SiteGround Hong Kong Reviews 2022: Real Uptime Records + Hong kong Website Speed Test

SiteGround Hong Kong Hosting Review & Using SiteGround in Hong Kong
SiteGround Hong Kong Hosting Review & Using SiteGround in Hong Kong

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If you are from Hong Kong and thinking about whether you should use SiteGround to host your site or not then this is the post for you.

SiteGround is a very popular web host provider. They are in the business since 2004. However, we believe that it is not a good idea to judge a book by its cover. So, even though it is a popular web host, we will put it to test today. From the results of those tests, we will be able to judge SiteGround more precisely. And, this post is intended towards our readers from Hong Kong.

So, by the time you read this, you will be able to make your decision about hosting your site on SiteGround. You will find all of the necessary data and real uptime stats about SiteGround on this post.

So, let’s get started.

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SiteGround Uptime

SiteGround Hong Kong Hosting Review & Using SiteGround in Hong Kong

Before we start, let’s talk about the Data Centers of SiteGround.

SiteGround Data Centers:

The effect of the Data Centers on your website:

Prior to talking about the data centers of SiteGround, let’s know more about the effect of them on a website. Basically, the web host providers host or store the content/data of your website on the data centers they own. Not all of the data centers are of the same quality. And the quantity of the data centers varies from company to company.

So, data centers actually play a very pivotal role in the performance of the websites hosted on them. Largely, there are 2 factors which can impact the performance of a website which is the location and the quality of the data centers. Let’s see how.

The effect of the location of the Data Centers:

Here’s the deal…

When a visitor visits a website, their browsers actually download the data of the website on their smartphones/computers. The faster the download takes place, the higher the speed they will experience.

As all the data of your site is hosted on a particular data center, it needs to travel through the internet from the data center to the browser of a visitor. As a result, if the distance between the data center and the visitor is greater then it will take more time to travel the data back and forth.

So, it is better if the datacenter where your website is hosted is closer to most of your visitors. That way, all of your visitors will get a faster browsing speed on your website. Thus, they will always return to your website.

So, for our readers from Hong Kong, you should use a web host service which has data centers closer to Hong Kong.

The effect of the quality of the Data Centers:

Secondly, the quality of the data centers also responsible for your website’s performance. If the data centers are not up to date then your site will face a lot of problems. Nowadays, most of the data centers are of low quality.

For instance, SSD (Solid State Drive) has been very popular and powerful over HDD (Hard Disk Drive) for storage purposes. So, the best thing would be if the web host providers start to use SSDs on their data centers. Unfortunately, most of the web host providers still use HDD on their data centers.

They do it for obvious reasons though. By doing this, they can minimize their cost. However, it is not good for your website. So, you should choose a web host provider who offers SSD hosting without any additional fees.

Again, if you want your site always up then you need a datacenter which has multiple power backup. So that if one of them fails, others will take care of the situation.

Location of the Data Centers of SiteGround:

Fortunately, SiteGround has 4 data centers on 3 continents. And one of them is in Singapore. As Hong Kong is in Asia, SiteGround recommends this data center for all the users from Hong Kong. Except that, the other data centers are situated in London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Chicago (US) respectively. So, even if you receive visitors from different parts of the world other than Hong Kong, you have options.

Location of the Data Centers of SiteGround
Location of the Data Centers of SiteGround

So, in case you receive visitors from near or within Hong Kong, then your first choice should be to use SiteGround’s Singapore data center.

Quality of the Data Centers of SiteGround:

Siteground has a very strict policy for maintaining the quality of their data centers. They always keep their data centers updated with the latest technology. Like, they use SSD on their data centers. And, the best thing about them is that they will not charge any extra money for that. You will get SSD hosting on all of their hosting plans.

Quality of the Data Centers of SiteGround
Quality of the Data Centers of SiteGround

If you want your site to be faster, then you should consider SSD hosting. SSD hosting can increase the load speed by 20 times than HDD hosting.

Now, the next important thing is the power backup. If your web host does not have enough power backup system then your website will go down time to time. This is very bad for you. For that reason, SiteGround has taken a lot of crucial steps to keep your website up for 99%+ of the time.

They have multiple power feeds on all of their data centers. And, most importantly, they have their own generators and own UPS as a backup source. So, you can rely on their servers for your website’s uptime.

We have talked a lot about data centers, it’s time to run some tests on SiteGround.

Experiment 1: Website Speed Test:

Frist and foremost, we will test the ‘Load Speed’ of SiteGround’s servers. We will use i.e. this website as the test subject. You may be wondering why we are using our website. Because we actually use SiteGround web host here on

Although, our website is hosted on the Chicago (US) data center. Let’s know more about this test.

How does the speed test work?

