Top 10 Web Hosting Malaysia Ranking

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The recent trends in the web scenario show an upright surge in the web hosting department. Web hosting has become an indispensable part of the cyber world and wherever you are you just cannot make do without it. In this article, we will reveal the top 10 web hosting Malaysia ranking.

Web Hosting Malaysia Ranking

Web Hosting Malaysia Ranking

For those yet unaware of the term ‘web hosting’ it refers to the task through which an individual, organizations and solo companies are allowed to put up their content on the Internet. 

These websites are stored or rather hosted on specific computers known as servers. When any individual wishes to view the website, he or she just needs to type in the web address on his web browser and the browser will connect to that server hence delivering the webpage on his computer. It is that simple.


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How Should You Prefer Web Hosting In Malaysia?

Now that you have learnt a bit about web hosting and you must also learn that there are two types of web hosting service providers, local web hosting service providers and the international service providers. Both types have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, the final choice is always up to the customer.

In most cases, local web hosting proves to be heavier on the pocket compared to the International web hosting yet there are always a hefty number of consumers of local web hosting. Talking about Malaysia hosting, both types of web hosting is prevalent in the country although local web hosting edges out international web hosting prominently.

Why Is Local Web Hosting Preferred More In Malaysia?

Although costlier, there are a few ways in which local web hosting in Malaysia proves to be beneficial than International hosting. We discuss those briefly below.

1. Support of the Locals: Getting yourself Local Malaysia Hosting provides you with an additional advantage of local support. When any issue occurs, you will have to avail the help of the support team. In that case, the support team will be a local one and will be able to converse with you in popular Malaysian dialect such as Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or even in Hokkien dialects.

2. Easy to contact and also very cheap: Availing local Malaysia Hosting also means that you can contact them whenever and wherever you need to. Contacting them will be easier and also considerably cheaper compared to the international hosting providers.

In the case of local web hosting providers, you always have the option to directly visit their office and sole the problem concerning your hosting. You can also call them quite easily and without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Audience location: If your website and audience are based in Malaysia, then it is always better to get local Malaysia hosting. Your customers and targeted audience are located in Malaysia and a local web hosting will provide you greater loading speed than an international one. This occurs because the route will be shorter to access the web server that hosted in the country.

Top 10 of Web Hosting Malaysia Ranking

While we are concerned with local Malaysia hosting, it is our utmost duty to inform you about the top 10 local web hosting provider in Malaysia. These web hosting providers offer complete value for money and below are our web hosting Malaysia ranking.

1. Exabytes

Exabytes Homepage

The company that is responsible for first starting Malaysia Hosting has been at the top of the radar since their establishment in 2001. Even after being in the market for more than a decade, their popularity has never declined rather multiplied. The credit must be given to their professionalism and ardent work ethic which has helped them to grow as a leading local web hosting provider in Malaysia.

Back in 2011, this company was honored with the ISO 9001:2008 Web Hosting provisioning award and since then there has been no turning back. They now have more than 60,000 domains registered with them and have around 600 servers providing hosting services to the people in Malaysia. Their services are provided to a wide range of customers who range from large public companies to even individuals start-ups and also businesses of medium size.

In addition to these, they have more features that the customers can benefit from.

  • A guarantee of network uptime of about 99.9 percent
  • A 100-day money back guarantee 
  • A support system available 24x7

We have a complete individual review for Exabytes, kindly click the "Read Full Review" button below for more details.

2. ServerFreak

ServerFreak Homepage

The business of ServerFreak is growing fast and it was obvious that we had to rank it number two. This company was established back in 2003 and since then it occupied a great percentage of Malaysia hosting markets.

The reason why their business has grown at such a fast rate is though their professionalism when it comes to providing hosting services. They have a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to reply to your tickets within half an hour. As per speed and professionalism of technical support is concerned, no one can really look beyond ServerFreak.

People having hosting accounts with them will find that they have a few number of support channels but the best channel that has been found so far is undoubtedly the MSN Messenger Live. Customers on MSN or yahoo messenger can find the technical support staffs who are ready with the answer to your queries.

They provide excellent web hosting services supporting both Windows and Linux based systems. Moreover, their domain related services are also top class. They have divided their shared hosting plans into 6 different strategies which vary in features as well as prices. 

