

4. Beotel


Beotel was established on 26th February 1996 and they have been providing various services which include internet, television packages, digital fixed telephone, domain registration, hosting etc. The various website hosting services provided by them includes SSD hosting, Linux hosting, Windows hosting, Cloud services, VPS, Dedicated servers, email hosting and lots more.

They have their own data center and it is protected with DDOS to eliminate outside threats. The 24/7 365 days monitoring and customer support is also provided by them to ensure smooth functioning.


Yunet has been on the market for more than 20 years and first started as an internet service provider. Over the period of years, they improved their portfolio and added various other services like website hosting, dedicated servers, domain registration, virtual servers etc.

Yunet in-house servers boasts of hi-end servers from Dell with latest processors from Intel. The servers are connected with high-speed internet to ensure great speed to the websites. You can also lease a dedicated server which provides features like 100 Mbps or 1 GBPS port, UPS, get a fixed public IP, 24/7 support etc.

6. Tippnet


TippNet was incorporated in the year 1996 by Jozef Miskolci with an aim of providing quality internet services. From the year 2008, TippNet started providing web services which include website hosting, domain registration, website design, and development etc.

They have their own servers which are equipped with Intel Quad-Core processors to ensure secure, stable and fast hosting. The server rooms are well equipped with uninterrupted power connection, air conditioning, 24/7 365 days monitoring, high-speed optical internet link etc.

7. Adriahost


Adriahosting is one stop place for your web needs as since its inception they have been providing services like website hosting, domain registration, website design and development, SMS marketing, Google ads and lots more.

The servers are located in Europe and USA and are equipped with very fast Solid-state Drives to ensure fast speed. The security standards at the data center are of highest levels so eliminate the chances of any dangers to the servers. The servers are constant surveillance and are monitored by a technical team 24/7 365 days a year.

8. Mainstream


Mainstream started its website hosting business in the year 2005. Mainstream is the first company to provide SSD cloud hosting in Serbia. Mainstream has three data centers as per international standards in Serbia, USA, and France respectively. Their servers are equipped with the highest quality and latest equipment.

Mainstream’s enterprise cloud servers are based on latest platforms like VMware, 3PAR systems, Cisco ACI, Hyper-V and lots more. Their server supports numerous web applications which include WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop and lots more.

9. mCloud


mCloud is a sub-brand of Mainstream which was incorporated in the year 2013. Due to the growth of the company, mCloud formed another brand named mCloud Doo which will provide advanced website hosting in Serbia.

The services offered by mCloud includes Cloud hosting, cloud server, cloud data center, domain registration, SSL certificates, DNS management and lots more. Their servers are backed up with super fast SSD drives and comes with pre-installed web applications like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla etc.

10. Hosterdam


Hosterdam is a sub-brand of Siel Doo who has been in the market for a long time providing quality online service to its users. The services provided by Hosterdam include website hosting, Virtual private server rentals, and domain name registration.

Their latest and highest quality servers are based on Windows and Linux platforms. The unique thing which this company provides is that you have an option to customize your own package based on your needs and requirements.

Choosing the Best Serbia Web Hosting Service

The trade policy of Serbia which was announced in the year 2003 helped the local business owners to establish and develop their already existing business to a new scale. The need and requirement of websites increased and with this number of hosting providers also increased significantly.

The hosting company works in the background allowing you to focus only on your business. Selection of a right website hosting service provider is extremely important as the success of the website is completely dependent on them.