The test will be carried out with the help of ‘Pingdom’; a popular website for conducting website Speed Test. They have 4 servers from where this test can be conducted. The locations of those serves are Stockholm, (Sweden), New York City (USA), California (USA), and Melbourne (Australia) respectively.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any servers in Hong Kong. So, we will test from using the ‘Australia’ server as this is the closest server to Hong Kong.

What to expect from the test result?

There will be some significant statistics about our website’s server (SiteGround’s server) on the result. From those stats, the most important one for us will be the ‘Load Time’. It is the time our website needed to load completely on the test browser.

It is great if the ‘Load Time’ is lower. The fast your website loads the better. It is suggested that your website load time should be around 2 seconds.

Also, you have to take this into consideration that our website is hosted in Chicago, US. On the other hand, the test is running from Australia. So, it is normal that the load time will be higher on this test as the distance is greater here.

Running the Experiment 1:

The test is conducting from Melbourne, Australia:

Test from Australia
Test from Australia

Test Result from Melbourne, Australia:

Here is the result:

Test result from Australia
Test result from Australia

Performance Grade:

The ‘Performance Grade’ depends on the ‘Load Time’. In this test, we have got ‘B’ on ‘Performance Grade’. It is a great result if you think about the distance between both of the serves of SiteGround and ‘Pingdom’.

Load Time:

The ‘Load Time’ of from Melbourne, Australia is only 2.63 s. We are so close to the suggested ‘Load Time’ which is awesome.

Now, it is clear that the result of this test could be a lot better. If only we could test from a server which is closer to our website’s server. Only then we could see the accurate performance of SiteGround.

That is why we will conduct another test from the USA server of ‘Pingdom’ at this moment.

Speed Test from the United States:

We are running the test from San Jose, California (USA) server.

Test from the United States
Test from the United States

The Test Result from the USA:

Here is the result:

Test Result from the USA
Test Result from the USA

Performance Grade:

The ‘Performance Grade’ is ‘A’ this time. This is the best grade on this test.

Load Time:

Along with the ‘Performance Grade’ our ‘Load Time’ has also improved. The ‘Load Time’ is only 829 ms. That is a huge improvement from the last result.

Additionally, we can also see that our site is faster than 92% of other websites which were tested on ‘Pingdom’. As we predicted, the result is completely different compared to the previous one.

Experiment 2: Server Speed Checker:

As for now, we will conduct the ‘Server Speed Check’. Let’s get to know more about it.

How does this ‘Server Speed Check’ test work?

In the second test, we will take the help of another website named ‘Bitcatcha’. They have 8 servers all over the world to perform ‘Server Speed Check’. We will use again on this test.

Server Speed Check
Server Speed Check

What to expect from the result?

We will get to know the ‘Response Time’ of our server from the result. Again, it is better if the ‘Response Time’ is lower. As the test will be conducted from 8 different locations, we don’t need to analyze all of them.

For our readers from Hong Kong, the result from Singapore and Sydney is the most important. However, if your visitors come from all over the world then you can check other results.

What is a good Server response time?

Now, if you don’t know what a good ‘Response Time’ is then Google has the answer for you. Google suggests that 200 ms is a good ‘Response Time’. You should always aim for lower than that. Because the lower the ‘Response Time’ is the better.

The Test Result:

Here you can see our result:

Server Speed Check Result
Server Speed Check Result

Performance Grade:

In this test, we have got ‘A+’ on the Performance Grade. This is the highest grade possible.

Response time from Singapore and Sydney:

First of all, take a look at the ‘Response Time’ from Sydney. We got 189 ms from Sydney. Now, let’s check the result of Singapore. We can see that has only 73 ms of ‘Response Time’ from the Singapore server.

Both of these results are positive for us. Even though the recommended response time is around 200 ms, SiteGround managed to keep both of these below 200 ms. All the credit goes to SiteGround’s reliable servers.

Experiment 3: Ping Test:

In this third test, we will experiment on the ‘Ping Time’ of SiteGround’s server. For this test, we will use again.

How does the ping test work?

We will be using the ‘Ping Tool’ from ‘Keycdn’. With this tool, we can test the ‘Ping Time’ of any web server from 16 different locations. ‘Ping Time’ is the time it takes to travel packets of data from a server to another.

What to expect from the result?

The result will consist of 16 ping time of different locations. We will have to look for lower ping time. It is better if the ping time is lower. Now, out of the 16 locations, we will need the data from only 2 locations which are Sydney and Singapore. Others are not relevant to us at this moment. So, let’s see.

Running the 3rd Test:

The test is running on

The ping test
The ping test

The Test Result:

Here is the result:

The Ping Test Result
The Ping Test Result

Average Ping Time:

There a lot of data in the results. However, we will need the average ping time for this test. So, from the Singapore server, the average time is 68.500 ms. Besides that, we also have the average ping time of Sydney server. It is only 113.449 ms.

The rule of thumb is that it is good if the ping time is lower than 300 ms. And, luckily, the ping time from all of the servers are lower than that. That means SiteGround is doing their job correctly.

