Top 10 Thailand Web Hosting Reviews 2020 – Best Hosting in Thailand

Last Updated - July 1, 2018
Thailand Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Thailand

Thailand Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services In Thailand

Over the past 10 years, website hosting services have increased rapidly in Thailand. Selecting a company which is trustable, which provide fast and reliable servers and that too at an economical rate can prove to be a boon for you or your company in a number of ways.

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The faster server allows your website to load faster which creates a positive impact when customers are browsing the website. Therefore selecting a right website hosting company in Thailand is extremely important. Don’t take a hasty decision while selecting a website hosting company as it plays a very vital role in the success of your website and business.

Outlined below is the list of shortlisted Web hosting providers in Thailand to ease your confusion in selecting the right one.​

Top 10 Thailand Web Hosting Companies

1. iGetWeb


iGetWeb is providing website design, online advertisement, SEO, email hosting, website hosting services and many more since its inception in the year 2003. iGetWeb has state of art data center and offers various types of web hosting services on platforms like Windows hosting, Linux hosting and cloud hosting.

The enterprise-grade hardware used in the servers ensures smooth functioning and helps in reducing the server downtime. Their easy to use 24/7 call center assigns a support team right from the start of your service.

2. Netway


Netway was established in the year 1996 and with more than 17 years of experience in website hosting, they have earned the trust of more than 5000 users which includes private companies, SME’s, public organizations, government agencies, individual users etc.

They have more than 50 servers for domestic and international clients excluding colocation servers. Netway provides various hosting services which includes Linux web hosting, Windows web hosting and reseller web hosting. They provide 24/7 customer service support for any issues pertaining to web hosting in Thailand.

3. Hostneverdie


HOSTNEVERDIE was established in the year 2009 but was incorporated as a company in 2012. HOSTNEVERDIE has a state of art data center in Thailand, which ensures better speed to their users. The data center features opulent network security, backup system, high-performance cooling and professional executives working round the clock for any issues.

They offer website hosting services which include shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. All their servers are Enterprise Grade and provide the best possible services for the service via CISCO.

4. Porar


Incorporated in the year 2001 Porar Web Application Co. Ltd is a full-service internet and website hosting company. They have the highest quality high-performance servers based in Thailand to provide efficient speeds to all customers.

The server which they are currently using features Dual Xeon E50-2600 v4 processor, a 32 GB Ram and Seagate 4 x 4TB enterprise service 128 MB SATA Hard disk. They offer Windows and Linux hosting services which are compatible with almost all languages like HTML, ASP.NET, Ruby, Perl, PHP and lots more.

5. HostingLotus

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Hosting Lotus has been providing website hosting services in Thailand for many years. The hosting services offered by them are cloud hosting, reseller hosting, cloud VPS, dedicated hosting, and Colocation.

The servers are located in Thailand in a state of art data center which features high-speed network, precision cooling system, reliable power backup system, fire extinguishers, CCTV, very early smoke detectors etc. This ensures a smooth functioning of the servers allowing them to provide efficient hosting services.

6. CSLoxinfo


CS LOXINFO was established in the year 1994 as an Internet service provider but later on, ventured into various services out of which web hosting is one of them. CS LOXINFO servers are based on cloud computing and are equipped with high-performance hardware.

Their server features secure storage, firewall protection against threats from the internet, large bandwidth and lots more. The server supports almost every web applications like PHP/ASP.NET, JAVA, HTML etc. CS LOXINFO servers and data centers are guaranteed by ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001.

7. P&T Hosting


P&T Hosting started its business operations since 27th March 2006. Domain registration and website hosting is the prime focus of the company and with years of providing effective and quality service, they have built a customer base of more than 7000 users with over 19,500 domain registrations and 6000 website hosting.

In order to provide quality website hosting services, they have invested in high performance, stable, fast and secured server i.e. Dell Power Edge R230 Rack Server powered by Intel Xeon CPU and 64GB DDR Ram.

8. Chaiyo Hosting


Chaiyo Hosting Co. Ltd. was founded in August 2004 and the services they offer are divided into 4 parts such as Website hosting service, E-marketing service, E-Business solutions and System customization and integration services. Website hosting services offered by them include Windows hosting, Linux hosting and cloud hosting.

All their servers are equipped with Citrix XenServer’s cloud computing technology which reduces the chances of crash as it has the ability to distribute traffic and load. Their daily backup system also ensures the security of your data.

9. Netdesign Host


Netdesign Host boasts themselves as the first provider of cloud hosting in Thailand. Netdesign Host has more than 10 years of experience in providing various types of web hosting services.

To keep the things running smoothly, Netdesign host has modern servers with enterprise version SSD hard disk which are considered to be 5 times faster when compared to the normal SATA hard disk. Even the servers, networks, storages etc have redundant devices to ensure smooth functioning and reducing the chances of crash.

10. VPS HiSpeed


VPS HiSpeed has installed more than 10,000 servers since the year 2012. VPS HiSpeed offers website hosting service which includes Windows VPS, Linux VPS, and Server Games.

You have the option to customize your VPS as per your needs and requirements. You can customize the RAM, SSD, and CPU and get an instant quote as per your specifications. VPS HiSpeed boasts of reliability, 10 GB server speed, data security, visual control panel and 24/7 customer service support to the users.

Choosing the Best Thailand Web Hosting Service

Although the idea of your website is winning, the design is brilliant, your online marketing service has properly planned, the success of your website to a great extent depends on the service provided by a website hosting company.

Don’t get confused while selecting the hosting company, see to it that you properly compare the type of hosting provided, history of the company, quotation etc. It is therefore very imperative to select a right hosting company which can give a boost to your website significantly.