Other important features of ServerFreak include the following:

  • 24x7 support
  • Daily provisions for backup
  • Equipment and hardware of their own
  • Money back guarantee of 30 days
  • Free Lifetime domain 
  • CloudFare

3. Shinjiru

Shinjuru Homepage

If you go by customer reviews and expert advice, there are hardly any bad things being written about Shinjiru which makes them a dependable option for local Malaysia hosting. They have been termed reliable and are known to have an excellent support system.

The company began working way back in 1998 and they presently carry the template of being the largest web hosting for dedicated servers in Malaysia. They primarily rely on the corporate sector for their market revenues although they are associated with blog hosting and individuals. They have been recognized with the prestigious ISO:9001 Certified Hosting Provider award and have been certified as an MSC status R&D company.

They provide dedicated engineers for support to their VIP customers and have a money back guarantee period of 30 days.

4. IPServerOne

IPServerOne Homepage

Another one of the top Malaysian web hosting providers and they have proven their mettle. IPServerOne offers hosting services to both Linux and Windows supported system and they do a very good job. From dedicated hosting to Shared hosting, and even clustered hosting, they have got all under their belt. They even offer domain related services, VPS as well as reseller services to their customers.

A 24x7 support system, 99.9 percent network uptime, and a 30-day guarantee period for money back makes them an efficient web hosting provider in Malaysia. Moreover, they provide daily backup support.

5. Internet Webhosting

Internet Webhosting Homepage

A comparatively cheaper yet efficient local web hosting provider in Malaysia. Internet Webhosting has gained a popularity of their own which has helped them to secure their market foothold. The relatively cheaper price of their service can be deemed to be one reason for their success.

One has to consider that their services are also of top quality. They not only provide dedicated hosting but other hosting services such as shared hosting, dedicated Colocation and other domain related services.

Additional features include a money back guarantee of 30 days, efficient support team available 24x7 and 99.9 percent uptime for the network.

6. WebServer

WebServer Homepage

WebServer was set up as a part of Acme Commerce Sdn Bhd. They offer helpful services which include dedicated hosting, semi-dedicated services and a bunch of other plans boosting their customer services.

This company is very well suited for the business of medium and small sizes. Their packages and plans are affordable and their services are somewhat consistent.

A 24x7 support staff team along with a 30-day guarantee period of money back makes them more attractive to the Malaysia hosting customers.

7. iCore

iCore Homepage

An indispensable part of the iCore Technologies Sdn Bhd, iCore provides a number of hosting services to the people of Malaysia at very affordable prices. Whether you are looking for dedicated server hosting or Server Colocation or even VPS, you are bound to get these services from iCore at very reasonable prices.

Their customer support system is also reliable and can be counted on to make fast replies to customer tickets. A 99.5 percent network uptime helps them in consolidating their strong foothold in the Malaysia hosting markets.

8. TheGigaBit

TheGigaBit Homepage

Operational since 2003, this company is also one of the leading web hosting providers in Malaysia. The reason behind that is their easy accountability and work ethic which makes them understand the requirements of the customers and hence provide them the services at a very reasonable rate.

They are known to resolve the issues of their customers quickly so that most of the issues go unnoticed by the customers. Their response time is also one to boast off which is available 24x7. 

9. YeahHost

YeahHost Homepage

YeahHost has been renowned in Malaysia for their high-performance servers and they have continued to provide their customers world class services. Their data centers are reliable and their services pricing is affordable.

These are the basic aspects which place YeahHost within this list. They offer a wide range of hosting services to the customers of Malaysia and have got a daily backup service along with a 30 days money back period.

10. Hostinger

Hostinger Homepage

Hostinger is one of those companies which attracts their potential customers with lucrative deals and thereafter delivers stunning performances which makes the one-time customers loyal to them forever.

They are providing free hosting services and it will be a great choice for those who do not want to spend a cent in hosting. It is great for students and newbie bloggers. However, I would suggest you to check on their paid plans if you are serious in building a better website. Free hosting might have many limitations and it is not ideal for websites that consume high server resources.

Similar to other web hosting providers in this list, Hostinger also provides a wide range of hosting services along with domain related services for the Malaysian people. A great support team as well as handsome network uptime of 99.9 percent makes them a dependable hosting company to put your faith in.


This article explained why availing local Malaysia Hosting is more beneficial than the top International web hosting services if your audiences are from the region.

The list of the top 10 web hosting Malaysia ranking has been provided and their features are described in brief. As per our opinion, Exabytes proves to be the number one web service provider in Malaysia. Do check out their website first before availing any web hosting services in Malaysia. 

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