The Packet Loss:

From the result, we can also check the packet loss of the serves of SiteGround. It is better if there’s no packet loss at all. And, as always, SiteGround has no packet loss. You can see that the packet loss is at 0% for all of the test servers. It is really helpful for you and your website.

The takeaways from the experiments:

So, we have conducted 3 experiments on our website which is hosted on the Chicago, USA data center of SiteGround. The first one was the website speed test where we have seen that SiteGround performed well.

Then we have tested the ‘Response Time’ of the Siteground server. Again, Siteground performed better than we expected.

And, lastly, the ping time test was taken. On this test, SiteGround actually stood its ground very well. With less than the recommended ping time, SiteGround has shown that we can rely on their servers.

So, for our readers from Hong Kong, the result of those tests are very important resources to make your decision about SiteGround.

What more you can do to increase the speed of your website?

What if you receive visitors on your site from all around the world?

Yes, if you have a website which is intended for international readers then you will get visitors randomly. So, at that point, it will be hard for you to serve all of your visitors with a smooth browsing experience on your website at once.

Because your website is hosted only on a single server. That way, not all of your visitors would be closer to that server. So, the visitors from distant locations will experience slow browsing speed. You need to solve this issue as soon as possible. And, you will be glad to know that there is a perfect solution for this situation. We will talk about this below.

Sucuri CDN:

You can use CDN (Content Delivery Network) to serve your visitors equally. We also use CDN on And, that is why all of our visitors from all around the world can get a slick browsing experience.

Sucuri CDN
Sucuri CDN

Sucuri have 11 data centers all around the world. When you use their CDN service, your site will be cached and stored on all those servers at once. So, Sucuri will use the nearest possible servers to deliver the content to any visitors. That way, every visitor will be able to get the fastest possible loading speed.

The data centers are located in Singapore (1), USA (4 servers), UK (1), Germany (1), Australia (1), Brazil (1), Japan (1) etc. You can see that Sucuri has coverage in all of the important locations all over the world.

Sucuri comes with some other services too.

Sucuri Backup:

If you are searching for a backup tool for your website. You can use Sucuri backup. It needs to be set up once and you will be set for life. On the scheduled time, it will take backup automatically.

Sucuri Firewall:

If you are struggling with keeping your website secure then you should try ‘Sucuri Firewall’. This is also another automatic tool. Although you can do everything manually. However, once you set it up, Sucuri will look out keeping your website secure on behalf of you.

Website Uptime:

When you are choosing the right web hosting provider for you, you need to check the uptime stats of them first. This is one of the most crucial things for your website. However, most of us sleep on this.

So, if you want to know about the uptime of SiteGround, we have got you covered. As you already know that we are using SiteGround on, we keep a track record of uptime stats of our site routinely. Now, we will share the uptime statistics of our site. From there, you can judge the quality of SiteGround precisely.

Here are the uptime stats: Uptime Stats hosted on siteGround Uptime Stats hosted on siteGround

You can see that SiteGround maintained 100% uptime on most of the months. The other months the uptime was above 99%. The industry standard of website uptime is 99%. So, you can see that SiteGround is maintaining the industry standard with ease.

It is one of the main reasons that we are happy with SiteGround.

SiteGround Support:

SiteGround has an incredible support system. Their support team is highly qualified. As we use SiteGround here, we need to contact them from time to time. From our experience, they have the best customer support.

SiteGround Support
SiteGround Support

You can contact them in 3 ways:

  • Live Chat: For instant messaging
  • By Tickets: Get a reply within 10 minutes
  • By direct Phone: Instant chat

They are always available. You can contact them 24/7. And, trust us on this, they will reply to you in a moment. This is another reason we like SiteGround a lot.

Conclusion: Should you go with SiteGround if you are from Hong Kong?

To tell the truth, the answer is simple. And that is you should use SiteGround to host your websites.

There are myriad of reasons which you should consider before getting a web host account. And, we have talked about all of them in this article. On top of that, we have also conducted some important tests on SiteGround. So, those test results will help you to make your decisions.

If you are still hesitant then you need to consider the recommendation from top CMSs. The popular ones like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla recommend SiteGround as their favorite hosting provider. So, it is another good sign of SiteGround’s quality.

Another important thing about SiteGround is that you can choose any particular data enters from them. So, for our readers from Hong Kong, you can get to host your site on the Singapore data center. It will be the best choice for you if you receive local visitors to your site.

Lastly, we also use SiteGround on So, you can take our words. We highly recommend SiteGround for our readers from Hong Kong. So, go get an account with them now, stop hesitating.

SiteGround Hosting (Top Ranked)

Note: This website is hosted on SiteGround

Server Response Speed Test Scored A+  

SiteGround Server Speed

Latest Uptime Stats (Real Records)  

SiteGround Uptime

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